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When People go up there we tell them,

"Walk softly on Mount Shasta. Talk to it and pray upon it. It's your mountain as well as our mountain. Not only Native Americans but everybody in the world comes to this mountain".

Charlie Thom, Sr., Karuk Medicine Man

Like Japan's Mount Fujiyama, the 14,162 foot volcano, Mount Shasta, California is considered by many to be one of the Earth's seven sacred mountains.

Snowcapped Mount Shasta is located in the upper regions of northern California in the Shasta Trinity National Forest. It is a massive dominant stratum white giant standing 14,162 foot volcano situated in the largest zone of volcanoes in the world called the Pacific Ring of Fire. Mount Shasta is in a section of this ring called the Cascade Range, which begins where the Sierra Nevadas end and extends about 700 miles from northern California through Oregon and Washington into southern British Columbia. These volcanoes range in elevations from 9,500 feet to a towering height of more than 14,000 feet. Mount Shasta is the second tallest volcano in this range.

Mount Shasta is the most widely known sacred site of California. Towering above the Cascade foothills, Shasta is surrounded by five glaciers that hold it in place. This sacred mountain emits such a strong energy pattern, that satellite photos show an atmospheric hole over its peak similar to Sedona, Arizona.

Because of the strong geophysical forces within the mountain, there are steam vents, hot and cold springs, purification sites, electrical centers and caverns that have been used as power spots by the indigenous natives for hundreds of years. Many types of phenomena occur on and near Mount Shasta, as this mountain exhibits strong frequencies that create light shows.

All around the Mount Shasta area are extinct and dormant volcanoes, cinder cones, volumes of artesian springs, sacred caves and mystical caverns. The mountain carries a dominant characteristic of its versatile power, a power that seems to get stronger every day.

Over the last 70 years, numerous travelers have reported encounters with Higher Dimensional beings who live beneath and around the holy mountain.
UFO sightings are so commonplace there that there are books published with numerous photographs of craft so large they even dwarf the mountain itself. People on vision quests, ceremonies and camping expeditions have all seen, heard and felt the powerful vortex that is Mount Shasta.

Mount Shasta is also a site where people gather to perform sweat lodge and purification ceremonies. The intense purification of steam and heat within the sweat lodge mimics what is going on inside the mountain. The darkness of the lodge is almost maternal and stirs the goddess energy of one's spirit. The ceremony directs itself to the physical and spiritual cleansing of an individual as does the sacred mountain.

Many experiences have been documented from people all over the world seeing UFO craft come in and out of this mountain; mysterious openings inside the mountain where advanced inhabitants live; vortex energies & portals; mysterious lights that seem to come from inside the mountain; mountain energy fields that glow and much more.

It is believed that civilizations of highly evolved beings reside within the mountain. Some are believed to be in another dimension that are not currently visible. Yet at times many people from all over the world have experienced a diverse range of phenomena that continues to expand the mysteries of this spiritual sacred grounds.

Mount Shasta is legendary as one of the homes of the Ascended Masters where saints & angelic beings have revealed themselves over the centuries. Ancient legends of Mount Shasta reveal this holy site as where ancient ones lived in heaven on earth as they did in Asgard and Mount Olympus. Ascended Master Saint Germain's energy continuously radiates from the Temple of the Violet Flame deep in the inner recesses of the mountain. Many people all over the world see these mysterious lights and glowing energy emissions from this sacred mountain.

Many believe other Masters influence the energy of this area and are making this their headquarters during the Age of Aquarius that brings peace, love, abundance and wisdom. It is believed that Mount Shasta embodies the head of a huge geographical etheric energy grid.

This sacred mountain has given many people centuries of access to its energy centers. The pristine meadows, graceful slopes and isolated beauty of the mountain continue to provide a haven for those who seek sanctuary from the world that lies at its feet.

Whether your journey to Mount Shasta is metaphoric or also in person, the space I have created here in this blog is to chronicle your/my journey.

Enjoy these pictures taken by executive producer of Mystic Radio® Bob Bordonaro!

Robin Alexis
Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis

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Does Mt Shasta need one of these?

Seattle has canine ice cream and treats trucks!

This is fun. A lot of fun but in these types of things, like how much money we waste on paying for political ads when children in this country are hungry, I just don't understand why nurturing our children first isn't first. Maybe the truck could have a can that says, "Donation Can to feed the children" instead of "Donation Can for the Humane Society." Or maybe we can select Presidents and other politicians by how much money they donate to feed the hungry in this country. I can't stand animal cruelty or human cruelty or....the list goes on. In the meantime, how about a new business caters to kitties. Oh wait, they already thought of that too!

Robin Alexis

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Happy Mother's Day to all

Happy Mother's Day to all people who mother themselves, each other and this gorgeous Mother Earth. We are family.

Take care of your precious life force. Place your hands over your heart and thank it for beating.
Robin Alexis

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all who Bless others with their Love. (Including our fur Babies)

I am grateful to each and everyone of you.

Be Well and Enjoy your day!!


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Happy Metaphysical Mother's

Happy Metaphysical Mother's Day to all.


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What is up for May 2016? What is the forecast .....

The main theme for May is TRUST!

We have survived the energies of April (some of us barely) and are now facing a new game, a new dream, new possibilities, a new sense of self and a lot of unknown. Just as powerfully as April shook things up, May provides us with a potent opportunity for changing our game and moving into that new dream we all so desperately want. For some of us it will require a leap of faith and for some simply a willingness to allow new things into our lives in a new way.

This will take a great deal of trust as well as discipline in eliminating any attachment to old ways of thinking, judgment, and doubt. The most important lesson this month is to trust and allow your life to be supported in unfolding in a very new way, one that you are not familiar with but you welcome and receive. It is helpful to keep a “don’t know mind” and to trust that all is manifesting as it should. It is also important that you notice your expectations and assumptions that lead and lock you back into old experiences from the past.

For example, if you have always had a particular experience in the past around seeing a certain person or doing a certain task or under the influence of a particular astrology, consider that this time around the same experience could be very different under a new game, a new dream and a new set of influences. This consideration requires that you eliminate your passive expectation that it will always be business as usual. You need to let go of your assumptions and give the universe some room to present you with a different experience.

So the next time you make plans for spending time with a difficult relative or tackling a task that was always challenging in the past, decide it can be different and then trust that it will be. The expectations that come from your mind are based on past experiences and the language of the past. There is no intellectual language for the future, as the future has not manifested yet. So you are doing yourself a disservice by expecting the future to unfold in the same way as it has in the past.

It is time to change the game. And this means setting new RULES for yourself. Examine how the patterns of the past create a negative rule that guides your life in the same direction over and over again. Some of those rules are positive and some are negative. We are mostly concerned here with the negative rules however if you have a positive rule that limits expansion and new direction, you may need to revise that rule as well.

Here are some examples:

You always get the worst seat, or you always get the best seat.

You always attract the right people, or you always attract the wrong people.

You always get into a fight with a relative when you see them.

You always get sick during a certain time of year, or you never get sick.

You never have enough time.

You never have good luck, or you always have the best luck.

Setting new rules for yourself is a way of structuring your intentions to move in a new direction. We have been talking for months and even years around the theme of “out with the old, in with the new”. This month will support that in a big way as long as you can really eliminate the “old” and welcome in the “new”. And this takes TRUST.

Another potent and exciting aspect of this month is acknowledging the power of your intuition as a guiding principle in setting your intentions and trusting in a new direction. Intuition is non-intellectual and helps us to “feel” into things instead of rationalize them. Remember that rationalization uses language from the past and past experiences, whereas intuition feels into the future.

Your intuition “knows” your true values, and your values are important building blocks to the foundation of your future. It is no longer acceptable to be engaged in activity that goes against your personal values and integrity. Moving towards what your heart wants and your intuition agrees with will be what ultimately changes the game. So trust you intuition, trust your new rules, trust right timing and trust the new game.

How the month shows up


You have the opportunity this month to change your habits, patterns, and beliefs about yourself in a big way. There is also an opportunity to develop you intuition and begin to trust it in ways you have not been able to in the past. The influences we have and the support of the times can insure that whatever change and reset you make for yourself can be permanent.

Because the times require a total shift in order to move forward, whatever personal change you put total commitment and trust behind, will become permanent as long as you continue to trust it. There is also an aspect of going within and really telling the truth to yourself about what is important to you. What are your values? Where have you been compromising? There is finality to what you decide to cut loose and leave behind.

Don’t be surprised if you go through times of grieving for what is past, even if it was positive and good. In a way you are leaving the nest of your comfort zone and striking out into the unknown. As you look forward into your future, set your intentions from the wisdom and intuition of your heart and then trust you are on the right path.


Relationships can be many things this month. Some will test you, some will support you, some will confirm you are on the right track and some will be your biggest challenge. Relationship lessons this month will include working with your intuition and deeper knowing around what is healthy and what is not healthy. Often it is difficult to let go of something known and familiar even when you know intuitively it is no longer right for you.

In the greater picture of change and evolution, trusting that when a space opens up, there is actually something better and more supportive out there for you. There may be times this month when you are fed up and irritated with the behaviors of others. Pay close attention to your unconscious habits of putting up with relationships that no longer serve you and cut them loose if appropriate. You may mourn the loss but find freedom in the space.


This is maybe the biggest area of trust and faith this month. We have very strong collective belief systems in place about health, disease, aging, healing and what is possible and not possible for the human body. Without needing to “know” mentally, this is the month to push the envelope of what we believe to be true and to invite some concepts at the edge of the “box” to begin to manifest.

The area of the physical body is where you can readily witness what your rules and beliefs are about what is possible and what you are capable of. Examine your personal rules about your health, weight, energy levels, conditions, capabilities, challenges, limitations, how much sleep you need, how much food you need, and in general what your body needs according to what you have been taught.

It is time to change the game and the body is a great place to practice implementing a new set of rules and trusting that it will be so.


Be the witness here in regards to the environment and trust that everything is happening just exactly according to some larger plan. Environmental events will continue to be intense, unpredictable, inconvenient, radical, and completely out of your control.

What you do have control over is your personal immediate environment. Represent a change in your game by cleaning out, clearing something, letting go and changing things up. It is a good time to really pay attention to your personal environment. What can you change? What can you upgrade? What can you get rid of? What have you been living with that you no longer notice but no longer serves? Be proactive and trust that when you let go of something you make room for something new.


