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I found out last week MY FRIEND has BREAST CANCER

I remember when I had to have an ultra-sound following a mammogram. I remember having a breast biopsy. Those were some of the scariest days of my life. Two weeks ago my friend called me and told me her story. She was "waiting to hear". She asked me if I thought she did have it. I told her yes but that she would heal. I began to send her healing.....

She heard.

MY FRIEND has breast cancer.......She is my first personal friend who has the diagnosis. I committed to send her Reiki day and night. I gave her my Reiki Portal page so that it would intensify the Reiki

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Why Did Mystic Radio Hosts Robin Alexis & Bob Bordonaro move to Mt. Shasta, CA?

Now you can spend personal time with Robin in a session that could change your life forever, and get a membership to her Soul Spa for one year to keep in touch with her, and get support for one year in her On-Line Community. The Soul Spa has many features you will have access to and it's like having a Healing Sanctuary in your own home, or anywhere you can get on the Internet.

To find out more about the Soul Spa and all the features you will have access to, go to our website, and click the banner on the right side of the page that says "Reiki Healing Soul Spa".

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Mystic Radio Host Robin Alexis loves Marina Kodi Skin Care Products!

After I have been traveling my skin usually gets very dry. I have to tell you that this morning I did the skin care test again. I went outside with a mirror and looked at my face in the sunlight. I can tell you that my fine lines are evaporating even when I am worn out from traveling and chasing my 3 year old grandson Jacob. My skin is becoming more hydrated and smooth.

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Metaphysical Mothering, Near Death Experiences, Presidents, Politics & The Truth about Christianity according to my Grandmother

This is an excerpt from my book, "Robin's Song, Treasure Your Soul's Wisdom". Please don't buy it. I don't receive royalty checks from the company I self-published it from. Don't ever publish your books through Authorhouse. If you want to read the book after you read this chapter about an experience I had on August 13, 1985 then please purchase it here by joining the Soul Spa for $1.00 Then you receive the e-book for free as part of the membership.

Chapter 10

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What are We Fighting For?

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