How to make a Crystal Grid

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How to Make a Crystal Grid:

Gather together 8 crystals or select 8 of something such as crystals or objects such as rock or feather

Then clear or cleanse crystals to purify it so it will be cleared of anything that might interfere with you and the crystal being in complete harmony.

One of the ways to not even be concerned about whether it is cleared or not is to select one that does not even need to be cleared such as: Citrine or Amber (not technically a crystal-just hardened resin from a pine tree).

As you are researching what type of crystals and what types of energies these particular crystals offer, based on what it is that you want to set up the intention for, you will begin to see whether the crystal needs to be cleared or it does not need to be cleared.

For imagination sake, I am going to create with you today a crystal grid that is comprised of only Citrine crystals.

Citrine crystals are very good for cleansing and rebalancing the Auric field, the chakras , keeping all that kind of energy really clear and it is also supposed to be good for cash flow

Let’s imagine that each one of us has gone shopping either online or to a store to our favorite crystal place and we have spent the time that we need to do to connect to the crystals, the citrines to see which ones we feel are saying to us “Oh, we want to go home with you Robin and we are the ones that want to make the grid with you”. So say there are 300 crystals you kind of feel them in your hand you just take a moment and you go hmm is this crystal speaking to me, does it want to be part of my crystal grid? And you will have some indication. So now you have checked out of the store and you have your little bag with 8 Citrine crystals in it. Now they do not need to be cleared, but because I tend to be a little neurotic, I am going to clear them anyway. In fact if they are another stone these are the steps you need to clear them.

Connect to the Citrine crystals to see which ones want to connect with you to go home and make the grid with you-find out if it is speaking to you and if it wants to be part of your grid

Clearing crystals:

1. Run under cold water

2. Bury them in sea salt for a day or more depending on how into this project I am

3. Then I love to put them on the windowsill or outdoors so that they can receive the full sunlight and moonlight-it is really fun to do this on a full moon where you know the crystal has been cleared so it can absorb beautiful powerful energy

4. If you happen to be in a place like Mt. Shasta where the waters at Panther meadows or McCloud Rivers are known for their clearing process you can dip your stones in there

Once you have gone through the selection process of the crystals and you have cleansed them the next thing you want to do is determine where to put the Crystal Grid-you do not want it to be disrupted-you don’t want it to have to start all over again. You don’t want your cat or your dog or your husband or your neighbor to come and move your crystal grid.

Sometimes they are very powerful and you have to think about who might be impacted by this grid.

Select your place you have these cool 8 Citrine crystals and you will place them and design them so 4 of them will be in the four directions: East, South, West, North

Take 2 others and put them wherever you are guided to in the circle

Put one in the middle

Hold one in your hand and this is the one you will move: put it down and pick it up

This is the commanding stone you will use to keep the grid activated

It might want to be masculine looking because it will be the directing crystal

The crystal that is in the middle of the circle is the receptor and is feminine you may want it to have the appearance of feminine.

Begin with the director, commanding crystal holding it in your hands

If you are a Reiki practitioner you can Reiki it for 10 minutes. Or hold it in your hands for 10 minutes sending intention and become familiar with it

One by one pick up the other 7 crystals hold it in your hand for about 10 minutes or more if you are guided. Sometimes it might take a different amount of time to gain the trust and communication with the crystals

Then put it back in the circle where I found it

You have 6 in a circle, one in the middle that one is the feminine. The crystal that is in your hand that you will be using to access the grid on a daily basis, is the masculine one

At this point, you have now spent whatever amount of time you have spent 10 minutes plus for each of the 8 crystals.

Now hold the director crystal and tell it what you want it to do

For example: You have created this crystal grid because you want to increase effortless cash flow in your life

Hold your masculine, directive crystal in your hand, say 3 times and and tap it 3 times and say “I help Robin invoke effortless cash flow”.

Then you take that crystal that you have just put that command into and you and tap it 3 times on top of the crystal in the middle of the circle and you repeat it 3 times again: “I help Robin invoke effortless cash flow”.

Then you take that masculine commanding crystal and you move it over to the crystal in the East direction, and you repeat your affirmation 3 times and tap crystal 3 times

Then move back to the middle and say it 3 times again and tap the middle crystal 3 times

Then move to the next crystals-moving into the south direction

Repeat 3 times again tapping that stone with the commander stone and repeat 3 times

Then bring the commanding stone back to the middle crystal and repeat it 3 times again

And you keep moving around the crystal grid in that fashion so you are literally creating a pie like pieces of a pie.

As you are moving the command from the crystal in your hand the masculine into the feminine one in the middle, Going out to each one commanding 3 times, bringing that commander crystal back again to the feminine receptor in the middle, repeat it 3 times and again then you go back out to the one in the circle of 6 until you have gone entirely around the circle and all 6 have been invoked with the same invocation and after each invocation you bring it back to the center.

Once you have done this you have begun to create the crystal grid energy field which will now consistently 24/7 kind of like the Reiki Portals will send energy to the specific intention that you stated that you wanted it to help you with so it is a harmonious energy that is working on your behalf.

Now what you do is you take the commander crystal and wrap it up in a little whatever put it in a little pouch in a sacred place.

What you do every day to keep that crystal grid activated you take the commander crystal and tap this only on the one in the middle 3 times. And because you have already set up the communication through that center crystal to all the other 6 in the circle that is all you have to do to keep that crystal grid activated. So good luck. As you create crystal grids if you have any other questions about this you can post them here and I can answer them. We can certainly discuss crystals. What do you want to invoke and what crystals would be best to do this with? It is really, really fun.

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