The same concept as working with the environment is also true for business, partnerships and projects. You need to trust that letting go of something you have been struggling with for a long time will only lead to freedom and something better and more in alignment with you. Many will make important decisions this month to finally quit a toxic job, complete a partnership that is no longer viable, or let go of a project that has been a struggle.

There is a need to TRUST that when one door closes another one opens. Even though you cannot see the path you need to trust that it is taking you in the right direction. Instead of trying to figure out where you are going with your mind, trust your intuition and let the right project, work or partnership choose you.

The unstable and unsettled energies of April are still somewhat at work, influencing a need to re examine values and truth before moving forward in a new direction.


May 1-7: This time frame is one of going within, exploring what is out of balance and setting a new path for yourself. It is a good week for cleaning and clearing, disengaging from anything toxic, setting new boundaries, telling the truth to yourself about what is not working and being patient with the irritations that are still keeping things a bit unsettled.

Some intentions will finally find their groove and be on their way, supported by a clear path. Some intentions will hit a wall of challenge and be thwarted at every turn. And some intentions will still be elusive in their clarity and commitment.

It is important to begin to really trust the process and not judge your life or other people’s actions through a limited focus on the negative. Trusting is more than just saying the words. It is truly handing over the process to spirit and moving forward from a place of intuition. You “know” what is right, so if there is a bit of chaos and confusion around you due to retrograde planets, be patient and trust that everything will unfold as it should when the time is right.

May 6: New Moon is Friday, May 6 at 1:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). An earthy, robust day for having great gratitude for what is different and moving in your life. Celebrate your gifts and be inspired by what you can taste, feel and exchange with others. This is a good day to put your hands into the earth and do some planting either physically or symbolically.

Bury the past and face the future with your own values, your own intuition, and your own trust. Ask for our great ally, pachamama, mother earth, to nurture those seeds and help you and your new intentions to grow into the most beautiful blooms.

May 8-15: A time of testing, perseverance, finding your inner strength, working with “time” in a new way, and re-assessing your values. It is also a time when hard decisions may be made for necessary change. You have support for releasing something from the past, some manifestation of an old belief system or something you have been holding on to as a known security even though you can clearly see it is no longer right for you. These changes may be difficult as you let go of what you have become accustomed to and what is familiar. There may be a grieving process as well. If change happens to you as a side effect of someone else’s decision, accept it and see it as an opportunity for your own reset.

Even though you cannot see the road ahead, you will need to use TRUST as your greatest asset as you take that leap of faith into something new. It is very important that you resist the temptation to define what you expect to happen in your life based on old experiences. Practice being like a child that has no library of past experiences to influence their expectations. Expect things to be different than they were before, keep an open mind and heart and always focus on what is new.

May 16-22: We are worn out, some of us disillusioned or in doubt. Did we make the right choices? Can we be this selfish? Do we deserve what we are asking for? Why are there not more signs to let us know we are on the right track?

This is a murky time of inner evaluation and where the trust in your values and choices really comes into play. Wherever you are, whomever you are with, and whatever you are doing needs to be trusted as the very right thing that has chosen you. Relax and enjoy the ride, whatever it may be.

This time frame really supports the “being” part of who we are. BE your intentions, BE your new rules, BE trusting, BE inspired, BE patient, and BE willing.

May 21: Full Moon is Saturday, May 21 at 3:14 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) This moon is a set up for great movement and manifestation. It is a productive time where much power and energy can be harnessed for fueling your new game. If you have been consistent in your trust and consistent in your truth and determined in your intentions, then your path will be clear, open and ready for traffic.

If you are still in the unsettled place of confusion, ambivalence and fear of change, you have work to do.

May 23-31: It is all systems go. This is a time of movement, fruition and action. At times you may feel that things are moving a bit too fast and out of your control but you must trust that this has all been put into motion by your intentions for change and the discipline to leave the past behind. You may not understand all that is coming your way, but you need to trust that it is the right thing.

For example, you may meet someone that you have a very strong intuitive feeling of connection with but you may not clearly yet see where they fit into your life. Or you can have a strong sense of needing to go somewhere or study something or do a project but you don’t know why. There is a part of you that knows why, but it is not the intellectual part. This is where trust comes in and the intellectual clarity will follow. So follow and trust your heart. As long as you move forward from your own integrity, values and intuition, you cannot go wrong.

Have a great month,

Lena Stevens

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What is happening in Mt Shasta in April 2016?

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Robin Alexis

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A Mountain Blessing Meditation

The Power and Beauty of the Mountain

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to share this daily meditation my mom shared with me this morning about the beauty and power of the mountain. It is one of a daily meditation from Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. Allison

Daily Meditation: Thursday, March 3, 2016.

"The summits of mountains could be said to play the role of antennae in that they pick up currents from space: they connect heaven and earth. When the snow and ice begin to melt, the water circulating on the surface of the earth and also soaking into the ground and passing through the various geological layers, is impregnated with these heavenly fluids, currents of pure energy. Nature spirits, who are attracted to these energies, often visit the summits of mountains; they bathe in them, seeking strength and rejuvenation, and then leave to continue their work throughout the world.

Summits are akin to mouths, absorbing and transforming cosmic forces; rivers and streams are the paths of communication that link them with the plains and valleys. When you look at a mountain, therefore, do so in the full realization that it is a transformer of cosmic energy. Think also that all the waters that flow from it are impregnated with this life, and that with this life they will then imbue the various realms of nature."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Allison Scull

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March 2016 Forecast with Lena Stevens

The main theme for March is FIRE IT UP-POWER IT UP!

It is time for the resets, committed choices and greater intentions to ignite, take flight and move into action. We have great support this month for these themes with two eclipses and a powerful equinox time, events that always support great change. Much of the transformation and change so far has been internal and personal. This month inspires the internal changes to collect some much-needed fuel, fire up, and move towards outward manifestation.

The potential for great movement this month can bring up two fears. The first one is being out of control with how quickly and powerfully things are happening in your life. The attempt to control the energy out of this fear may bring anxiety, panic and irrational or overly aggressive behavior.

The second fear is the fear of letting go of your small safety zone or the fear that nothing positive will happen because it never does in your life. This brings about depression, despair, unworthiness and a general feeling of being stuck.

Wherever you are in this spectrum, you will be challenged and triggered as there is no escaping the natural trend towards ignition and the tremendous energy that wants nothing more than to get behind your intentions and commitments and fire them up.

We have become used to being held back by our fears and we have practiced energetic procrastination in many areas of our lives. This month comes with the responsibility to let those fears go, to follow through with details and to embrace the timing of how things are showing up in your life. After all this is what you asked for, so trust spirit in its delivery.

We have windows this month of higher centered potential where synchronicity of action and ideas are possible providing us with an experience of all the missing pieces of the puzzle finally coming together in ways that will produce the greatest movement in our lives. This is an exciting and welcoming thought but you have to be ready for it. And that readiness requires confidence, certainty, commitment, perseverance, focus, courage, decisiveness and a willingness to take a risk.

The risk is about truth, faith and going after what you know in your heart to be right from a place of integrity and spirit. This will affect all areas of your life including business, relationships, how you show up in the world, your health and well-being, and whom you choose to be around and what you choose to complete or eliminate from your life.

We are not saying this will be an easy or fun month, but it can be a dynamic and exciting one, as you allow yourself to be fired up and inspired about your ideas, intentions and committed choices of last month. And just like being in a large rapid on a river, you can either be frozen in terror or you can be exhilarated by the power and the thrill of navigating some very big energy.

March comes with big energy. It also comes with an aspect of the masculine that is crucial to manifesting but can also bring up old fears from the past of being on both sides of the out of control and overly aggressive expression of this energy. There is work to do on balancing and clearing what is in the way of using the aggression mode of the year positively and effectively by healing the old fear patterns we hold around the masculine in the solar plexus, the third chakra.

The biggest challenge this month will be to keep away from the distractions that want to derail us from truly being as powerful as we can. The distractions are our addictions, fears, bad behaviors, energy leaks and self-doubt. Giving into the distractions causes procrastination, lethargy, avoidance, and acting out badly through negative aggressive behavior or withdrawing into the despair of giving up.

The distractions of the false personality are like adding water to high-octane fuel. The engine of your desires will not fire or power up. It will instead sputter and die before it ever gets going. So how do you keep your fuel clean and your engine ready? By committing to your practices, asking spirit and your allies for help, allowing what needs to be healed and balanced to be healed and balanced, and trusting that life will unfold with power if you just get out of your own way.

How the month shows up


Miracles can happen this month related to how differently you feel about or experience something or someone overnight. Things you never thought possible can suddenly materialize in front of you and your reaction can be to either disregard them as not possible and therefore not true, or you can embrace the magical impossible as a new reference point of what you can have.

Those of you who have struggled in the area of personal growth can experience great breakthroughs. If you embrace these breakthroughs as true, they can become permanent. If you judge them as anomalies in your life, you will miss out on a great opportunity for permanent change. Watch for reactions such as “this is too good to be true” and “nothing great ever happens to me” and “others have all the luck” and “this is just a coincidence, it won’t happen again”. Trust that what you do se happening around you is real and a manifestation of these times.

The higher-octane fuel we mentioned I the higher centered energy that is available right now to power up your personal engine. The “water” that is not good to mix with it is your own feelings of self-doubt, and all the negative emotions that come with it. So pay attention this month to where your thoughts and feeling are and to what comes out of your mouth. Keep it positive and keep yourself open to all possibilities.


For those who have been waiting for the “right” relationship to come into their lives, now could be the time. If it does happen, don’t let it trigger fear and uncertainty, but believe that it is really possible. Connection, magnetism, the need for exchange and new agreements get fired up this month and the mood is definitely more social, outgoing and available.

Long time romantic relationships and intimate partnerships also have an opportunity to rekindle their spark and fire up new aspects in a positive way. However if a relationship is past or needs to be let go, those sparks may incinerate the relationship itself.

It is easier this month to notice and become aware of potential compatibility between people and to be more accepting and intrigued with the unique qualities of others. We are finally anchoring the relationship aspect of these times and moving towards our connections and agreements with more intimacy. The higher centered influence makes it possible to experience the essence of others more easily and we crave that as a global community.

With these times comes a greater understanding of our relationship with ourselves and it is possible to be fired up about our own personal accomplishments, dreams and intentions. Self esteem and self worth issues can take giant leaps towards being healed as we find our own inner talents, passion, strength and beauty. It is a good month to be available for community gatherings and connecting with others around a variety of reasons.


The body is ready to be fired-up. More energy, stamina and physical enthusiasm are all possible this month. Physical disciplines will bring about great results. This is also a good month to put your trust into new healing modalities and support systems for the body. Because of the big energy and the higher centered times, you could have trouble with sleep, liver, spleen and skin. Support these the best you can and make sure the body gets plenty of exercise and movement daily. This will keep the mental and emotional energies more balanced.

This is a good month to go back and complete and eliminate from your current belief system all the stories you have told yourself about the limitations of your own body. This is a new time of big transformation where it is possible to bring in a new energy not connected with the past. Miracles can happen if you believe in them and are disciplined about truly releasing the past story of limitation.

Especially around the eclipse time it would be helpful to set new intentions, priorities and goals for the health and well-being of your physical body.


Since we are working with big energy this month, the environment and the power behind each element should be used as part of our “fuel”. The power in the environment can help us to fire up our action if we embrace it. The different qualities and medicines in the environment will enhance and accelerate what is needed in your life. If you need cleansing use the wind or water. If you need grounding use the earth. If you need to transform or complete something use fire.

The eclipses this month add to the power and intensity and should also be used as catalysts and fuel for what you wish to fire up in your life. It is a good month to really work with the environment instead of against it. It is also a good time to practice noticing and acknowledging the great power behind each aspect of nature and to power up your relationship with those aspects. Every blade of grass and every grain of sand has a spirit behind it that is far more powerful that the mechanics of your false personality. Because of the higher emotional center of the year, your connection with the spirit behind all things will serve to empower you in ways you cannot imagine.

On a climate and weather front, big energy brings big, passionate and aggressive phenomena. Look for big storms, winds, swells, tides, possible volcanic activity and unexpected weather patterns. Be flexible and work with the power of change if you need to adjust your plans so you stay open to new and better possibilities.


This is a good month to finally fire-up or power-up aspects of a business that have been in the planning stages for a while just waiting for right timing. Timing is everything and this month brings with it possibilities for synchronicity, new agreements and support. You could witness all the puzzle pieces coming together, perhaps in new ways, to finally accomplish something that has been collecting momentum for some time.

It is a good month for taking some risk especially around dreams and intentions that truly come from the heart. It is also a good month to expand and business, project or partnership. If you expand, make sure your container has all the elements it needs to successfully power up. These elements should always include the support of allies, nature and the power of spirit behind it all. If you receive a sudden windfall of support, make sure you spend time in gratitude for your good fortune.

On the other hand if a business or partnership or project is not “right” or no longer viable or the karma facilitated is complete, then it is time to use this potent energy for ending and completion. Just remember that the material left behind has its own power and can be included in starting something new. Always look forward, as that is where evolution is taking us all.

Again we are not saying this will necessary be an easy month but it will certainly be rich in opportunities but you have to take them, to fire them up and the follow through with the details.


March 1-7:

We feel the surge of the higher emotional center landing in our consciousness and prompting us to lift our heads up out of our narrow focus and look around at a bigger picture. For some that bigger picture could include clearing some old emotional debris and for some it may be huge waves of inspiration that threaten to be too overwhelming to be practical.

This time frame requires balance. It is best to spend some time in stretching the imagination, being inspired and being receptive to the power that is available, and then some time in handling and managing the details of your physical environment. When stretching your container of experience, the wider you open yourself up to the big energy available the narrower and more grounded you need to get in order to bring that energy down into your physical manifestation.

This can feel very much like a rubber band and cause symptoms of depletion and depression one day and more energy than you know what to do with on the next. Work with the physical body and make sure you get enough movement and exercise to help with the balance. If emotional debris comes up, know that it is on its way out. If you get stuck, move your body and get some help.

March 8: New Moon with a Solar Eclipse is Tuesday March 8 at 6:54 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is the first of two eclipses this month and an excellent time to revisit your committed choices of last month and to set intentions to fire them up. Spend a bit of time contemplating what may have changed with regards to your choices, commitments and intentions.

As the higher emotional center begins to influence and inspire us, adjustments and refinements may need to be made to original intentions. Chances are they will need to expand into a bigger picture and bigger dream. If an opportunity comes your way that “feels” right, do not hesitate to take it even though you may think it is too soon or too much. There is big power and big support this month for stepping up and firing up something new.

March 8-15: In the aftermath of the new moon and first eclipse, this is a time of sorting, doubting, expanding, trials, bursting forth, false starts, too much fuel, too little fuel, frustration, exhilaration, ups and downs, questioning, jumping in, pulling back etc. In other words, this is a time that is emotionally and reactionary all over the map.

It is best during this time not to judge which way anything is going but rather to keep opening yourself up to receiving the power and inspiration that you will need to fire up and power up the most important situations in your life. If you lack clarity, be patient, it will come. If you feel stuck, just keep to the simple tasks of moving your body and doing your practices. If you feel overwhelmed, do the same. Simplify when necessary without compromising some wonderful expanded exciting thing that might be trying to drop into your field.

March 13: Daylight Savings Time ends for those in Daylight Time zones. Set your clocks ahead by one hour.

March 16-22: We are still in the time frame between the two eclipses and therefore still in a time of possible change and transformation. This is the most potent time frame that can bring about weather phenomena and earth events. Be prepared to change your plans if need be.

This is also a time when something radical can happen either in the local political arena or the global political or economic platform. This radical event or set of events may be seen by some as positive and by some as devastating. The bigger picture is that we are being fueled by the higher emotional center and that everything that happens is leading to a more evolved state.

Think of the radical event as being also a personal one. It could be a great insight leading to permanent and deep transformation. It could be a bid for power that you step into that leads to more responsibility and a bigger way of showing up in the world. It could be that the universe gives you a gift that is so out of your realm of reference that it throws you off and all of a sudden you have to learn to manage a huge new energy.

Structure is important during this time as a way to organize and ground as long as it does not interfere with a natural expansion.

March 19: Spring Equinox is Saturday, March 19 at 10:30PM Mountain Standard Time. (MST) Honor this transition by completing something that needs it and by consciously intending for the birth of something new. What wants to be fired up right now? What needs a bit more power? What are you finished with?

Acknowledge this time as well as your own process with a ceremony using the elements of fire, water, air and earth.

March 23: Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse is Wednesday, March 23 at 6:01 AM Mountain Standard Time. (MST)

Right on the heels of the Spring Equinox where we honor new beginnings and birth, comes the full moon with the second eclipse to inspire and energize us with fullness and power. This is a good time to reflect on anything new that has come into your life, relationships, partnerships, good fortune, big choices, business, projects, health, healers, challenges of any kind, new environments, and ask what it is that they need at this time as energies of support.

The full moon is always a time for gratitude and to see your life as full. If anything you are doing or experiencing feels less than full of what it needs, this is a good time to ask spirit for help. Whether it is love, support, health, stamina, energy, knowledge, direction, rest, inspiration, intimacy, excitement, trust or peace, ask and you shall receive.

March 24-31: The pieces fall into place during this time and your life unfolds with its own momentum. Those aspects that have been fired up collect support and move forward with ease and synchronicity. This is a time frame where community is important and friendships, partnerships and intimate relationships solidify in a new way. You should be feeling a sense of both contentment and excitement about parts of your life and where they are headed.

The parts of you that are not feeling that way still have work to do. Perhaps there are aspects of growth that have been fired up this month that have a ways to go before they are completed and integrated. Be patient with the process and focus instead on what does feel to be moving in right timing, synchronicity and flow. It is never too late to ask spirit for help and we strongly suggest that you continue to call in your own inspiration and to work with your allies and the power you have all around you all the time.

Have a great month,

Lena Stevens

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Are You Visiting Mount Shasta in March? If you are maybe....

Silk Road Chai Shop
March 2016 Events Calendar

Internet Cafe, Bookshop, and Meditation Room
open 1:00pm - 7:00pm Monday-Saturday

Events begin at 7:00pm


2:00-5:30pm ~ Akadua & Mudras for Stress Management with Soti

- Movie Night - 7:00-9:00 -
Mar 7th ~ Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)
Mar 14th ~ 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama (2006)
Mar 21st ~ Over the Hedge (2006)
Mar 28th ~ Bottled Life (2012)


- Seminar Night - 7:00-9:00 -
Mar 1st ~ Calling In The Energy Of Spring
An essential oil meditation with Patricia Carreras
Mar 8th ~ Quantum Jumping & Mood Shifting with Shivrael
Mar 15th ~ Sacred Economics with Matthew Isbell
Mar 22rd ~ StarKnowledge with Eric Starwalker
Mar 29th ~ Christ Consciousness Meditation
An essential oil meditation with Patricia Carreras


2:00-5:30pm ~ Didgeridoo Sound Healing with Shara Fish

7:00-10:00pm ~ Open Mic Night


2:00-5:30pm ~ Divine Oracle & Flower Essence Readings with Heather Reaney

- Devotional Music Night - 7:00-9:00 -
Mar 3rd ~ Lovesongs with Shara Fish
Mar 10th ~ Grooves with Beloved Love
Mar 17th ~ Devotional Chants with Sananday
Mar 24th ~ Shasta Heartstrings Circle with Sahaja and Shara Fish
Mar 31st ~ Kirtan with Ken Abbott


2:00-5:30pm ~ Tarot Readings with Patricia Carreras

- Nightly Events - 7:00-9:00 -
Mar 4th ~ Improv Music Jam with Jordan Furrow and Friends
Mar 11th ~ Mudras with Soti Bluebird: Using hand symbols to manage stress
Mar 18th ~ Old Celtic Music for Springtime:
Sherry Ackerman, Pauli Robinson, & Anne Johnson
Mar 25th ~ Springtime Drum Circle
A community celebration to ring in the Spring!


1:00-7:00pm ~ Make and Take Art Day

- Nightly Events - 7:00-9:00 -
Mar 5th ~ Closed for Cleaning
Mar 12th ~ Community Drum Circle: Native Drumming and Stories
with Karuk Culture Bearer Franklin Thom
Mar 19th ~ Permaculture Night with Nathan Welker and Jared France
Mar 26th ~ The Ascension Concert: Synthesizer Glory with Olias

Closed Sundays

Silk Road Cultural Center Events

March 6th & 20th: Yoga & Meditation Circle: 10:15-11:30am
March 6th: Dougie Slap’s live music & book talk: 1-4pm
March 13th: Oceanic Breathwork Workshop: 1-3pm

March 21st: Healing Prayer Ceremony with Beloved & Jerry Ya: 7:00-9:30pm

Kundalini Yoga Class: 3:30-5:00pm
Self Empowerment with Bato: 6:00-7:30pm
Zohar Study Group: 9:00-10:30pm

Yum Yoga Class: 5:30-7:00pm

Chakra Yoga Class: 4:00-5:30pm

March 5th & 19th: Mt Shasta Goddess Circle: 3:00-5:00pm
March 12th & 26th: Locals Supporting Locals
Healing, crafts, dancing & community fun: 12pm-12am

Please check our website for more information

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Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake

During a recent trip to Toronto, the third largest city in North America, home to an international gourmet food culture, I discovered Japanese Cheesecake, or more precisely, “Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake.” During my ten-day stay, I ate three of them. When I got home I searched the Internet for a recipe and was surprised to find that Japanese Cheesecake had been an online sensation several years ago. Aficionados post descriptions such as: “Light airy, melts in your mouth” “So pillowy soft that surely angel babies and fairies sleep on it in heaven.” “ It is not too sweet, with just enough of a touch of lemon and sour cream so that it resembles American cheesecake, but not the density or rich heaviness of it.” “It’s hard to describe this cheesecake. A rational description would be: a combination of a sponge cake and a traditional American cheesecake, but that doesn’t do the Japanese cheesecake justice.” This last description came from bloggers resumaravilla who were so moved by their blissful gustatory experience they wrote a haiku to praise its effects:

An Ode to Japanese Cheesecake

oh lovely cheesecake
you fill my belly with joy
my life is complete.

Having found several online recipes, I attempted to make my own Japanese Cheesecake. I made two. I ate one and it was fantastic - Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake had miraculously followed me to Mount Shasta. I brought the other cheesecake to a Hanukkah party and by the end of the evening, I had four requests: Could I please bake them a Japanese cheesecake?

And that is the story of how I came to be in the business of making Japanese cheesecake. Now, if you are feeling deprived because you have never heard of Japanese cheesecake, much less had the experience of tasting one, never fear - I will make you one. It will not be quite as pretty as Uncle Tetsu’s – my oven lacks whatever it is that turns out the perfect smooth surface that Uncle Tetsu achieves in his cheesecake - but I guarantee it will taste just as good.

Call: Catherine (530)926-0646

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Silk Road Chai Events in Mt Shasta for February 2016

Silk Road Chai Shop
February 2016 Events Calendar

Internet Cafe, Bookshop, and Meditation Room open 1:00pm - 7:00pm Monday-Saturday
Events begin at 7:00pm


2:00-5:30pm ~ Akadua and Mudras for Stress Management with Soti Bluebird

- Movie Night - 7:00-9:00 -
Feb 1st ~Groundhog Day (1993)
Feb 8th ~Labyrinth (1986)
Feb 15th ~Alive Inside (2014)
Feb 22nd ~Paper Moon (1973)
Feb 29th ~When the Iron Bird Flies (2012)


2:00-5:30pm ~ Crystal Divination with Yessi

- Seminar Night - 7:00-9:00 -
Feb 2nd ~ Imbolc: Celebrating the Return of the Sun with Heather Reaney
Feb 9th ~ Essential Oils Meditation: Being the Essence of Love with Patricia Carreras
Feb 16th ~ Sacred Economics with Matthew Isbell
Feb 23rd ~ Essential Oils Meditation: Grounding into Peace with Patricia Carreras


2:00-5:30pm ~ Didgeridoo Sound Healing with Shara Fish

7:00-10:00pm every Wednesday
Open Mic Night


2:00-5:30pm ~ Divine Oracle and Intuitive Flower Essence Readings with Heather Reaney

- Devotional Music Night - 7:00-9:00 -
Feb 4th ~ Shasta Heartstrings Circle with Sahaja and Shara Fish
Feb 11th ~ Grooves with Beloved Love
Feb 18th ~ Devotional Chants with Sananday
Feb 25th ~ Kirtan with Ken Abbott


2:00-5:30pm ~ Tarot Readings with Patricia Carreras

- Musical Events - 7:00-9:00 -
Feb 5th ~ Music Jam Session with Glenn Shiring and Friends
Feb 12th ~ Community Drum Circle: How to share your love from a native view with Karuk Culture bearer Franklin Thom
Feb 19th ~ Slap Happy for Drumming: Percussion Class with Dougie Slap
Feb 26th ~ An Evening of Classical Guitar Music with Mike Yee


1:00-7:00pm ~
Make and Take Art Day

- Nightly Events - 7:00-9:00 -
Feb 6th ~ Oldies but Goodies: Music Share
Feb 13th ~ It’s All About Love!
Love poems to warm your ♥ with Ana Ramana followed by a Love Themed Open Mic
Feb 20th ~ Book Talk: Nikala Akashi presents "Gift Book 1: The Accounts of a Pleiadian Traveler"
Feb 27th ~ Tranc-ient Jam: Electric guitar, bass & drum jam hosted by Matt Dembinski

Closed Sundays

Silk Road Cultural Center Events
(the Cultural Center is located next to the Chai Shop)

Yoga Class: 10-11:30am & 3:30-5:00pm
Self Empowerment with Bato: 6:30-8pm
Zohar Study Group: 9-10pm

Yoga Class: 5:30-7:00pm

1st & 3rd Saturdays:
Locals Supporting Locals
Healing, crafts, dancing & community fun: 12pm-12am

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And a NEW Event at the Silk Road Chair Shop

WHEN: FEB 16th and FEB 23rd
TIME: 3:30 – 5:00pm
BRIEF DISCRIPTION: Kundalini Yoga is an Ancient and Preserved Technology, Employing Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, and Meditation that Serves to Heal and Activate Us All on all Level
FAIR EXCHANGE: $10 - $15 Sliding Scale

See You All At the CHAI

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Are You Visiting Mount Shasta in January? If you are maybe....

Silk Road Chai Shop
January 2016 Events Calendar

Internet Cafe, Bookshop, and Meditation Room open 1:00pm - 7:00pm Monday-Saturday
Events begin at 7:00pm


Healing Work: Readings with Patricia Soto ~ 2:00-5:30pm

Movie Night ~ 7:00pm-9:00pm

Jan 4th ~ The Gold Rush (1925)

Jan 11th ~ Awake: The Life of Yogananda (2012)

Jan 18th ~ What's Up, Doc? (1972)

Jan 25th ~ The NeverEnding Story (1984)


Seminar Night ~ 7:00pm-9:00pm

Jan 5th ~ Meditation with Essential Oils to Welcome the New Year and New Paradigm with Patricia Carreras

Jan 12th ~ Essential Oil Basics and Prosperity Meditation with Patricia Carreras

Jan 19th ~ Sacred Economics with Matthew Isbell

Jan 26th ~ Cleanse and Detox with Essential Oils with Patricia Carreras


Didgeridoo Sound Healing with Shara Fish ~ 2:00-5:30pm

Open Mic Night ~ 7:00pm-10:00pm


Divine Oracle and Intuitive Flower Essence Readings with Heather Reaney ~ 2:00-5:30pm

Devotional Music Night ~ 7:00pm-9:00pm

Jan 7th ~ Shasta Heartstrings Circle with Sahaja & Shara Fish

Jan 14th ~ Kirtan with Beloved Love

Jan 21st ~ Kirtan with Sananday

Jan 28th ~ Kirtan with Ken Abbott


Tarot Readings with Patricia Carreras ~ 2:00-5:30pm

Musical Events ~ 7:00pm-9:00pm

Jan 8th ~ Music Jam Session
with Glenn Shiring and Friends

Jan 15th~ Community Drum Circle: New beginnings from a Native Perspective with Karuk culture bearer Franklin Thom.

Jan 22nd ~ Be Love: Local musician Joshua Jerue

Jan 29th ~ An Evening of Classical Guitar Music with Mike Yee


1 :00pm-7:00pm every Saturday:
Make and Take Art Day: Create and exchange your art in a peaceful space

Jan 9th ~ Special New Moon Art Vision Board Workshop ~ 2:00-6:00pm

Nightly Events ~ 7:00pm-9:00pm

Jan 9th ~ Book Talk: Author Zahn LaScott presents her book "R.O.L.L. With It"

Jan 16th ~ Good Medicine :Reclaiming Our Essence with Edward Norman
Explanation of levels of health, principles of life, and Q & A

Jan 23rd ~ Book Talk : Mary Ma McChrist presents her book "The Blessed Mother's Blue Rose of the Healing Heart"

Jan 30th ~ Singing Your Love : Sing along music performance by Alicia Merlady Bonnett

Closed Sundays

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11th Annual Backcountry Film

11th Annual Backcountry Film Festival Saturday, January 9th.

Join the Mt. Shasta Nordic Ski Organization in celebrating 11 years of the "Snow Less Traveled" with the Backcountry Film Festival.

Saturday, January 9th, 2015
At the Sisson Museum ~ 1 North Old Stage Rd in Mt. Shasta
Doors open at 5:30, Show starts st 6:30
Tickets $15, Kids 10 & under free
Beer, Wine and snacks provided by Berrvale Grocery
Drawing Prizes! Tickets available at The Fifth Season (530) 926-3606

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What? Thats all? ;) Pretty

What? Thats all? ;)

Pretty impressive calendar for the winter!


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Lena Stevens Forecast for November is Pressure

The main theme for the month of November is PRESSURE.

This month we enter the labor that will birth our own transformation and change. And just as in actual childbirth, once the process begins, there is no going back. The pressure we feel is that of being in a container that has grown too small. It is time to face the unknown, our own fears and resistance, and move ourselves to the next level.

Everything this month will be pressurized. You will feel pressure from the outside as well as pressure from the inside. The image is that of a large balloon being inflated until the pressure of the hot air forces it to rise. We have been filling ourselves up with new dreams, new intentions and a commitment to balance, personal growth and change and now we are at that point where the pressure of our own needs and desires is pushing our container to a higher level of vibration. It is an exciting time but can also carry much anxiety and fear as we move into a place of the unknown. It is a big new world out there and we will be like chicks just having broken through their shells to emerge into a new environment.

This new environment is one of many dimensions that will provide for a much richer experience of life. There will be a more conscious connection to the astral world, the quantum field, frequencies of light and sound, and a fuller more multidimensional experience of the senses. This is the culmination of the artisan energy we have been working with this year, creating the next step in our evolution.

But growth is not easy. There are growing pains; there is irritation, fear of change, sometimes blame, lots of doubt and always some resistance. It is a tricky time where we will experience all sides of the creative coin. There will be incredible breakthroughs in ideas, perception, intuition, creativity, invention, realizations and personal growth. There will also be times of witnessing, grieving and allowing for the destruction and meltdown of old structures and limited containers as we move beyond our comfort level and expand into new territory.

The pressure coming from inside is our own higher self, our essence, pushing us to be bigger, to be more, to disengage from the past, to move out of our shell, and to break through the barrier of small and diminished experience into the vast ocean of possibility. The pressure can feel like dissatisfaction, confusion, impatience and irritation. This is our own inner desire and intention for change that is prodding and poking us to get on with it. The path is not yet clear. This month it is enough to work with being ready by allowing what is holding us back to fall apart. The big work will be to allow the fear and anxiety to dissolve and to move into a place of trust. Remember that theme from September?

The pressure coming from the outside is coming from the environment itself, the environment being anything you come into contact with. It could include all the people and all the containers that you have been operating all of your projects, work and life out of. Your environment acts as a mirror and will put pressure on you based on what you said you wanted. There is a saying, be careful what you ask for. This is certainly true for this time frame as your intentions and desires will be magnified and expanded. It is as if everything has grabbed the energy of Jupiter and filled itself with hot air and helium. There is tremendous pressure that has built up that can be used to take the whole planet to the next level of functioning.

We have created the opportunity to add a higher octave to our experience. We have no idea what this will look like and how it will affect the future. The task in the present is to be willing to use this pressurized energy to assist in the necessary dissolution of the containers that have become too small. The pressure of the times can also be an ally in helping you create the next step in your life.

How the month shows up


Watch for feeling cranky and irritated especially around what you think others expect of you. Watch for judgment and don’t take anything personally as others react to the pressure around them. Monitor the pressure you put on others and make sure you are always in integrity around what you are asking. Monitor the pressure you put on yourself and make sure it is in balance and in harmony with your highest goals. You may have to reprioritize what is important especially if you have a lot on your plate.

Everyone will need a pressure release valve this month. For many of you it will be physical activity, and for some it will be something creative you do for yourself; art, music, cooking, gardening etc. It will also be crucial to build in some alone time into your busy lives for assimilation and integration of the changes that will be occurring in bursts this month.

There is an opportunity to expand your container, step into a bigger dream and move beyond what you thought you could ever handle in this life. Choosing to move forward no matter how anxious the unknown makes you feel is always better than remaining in the pressure of a container that is too small.


The containers of relationships are always interesting ones in how they give us the greatest lessons and provide the greatest growth. This month all relationships will be influenced by the pressure of the month and will behave according to what the pressure is demanding. Some will move towards completion, some will move towards commitment, some will move in different directions, some will part ways, some will rekindle important aspects and some will self destruct.

It is important to pay attention to what is happening in your relationships and not just to ignore the signs of discontent or attraction. Some women will feel the pressure of their internal childbearing clocks and all of us will feel the pressure of moving ahead with whatever we are here to do on this earth. If our life task work needs to be modified or changed or evolved, we will be feeling the pressure to get on with it. There is a sense of needing to call in all of our support and to make sure that all of our relationships are providing what we need and not becoming energy leaks. There is an opportunity to complete karma, forgive ourselves and others, and to push through the membrane of debt into an experience of greater cooperation, partnership and collaboration.


The environment provides the mirror for us in these times. Big pressure systems, highs and lows, will bring big weather systems, some beyond what we have experienced before. Big pressure brings big power and it is empowering to take advantage of the power in big pressure instead of hiding from it in fear.

Your personal environment will produce pressure both from the inside and from the outside. Pressure from the inside will hound you to continue clearing out the old and to pay attention to your spaces to make sure they are supporting change and expansion. The pressure from the outside will come if you ignore your intuition and do not take your own internal hints. They may come in the form of imposed changes such as a system break down forcing you to improve things. If this happens do not get irritated. It is what it is, fix it, improve it and move on.

Completions are important in these times and completing projects where results can be harvested and loose ends tied up will remove some of the mental pressure you may feel when things are incomplete. So complete what you can so you can make space for something else.


The pressure here will be related to deadlines, time, performance, completions and beginnings. Be aware of imposing unnecessary pressure especially if it is coming from an old pattern. Observe where change needs to happen to encompass a new way of thinking about how your projects and partnerships are supported. It is becoming clearer and clearer that we cannot go about it alone and that the structure of our accomplishments needs a new architecture that includes more trust in spirit that the necessary help, seen and unseen, will always be there for us.

We are moving from a linear way of thinking about how things are done to a multidimensional experience of creating and manifesting from the quantum field. This process is not yet complete but we feel the pressure to be moving in that direction. It does require trust and it does require not believing the limiting thoughts our minds come up with about what is possible and what is not.

It is a good time to begin projects and an even better time to complete projects. Anything you begin should be done with a strong intention but a “don’t know mind”. Follow the pressure of your own intuition and inner desires. Be creative, courageous and innovative. Try new things, take a few risks and go for it. Since this time frame includes the experience of higher centers, inspiration is a key to any success.


November 1-7: You are feeling the pressure of what is on your plate and it may feel like too much. Practice seeing this pressure as made much worse by your own worry and mental judgment. Observe that when you let go and trust that it will all work out, how the feeling of pressure diminishes. Practice being very present and doing what is in front of you instead of worrying about what you may have to do tomorrow. Often the pressure felt is about something that has not happened yet and the mind’s definition of how difficult it is going to be or how you wont have time, energy or support.

When you feel the burden of pressure taking you down into negativity or worry, refocus on beauty, gratitude and love and anything else that inspires you.
November 8-15: The theme for this time frame is discernment. You have an idea and lots of intuition about what pressure is appropriate and what pressure is not.

This is the time to sort through the different pressures in your life and prioritize what is truly important. If you are feeling a pressure being imposed on you by someone else’s fear or projection, don’t take it personally. You have the opportunity to forgive it and neutralize its influence on you.

Sift through the demands of others and set new boundaries and rules about where you are willing to engage and where you need to cut ties. This may be a cranky time for relationships as everyone is vying for being heard and being supported. Dependency and dysfunction may surface as aspects of relationships that spur necessary changes.

November 11: The New Moon is Wednesday November 11, at 10:48 AM MST, Mountain Standard Time. Watch for cranky irritation around any pressure you feel from others, yourself or your environment. Take a moment around this new moon for yourself and focus on something that needs completion. Cranky energy can always be transformed into a fiery inspiration that fuels action. Be physically active today and do something physical that expands your space, clears something out and provides you with an opportunity to take action towards something you desire.

November 16-22: This time frame is marked by pressure coming from the inside. You will be tested as to your priorities and your true intentions. If something is not authentic it will be mirrored back to you in a way that you will not able to ignore. You will feel pressured by yourself to make sure you are on the right track. There is a feeling of urgency about making sure you are doing what you want to be doing, being with those you wish to be with, and in an environment that is compatible and supportive to that. If you have been in a container of a relationship, work, home, career or otherwise, that is too small, you will definitely feel pressure to do something about breaking through beyond those limitations.

This is also a time when your spiritual evolution is demanding some attention. If you are doing your practices you will feel irritated and pressured. It is important to have something of a daily practice for putting the pressure into perspective as well as to support the expansion of your container.

November 23-30: We have arrived at the time when the labor is in full swing and there is nowhere to go but through the birth canal. The other side is a new landscape and potential. It is a higher centered time frame, a bit challenging for the personality but with its own gifts of heightened perceptions, deeper essence connections, and greater intuition. You may experience feeling alien in your own world and that is a good thing. Acknowledge anything that feels different and remember to stay in gratitude, to focus on beauty and to embrace all that is new or potentially new in your life.

November 25: The Full Moon is Wednesday, November 25 at 3:45 PM MST, Mountain Standard Time. This is a time for quiet celebration, acceptance of change, and making choices. If you have been ambivalent or in resistance around certain issues that require a choice, this would be a good time to finally make that choice. If you have been afraid to take the step out of your limited container, you feel the pressure to do so and now would be the time.

Many Blessings!

Have a great month,

Lena Stevens

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Water Drops Celebration

Hello Friends of Mount Shasta,

It has been a delightful adventure coordinating this event with such a dedicated team. Everyone has given from heart to protect our water and our quality of life. We just received a generous offer to match funds received from community to support this event (printing, flyers, transportation costs, videography and more). We will have donation buckets at the event, yet some of you may want to make a tax deductible donation on line through the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, our 501c3 fiscal sponsor. 100% of your donation will underwrite the event. Here is the link:

For those of you with press contacts, please forward this attachment:

The text below is also attached, and of course, we may have revisions between now and Saturday.

In Gratitude for each of you, your love and respect for our water,


Mount Shasta is a beacon to the Planet, a renowned eco-tourism destination and center for diverse cultural and spiritual retreats. You are invited to spend a full afternoon in nature, with focus on our water and the inter-relatedness of all beings. Water is an issue involving consciousness, values and ethics.Our goal is conscious evolution. Water is Life

Performers and speakers representing environmental groups, including local activists and educators in California, will address various issues surrounding water and planetary drought with a focus on our current situation in Mount Shasta, in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Join us in sharing, educating and activating to protect this precious life source!

Our keynote speaker is Caleen Sisk, Winnemem Wintu Tribe Chief and Spiritual Leader.

12:00 Emcees: Phoenix Lawhon Isler and Vicki Gold.
12:05 Chief Caleen Sisk, Winnemem Wintu Tribal Chief
12:25 Lucas RossMerz, ED Sacramento River Preservation Trust
12:40 Sherry Ackerman, PhD, philosopher, author, educator
12:55 Jenn Rogar, singer/ composer
1:20 Geneva Omann & Roslyn McCoy of We Advocate Thorough Environmental Review (W.A.T.E.R.)
1:30 Matthew Isbel, Sacred Economics
1:40 Bob McFarland, President California Guild (formerly California State Grange)
1:50 Konrad Fisher, ED Klamath Riverkeeper
2:05 Saratone & Diane Patterson with Al Torre, composers/ singers/ musicians
3:00 Rev. Amanda Ford, M.A., Environmental Justice Coalition for Water
3:10 Phoenix Lawhon Isler, Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center
3:15 Sawako Ama, Middle Eastern Dance Artist
3:30 Rieko Ivaska, Iroha (Taiko drum)
3:45 Dan Axelrod, PhD, Professor Emeritus Physics, University of Michigan, EIR: a different perspective
3:50 Elaine Hsiao, PhD Candidate, Liu Scholar, UBC-IRES, Resource Management & Environmental Studies
3:55 Bob Saunders, Civil Rights, Social Justice and Environmental Activist (Crunch Nestle Alliance)
4:00 Mauro Oliveira, Founder SOL Communications, Inc, a non profit fiscal sponsor for many environmental and cultural projects
4:05 Vicki Gold, Water Flows Free
4:10 Caleen Sisk, Winnemem Wintu Chief and Spiritual Leader

."The future of rivers in not a question of rivers, but of the human heart."
~ Shozo Tanaka

"Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water."
~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

"Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act." Einstein

"Fix it in your Constitution that no corporation, no body of men, no capital can get possession and right to your waters. Hold the waters in the hands of the people." John Wesley Powell

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Mystic Radio LIVE today from our beautiful Mt Shasta!!

Be there or be square!

Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis
• LIVE from Mount Shasta, CA
LIVE from Mt. Shasta, CA airs on KKNW in Seattle, WA @ 12:00 Noon Pacific WED or listen

“Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis” welcomes listeners & callers from all over the world. Robin has had 3 near death experiences to become talented metaphysically with her extra-ordinary psychic gifts. Call in for your on air life changing readings!

CALL 1-888-298-5569

For more information please visit

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Hey Robin! Listening!!! :D

Hey Robin! Listening!!! :D


Hi Karen! Me too... Susan

Hi Karen! Me too...


Hey Susan & Karen!

I'm listening, too!!


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Robin great show of the last

Robin great show of the last part I heard....I could relate!!!


Hi Sue! Great shares on FB.

Hi Sue! Great shares on FB. Thanks!



You're welcome! Thanks for your awesome shares!


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Ascension Rock, Mt. Shasta, CA

During meditation in the morning in our Mt. Shasta home I was guided to go up the mountain to Ascension Rock. When I told Bob he wanted to come along. He had never been there before. He had heard about it. He, like me, have studied the "Telos book series" and "The Seven Sacred Flames". Those books made this Mt. Shasta spot an epic power spots.

After meditating for hours with a lovely young man who we felt had Adama energy Bob snapped this picture. If I could I would post it here. Since the only way you can see this photo is on Facebook please go here;

If you are on Facebook please like my Shasta Psychic page and this picture!!

Robin Alexis

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Astrological Recap July 8-15 by Lena Stevens

July 8-15: This is a great time for breakthrough. New understandings, inspiring ideas, magical experiences are all possible at this time. It is a good time to anchor some higher centered points of reference that will help you keep your focus on the light when the going gets tough. You may experience an eccentric combination of being in emotional pain one moment and ecstatic the next. A deep cry for help can easily turn around and become a hysterical laughter about the absurdity of life. Humor is key to breakthrough and to accepting your growing pains as a path to more power and freedom.

Do something during this time that keeps you on track so you don’t fall into bad behavior, your usual addictions and old patterns. However if it does happen, forgive yourself quickly and move on.

July 15: New Moon is Wednesday July 15 at 7:25 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is a time of assessment and truth telling. This New Moon may also bring something completely unexpected into your life. Whatever it is, see it as a gift and allow it to anchor you into something new. Allow others to support you at this time with whatever it is that you need.

A New Moon is always an opportunity for a reset. If there is anything going on in your life that needs a reset, do it now.

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Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! Have a delicious, safe, fun weekend!

Robin Alexis & Bob Bordonaro

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Life in Mount Shasta on July 3, 2015

Life in Mount Shasta on July 3, 2015

Today I texted Prageet Harris and Julieanne “Happy 4th of July Weekend”. A few hours alter I received this text,

“Juliann says thank you for very much for your best wishes. Prageet is wearing a black armband tomorrow as is Varid. It is a sad day for all Britain! With Love”

For a moment I thought to myself, “Oh No! I haven’t followed the news! Then it dawned on me! I had wished a Happy 4th of July to Prageet who is from Britain!!He and Funny Man Varid are from Britain!! He He!!

Did you know about the Stargate events that are coming up in Mount Shasta and around the world? And look, they love me! I didn’t know they had put me on their web site!

Bob and my life have changed for the better since we met Prageet and Julieanne. Do you want your change for the better?

Robin Alexis

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LOL Prageet! I have a

LOL Prageet!

I have a British friend who assures me that they celebrate Thanksgiving on the 4th of July!

Happy 4th to all, from Greg and Ben.

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Very, very funny Greg and

Very, very funny Greg and Ben!!!

Robin Alexis

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July Forecast from Lena Stevens

The theme for July is “GROWING PAINS”.

Positive Pole: Breakthrough, transformation, maturity, power, freedom, more access to higher centers.

Negative Pole: Martyrdom, impatience, resistance, breakdown, negative drama, entrapment in lower vibrations.

This month we have reached the time of adolescence in our own growth cycle and evolution. It is emotionally hormonal, reactive against old structures and perceived limitations, and extremely uncomfortable. We don’t know who we are anymore, can’t relate to our world, and tend to moodiness and resistance. And just like it was when you were 11 or 12 or 13 years old, the only way to the other side is through. To stay behind is not an option. Change is the only thing that we can truly count on. So it is not a question of whether or not we move through this cycle but HOW we move through it.

The Growing Pains and discomfort are connected to the false personality and its resistance to change. You may experience breakthrough, freedom and relief in one area of your life where sudden change occurs and then in another area you may fall into great resistance and suffering. One day you may hear a piece of news that sends you spiraling into the depths of depression depending on your ego attachments, and the next day the same situation may spur and inspire you to explore your creativity in a different way, supporting necessary change in your life. The key is to pay attention to what is showing up and how it is showing up and to stay out of negative reaction. Neutrality and acceptance around any situation will go a long way in moving you through the belches and glitches that threaten to derail your sense of well-being.

Being proactive with your growing pains will always produce more positive results while passivity and fear-based denial will only lead to anxiety, a lack of enthusiasm and possibly suffering. There is a difference between being neutrally accepting as opposed to being in fear-based passive denial. Being neutrally accepting is facing what is showing up without judgment, blame, guilt or shame. Then you can follow with taking a proactive step towards your own change and re-patterning, always being aware of the bigger picture and not taking anything personally.

There are aspects to this month that are bouncing us back into the same influences we were under during the eclipses in March/April of this year. If you recall, the theme for April was “up, down and sideways; expect the unexpected”. Some of this theme comes back around and will trigger any loose ends that were not dealt with at that time. Remember that the discomfort and any negative experience of this time are probably due to issues of the past and mainly unresolved and un-forgiven emotional debris. We have outgrown our container and are pushing up against limiting beliefs and our small, fear-based thought processes. The inner child is wounded and wants to be healed. But we must be disciplined and reward only a clear committed intention and not a whiny tantrum. Watch your reactions, as they can be explosive this month. Take a deep breath and think before you speak and act especially when you feel agitated, impatient or victimized. Remember to take responsibility for what is showing up in your life at this time. Step up to the challenge and trust spirit to take care of whatever you cannot see your way through.

There is tremendous opportunity this month to restructure your life based on healing your own inner child and adolescence and allowing for a new alignment of the masculine and feminine both for you personally and for the greater planetary community. The end result will be more personal power, a greater sense of freedom to live your life the way you want, and a deeper experience of self-love and confidence. There has never been a better time than now to move into a place of more trust in spirit and a deep inner knowing that all is as it should be. So embrace your growing pains and enjoy the ride.

How the month shows up


The opportunity this month is for great healing of the inner child, your own adolescence and the way you embody the masculine and the feminine. It is also a great opportunity to release old emotional baggage once and for all and to get your life on the right track. The first half of the month is more volatile and turbulent in terms of possible negative reactions triggered by old patterns and it be may be difficult to stay neutral. Watch Martyrdom and always look at what is happening “to you” as a reflection of what you are carrying inside. There is nothing that cannot be turned around, changed and put on a different track. You are not 2 years old any more and that inner child needs to grow up. It is time to face the growing pains and allow the child to mature.

The potential for personal growth this month is truly awesome and what will be required of you is trust. This is the time of the heart, the time for healing and the time to be in responsibility for your relationships, your karma and the consequences of your thoughts, feelings and actions. We are in a time where instant feedback will make it very clear as to whether or not you are getting the lessons, honoring your growing pains and on the right track. Don’t get trapped in the lower vibrations.


You will need to be careful this month around your relationships as there may be a tendency for over reacting when old patterns are triggered. Remember not to take things personally and yet to be responsible for your part. It is best not to engage in arguments, drama, blame and judgment. Relationships will certainly be subject to their own “growing pains” and if allowed to move in the right direction will end up maturing into a much better and more satisfying place.

The “growing pains” of relationship issues can be painful but there are rewards at the other end. It is best to observe any of your own negative reactions that may include feelings of rejection, unworthiness, frustration, anger, sadness, futility, invisibility, confusion, betrayal, or despair, and acknowledge their origins in the wounds of the inner child. Forgiveness also plays a big part in relationship dynamics and the healing process this month.

There is also an opportunity to rebalance and reset the relationship between the masculine and the feminine within yourself this month. This will support new relationship dynamics in your life so you can experience current and new relationships differently. Relationships create the container for lessons and personal growth and, just as in adolescence, your relationships will provide you with a rich environment for your own personal growth and spiritual maturity.


The environment this month can either be a distraction or a support as you navigate the minefield of your emotions and reactions. Your personal environment is a reflection of what is going on inside. If you have chaos in your environment, you have chaos inside. If your external environment is very tightly controlled, chances are you are very tightly controlled and have a need for control. If your environment is cluttered and messy, you probably lack discipline and good boundaries. If your environment is stark or nurturing or colorful or warm or cold or comfortable or uncomfortable, it is most likely some reflection of yourself.

It is a good month to observe your environment and make a commitment to align it better to how you wish to be personally supported and served. Your environment should be inspiring to you as much as possible and you should surround yourself with that which makes you happy. What have you been putting up with?

The other aspect of environment this month is the need for space, silence, beauty, reflection, wonder, awe, and time. Of course these aspects can always be found in nature, and as you navigate your growing pains this month it would be wise to bring some of them in as a support to yourself. Make sure to spend some time in nature, as nature is neutral and unconditional and usually very healing.


This month will produce growing pains on all levels and the body will be prone to manifesting them at the physical level through a variety of symptoms and conditions. Digestive issues, liver and kidney issues, weight gain and loss, and water balance will be some of the ways they will manifest.

There is a saying, “move the body, cure the soul” which is accurate for these times and reminds us that regular exercise and physical activity stimulates the circulation which in turn stimulates the movement of energy bringing everything that is out of balance back into balance. The body cannot be left behind therefore it is crucial that you love it, nurture it, discipline it, allow it to heal and give it what it needs.

Energy levels will be high and low this month so be prepared for feeling fantastic one day and like there is something dreadfully wrong the next. If you need to rest, rest. If you need to dance, dance. If you need to be quiet, be quiet. Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and energy work will all be helpful this month, as they tend to work on more than just the physical body.


Many partnerships, projects, businesses and creative ideas will be subject to growing pains this month. The positive aspect will be movement and change, especially where there has been stagnation, adversity and confusion. The change can be sudden, clean and swift, providing relief and a solution to a problem, or it can be complex and mired in all sorts of dissention, doubt and martyrdom. We suggest the clean break and swift change, as it will lead to high centered experiences. The path of suffering only leads to entrapment in the lower vibrations and does not serve any business, partnership or creative project.

During change, reactions, feelings, disappointments, resentments or anger may come up. Remind yourself that you are not 2 years old anymore and deal with your responsibilities and your reactions from a place of maturity. This is your opportunity to turn things around, get rid of what is not working and step into your life in a more powerful way. This is also the area of life where you get to experience the consequences of your actions and behavior. And what you experience is the exact reflection of what you carry inside.


July 1: Full Moon is Wednesday, July 1, at 8:19 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This full moon may bring about a feeling of being overwhelmed by all that is not “right” in your life and therefore a good time to take a break from it all to do something for yourself that is nurturing, loving and peaceful. You should use this moon to honor yourself with gratitude for all that you have accomplished in your life and to be in acceptance of whatever is showing up for you at this time.

This moon launches the month and will initiate the “growing pains” so it is best to start the month off in a place of honoring self, acceptance of what is, and neutrality around what others are going through. Be inspired by something today and make sure to be physically active as well. This will put your heart mind, and body in the right place.

July 1-7: This time frame we can call “digestion”. You may be digesting certain recent events or experiences, you may be digesting old emotional debris, you may be digesting the consequences of a recent choice, or you may be trying to digest some energy that is not yours and never has been yours. Your physical digestion will be a barometer you can follow as to whether or not you are being successful in this digestive assimilation process or not.

If you find yourself reacting negatively, irrationally or overly emotionally to something, chances are it has been triggered by an old pattern. Old patterns are old, and therefore the experiences they generate are not as easily assimilated and digested into your present life. The digestive aid will be eliminating your judgment and your attachment to how you think it ought to have all turned out.

This is the time for you to embrace whatever is showing up in your life and however it is showing up. Work with what you have and don’t put too much on your plate if possible.

Even though there is a desire to move quickly through the lower vibrational states and into a higher centered experience, this may not be possible during this time. The sense of overwhelm experienced during the full moon may continue as you look at all the pieces of your life and try to digest where you have been, where you are now, and where you think you are going. Be patient. Chop wood, carry water.

July 8-15: This is a great time for breakthrough. New understandings, inspiring ideas, magical experiences are all possible at this time. It is a good time to anchor some higher centered points of reference that will help you keep your focus on the light when the going gets tough. You may experience an eccentric combination of being in emotional pain one moment and ecstatic the next. A deep cry for help can easily turn around and become a hysterical laughter about the absurdity of life. Humor is key to breakthrough and to accepting your growing pains as a path to more power and freedom.

Do something during this time that keeps you on track so you don’t fall into bad behavior, your usual addictions and old patterns. However if it does happen, forgive yourself quickly and move on.

July 15: New Moon is Wednesday July 15 at 7:25 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is a time of assessment and truth telling. This New Moon may also bring something completely unexpected into your life. Whatever it is, see it as a gift and allow it to anchor you into something new. Allow others to support you at this time with whatever it is that you need.

A New Moon is always an opportunity for a reset. If there is anything going on in your life that needs a reset, do it now.

July 16-22: You should be experiencing success, relief, a sense of freedom and a greater maturity in how you are navigating your life right now. Reflect on the challenges you have been through and see how the growing pains of your experiences have made you stronger and given you a greater sense of power. If you are feeling completely the opposite, be patient as you are still in the learning curve and not out of the tunnel yet.

There is an aspect to this month that is very similar to going through the birth canal. The old comfort zone of your known patterns has become small and constricted and you have outgrown your container. It is time to push yourself through the boundary of what you think your life is and into a new set of experiences and initiations. It is exciting and the “growing pains” are worth it.

July 23-31: This could be a time of confusion. Who am I? Where am I? Whose life is this? Where am I going? Nothing looks familiar. Nothing feels familiar. How did I get here?

This is where trust comes in. The most important things that need your attention and that you are creating for yourself for some reason will show up in a way that you cannot ignore. So do not worry that you have somehow lost control or cannot seem to grasp the organization of your life at this time. There is almost a relaxed quality to the times. Savor it and allow yourself to trust the support of spirit.

This time frame may have you experiencing yourself enthusiastically stretching into the growing pains that have now become familiar and more comfortable. You may surprise yourself by taking on something you never would have imagined doing before or making a choice that would have been uncharacteristic of you in the past.

July 31: The second full moon of the month is Friday July 31 at 4:43 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Celebrate something new and do something awesome!

Many Blessings!


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Going to make kale chips tomorrow from the kale I grew!

Got a better recipe than this one?

Robin Alexis

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Life in Mount Shasta

Bob and I made the kale chips from the kale in our garden. We used Elaine's recipe. She told us to be careful that we didn't over salt it. We did. Oh well, we learned!

On Monday and today there are two beautiful stag deer resting peacefully under the tall trees in our backyard.

I slept outside under the big trees myself last night. I like to do that on the Full Moon time. About 5AM I awoke to the sound of the sprinklers. I love to watch the water dance. I gently dosed off. I awoke again to the sound of crows. I counted them as they flew over. Nine. I thought to myself, "Nine...completion."

Then I clairvoyantly saw space ships up over Mount Shasta. I brilliant white light blasted into my Stone Room. As soon as I saw this the neighbor's car began to blare. "Blare, Blare, Blare....". I wondered how long that would go on..... Very swiftly it ended. Then I saw white Beings go to Bob and tend to him as he slept in our bedroom next to the Stone Room. I knew these were Benevolent Ones assisting. I saw myself lift out of my body. I was hovering in the trees looking down at myself and life on planet earth as if I was one of those crows who flew over head. I heard, "7th Dimension." I say "Amen".

When I went for my walk this morning I looked up at Mount Shasta and saw the Lady of Mount Shasta bigger than she has ever appeared to me clairvoyantly.

Life is good here in Mount Shasta. The Light is aligning with this area. We are blessed. As Alcazar would say, "Thank you! Bring me more!" Alcazar says that when we notice that something brings us great joy we should remember to say that. What great advice!

Don't forget to tune into Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis at noon today pacific coast time. Listen in as people experience life changing readings. I welcome you to be one of them. The call in numbers are in the banner above!


Robin Alexis

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Robin this is beautiful! I

Robin this is beautiful! I could see everything as you described it! You're settling in...Namaste


Dr Nels on Animal World today, Sunday….

Call-in numbers:
(425) 373-5527 or

Sunday, June 21, 9 a.m. to noon:

It's a B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) Sunday with Dr. Nels Rasmussen in the studio. He can do remote balancing, clearing and rebooting sessions for your animal friend or yourself... and maybe both! Call in for your free session!

Hope you can join us!


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Summer Solstice Energy Strong

Space Weather News for June 19, 2015

SOLSTICE AURORA WATCH: On June 18th, the sun produced its biggest flare in nearly two months. The M3-class explosion caused a brief low-frequency radio blackout over North America and hurled a CME into space. A glancing blow from the CME is likely on June 21st , possibly sparking a geomagnetic storm and solstice auroras. Check for updates.

SUNSET PLANETS: When sun goes down tonight, step outside and look west. Venus, Jupiter and the crescent Moon are having a lovely conjunction in the sunset sky. Photos @

Happy Precious Moments of Summer Solstice Everyone,

Robin Alexis

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A Timeless Message as we approach Summer Solstice Terry Whitaker

8 Steps of Divine Magic

Magic as seen in movies appears to be fun like the TV show Bewitched, when
it¹s fake and simply the science of illusion. There¹s real, natural magic
and there¹s fake, theatrical magic. Fake magic involves making things appear
to happen, as if real, but are the result of mind and slight of hand tricks
like how the magician can pull a live rabbit out of a hat that a moment
before appeared to be empty. Real Magic or divine manifestation works
naturally and benefits all.

The theater magician depends upon the members of the audience being ignorant
of how magicians do their closely guarded secrets of the art of illusion. If
we do not want to be fooled, then we can learn their secrets to avoid the
spell being cast upon us through smoke and mirrors, science, and mind

What we need to know, beyond what is portrayed in movies, is how we create
and how divine manifestation works. Observing the obvious is a good start.
Look around and count all the ideas, thoughts, and desires you can spot.
Everything you can see, taste, touch, etc. was first a thought postulated by
someone. What we call the universe is basically a garden of genetic
creations, thought forms for living entities to experience, gather
information, and express through.

A creation begins with a thought concerning whatever it is we are proposing
to be, do or have and whether or not we believe we can or cannot attain the
objective. If you agree you can, you can, or if you agree you can¹t, then
you can¹t. These thoughts, desires, and intentions are like the seeds
planted in a garden. Healthy seeds grow healthy crops whereas, dis-eased and
weak seeds do not grow. Seeds after planted know what to do, just as
thoughts accepted know how to take form through light and sound in the world
of dense matter.

Agreement creates reality. Although every person possess all godlike powers,
qualities, and abilities, if a person agrees he or she is powerless, then
this is how it will be for that person. But, if that same person agrees he
or she is powerful, then the person is able to access their godlike powers
and abilities.

In order for the Divine to work its magic through us, we need to know we are
not the doers. Yes, we are doing, and you and I are not the doer. The Divine
in some mystical way is the doer, like the seed knows what to do in harmony
with the nature spirits beyond what is programmed into the seed.

When we partner with our Source, Goddess/God within, then the right people,
situations, resources, and events fall into place without force, trickery,
or stress. Our work is to meditate and get to know our God, Source and
partner within, and strengthen our ability to receive guidance by making a
habit of trusting our inner guidance and the supernatural qualities and
powers operating for and with us, instead of seeking our solutions in the
outer world of effects. We are the cause of these effects by our thoughts,
words and actions.

You can use this Divine manifestation process for everyday challenges, or
whatever is important to you. As you practice this and make it yours, your
trust will increase, and the process will become your normal empowered way.
With your inner guide you can navigate through any situation or world.

1. Make sure your desired result is your heart¹s desire and not what you
have been taught to desire through the media or others. Trust yourself! This
can be any desire. For example: to know and be doing your life¹s mission; to
know what to do to have a mutually loving and empowering relationship with
your children or mate; what you can know and do to prosper; to find your
home that suits your needs; to have a harmonious meeting with business
partners; your body to be healed; to know your inner God; know when it is
the best time to give so and so a call, etc.

2. Now state your desired result to your Source, God with you and closer
than breathing. Your request must be truthful, sincere and exactly what you
desire given that all is possible. This must be an inner resolve.

3. Avoid worrying about how it¹s going to happen, as this is not your
business. You are the grateful witness of the how it happens.

4. If needed, list any doubts, fears, or considerations that you have
previously accepted and realize these are just thoughts, not the Truth, just
concepts. With this writing exercise, you will perceive the postulates that
have been manifesting through your consciousness and experiences, etc. and
know them for what they are--figments of your imagination appearing real.

5. Release these seeds into the fertile soil of the Divine with you, and
nurture them with pure intention, certainty, and enthusiasm. Faith
(certainty) is the fuel of manifestation.

6. Do what is there to do, with absolute trust that your intention is
manifesting in the perfect way for your greatest benefit and the benefit of
all. For some desires, imagine and emotionalize yourself there, now.

7. Keep silent about your seeds and garden to prevent weeds coming from the
minds and thoughts of others who are creating their future from the past and
their programmed fear and lack-based minds. Affirm: ³My inner Divine
Partner, and Beloved is my protector and maintainer.²

8. Let go and let your God within work out the details and be grateful. Move
from your mind as your guide to your heart, as you immerse yourself in your
beingness. Increase kindness towards all sentient beings, including all
animals, for this is the Divine way. With love, Dr. Terry

PS. Counseling, mentoring, and empowerment sessions with Dr. Terry are now
available by phone and in person at Mt Shasta, CA. Email: There is a suggested fee and also open to
love offerings to make sure that lack of funds is never an obstacle. Ask Dr.

Email Dr. Terry for info on Shasta Retreats, Grand Master and Professional
Certification Program.

Order Dr. Terry¹s books at What You Think of Me is None of My
Business, How to Have More in a Have Not World, Inner Path From Where You
are to Where You Want to Be, Love and Power in a World Without Limits, a
Woman¹s Guide to the Goddess Within, Dare to Be Great, Live Your Bliss.

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Summer Solstice Kryon Channel

​Summer Solstice Kryon Channeling at Earth Sanctuary on Whidbey Island.

Saturday June 20, 2015

Time: 1pm

Cost: $10. Admission to Earth Sanctuary is additional $7 cash.

Kryon, the Magnetic Master, will come through for some new instructions on working with the earth grids in the new energy.

We will meet at the Newman Road Entrance at 1pm, where we can gather, visit the labyrinth and dolmen, then at 1:20 take the trail to the Cottonwood Stone Circle for channeling at 1:30. After the channeling, we can explore the rest of Earth Sanctuary.

If you are not familiar with Earth Sanctuary, here is the Website.

We will meet at 1pm in the parking area at the Newman Road Entrance. This means be on the Noon ferry out of Mukilteo or earlier. It takes 20 min for the crossing, plus 20 min drive to Earth Sanctuary.

Here are detailed directions from the Earth Sanctuary website:

From Seattle, take I-5 north. From the Eastside, take I-405 north to I-5 north.

Take Exit 189 from I-5 to the west and follow the signs to the Whidbey Island/Mukilteo ferry terminal. Get into the ferry line where the signs tell you to do so or whenever you see the "end of the line" of cars. Ferries leave every half hour on the hour and half-hour. The ferry ride from Mukilteo to Whidbey Island lasts about 20 minutes. Once on Whidbey Island, drive north on the main highway, Route 525, for approximately 7.5 miles. Turn right onto Newman Road. To park at the 2059 Newman Road entrance, drive for 0.8 mile to 2059 Newman Road and turn right into the driveway. Go about 100 feet and turn right at the sign to get to the main parking area.

RSVP, and let me know if you are interested in carpooling.



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Simply Being Here From

Simply Being Here

From Kryon Live Channel, "The Old Soul Defined"

March 2015 in Bali, Indonesia

Listen: It doesn't matter what you do! Your light helps this planet, not your works. Your search for who you are helps this planet. Just by sitting in the chair today helps this planet! The Crystalline Grid remembers what you're doing and the energy created from your conscious search will last for generations. By being here as an experienced soul, you put your experience of wisdom into the grids of this planet, the energy of the maturity of your lives. That's what you're doing right now.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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Just reread this again again again. Am going to print this out

and put it on my wall so if happen to forget will be reminded.

For some reason, the cresecent moon and bright star over the mountain at night am seeing right now. When am outside viewing it feels so alive in my heart and its consciousness and love and that of the sun and the great central sun...they all feel so alive in my heart.

And So It Is.
May You Be Blessed in All Ways, Always,

All things are possible in the Light of the Divine,
We are All Blessed in each others Reflected Benevolent Light

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Thank you for sharing the above Robin. Bursts into tears...I

release any and all old energies of having "to do" more and enjoy Being! There is so much movement of energies. BE with every breath. Have been spending lots of day, last couple, in towns, and am finding that the younger people either seeing or tuning into me...have to laugh...went to see the movie Spy yesterday as a friend had told me it was hilarious and she laughed through the whole was really funny and heart-warming too..there was an older couple sitting behind me that came past me when leaving and they each looked at me oddly and I wondered if had done something odd during the about paranoid...who knows what they had going on...I choose that whatever it was to be aware of the power of the energies right now and being in town and around would normally be something wouldn't choose; however, is my own experiment in grounding, aligning and observing self and others and what is going on...and TRUST! Will be home this evening and all day tomorrow (thank goodness) and look forward to playing in the Light here.

Gail did such magnificent interactions and blessings when the AA were at her place. She is moving in leaps and bounds! Way to go Gail! It is important for me to be able to honor you here in the Soul Spa. And So It Is! xoxoxoxo
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

All things are possible in the Light of the Divine,
We are All Blessed in each others Reflected Benevolent Light

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Thank You

May You Be Blessed
'I love you, thank you'

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That is comforting

wow- LOVE that- "your light helps this planet, not your works" - is so comforting... can feel how that takes away any anxiety one might have about not doing enough- simply share your love-light; really need to ground that one in... thank you for sharing ~g

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You are invited to meditate on Wednesday nights with Robin Alexi

Please commit to every Wednesday night meditations for Divine Right Partnering/ Divine Complement


Please join the telepathic Saint Mary Magdalene and Robin Alexis Wednesday night meditations on Divine Right Partnering. They always begin at 7:30 PM Pacific / 10:30 PM Eastern Time, and last approximately one hour. During this unique meditation experience, our Beloved Saint Mary Magdalene helps us connect telepathically Higher Self to Higher Self with our Divine Right Partners and create whatever is the Higher Purpose for each and every relationship. Communicating telepathically is the most efficient form of communication. It causes no harm to us or anyone else. There is no room for miscommunication. How helpful would that be to you and your loved ones?

Our Beloved Saint Mary Magdalene helps existing relationships create stronger soul-full interactions, and if you are not presently in a relationship, this meditation will help you mend your soul's heart, and calibrate your senses to the Divine Lover within. Our Beloved Saint Mary Magdalene also helps to create the synchronicity of the space for miracles to occur with Divine right timing of love connections here on Mother Earth. Many people are reporting shifts in communications with their partners to more joyful elevations, and many others are reporting that they are meeting and dating people with discussions of long term committed relationships. Each week as we do these meditations, the power is increasing as we join together with the intention of creating Divine family experiences on our planet.


These are GROUP MEDITATIONS, which means that everyone meditates on their own. People from all over the world are joining together at the same time, combining their collective energies into a powerful positive force of healing, while meditating from their homes or favorite places of meditation.

Our Beloved Saint Mary Magdalene has guided Robin to create meditations where participants connect to their Higher Selves first, and then connect in with other's Higher Selves in a group consciousness. This requires trusting that you will receive what is yours to receive in this meditation process.

This technique teaches the art of telepathy. Our Beloved Saint Mary Magdalene is a strong teacher of this means of communication. When we share Higher Self to Higher Self, there is no harm that can be created for ourselves or anyone else.

These meditations will teach you to KNOW, TRUST, and ACT upon your own KNOWING, or in other words, these meditations will teach you to TRUST yourself, because you do have all the answers.

ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE IN THESE GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS MEDITATIONS. IF YOU WANT TO HAVE THE MARY MAGDALENE REIKI HEALING ENERGY PORTAL FROM THE SOUL SPA OPEN you must be a member of the private on line Soul Spa. If you are not a member of the On Line Soul Spa and would like to be so you can see the Portal and join the Soul Spa conversation click there for options to join;
Once you are a Soul Spa member turn on the Mary Magdalene Reiki Healing Energy Portal and start your Meditation at the specific meditation time.

If you are not a Soul Spa member simply join as you are!
That is all you have to do to participate in these powerful meditations. Allow yourself to feel the Energy and Consciousness of this worldwide group of people, all meditating on the same subject lead as I channel these meditations. You can mute the music or leave it on, that is a personal preference. You don’t necessarily have to be right in front of the computer. What I suggest is, after you turn the Portal on, you find a comfortable place in your home to either sit or lie down comfortably, for at least one hour, where you will not be disturbed.

Saint Mary Magdalene suggests that you place a shawl or blanket around your shoulders to begin the meditation. If you don't have a shawl please place a blanket or poncho of your choice around your shoulders. Mary calls this the Mary Magdalene Meditation Shawl. As you place it about your shoulders you are wrapping yourself up with the knowing that you are Divinely Protected as you open up your energies to the Divine Feminine. If you don’t have a shawl or blanket that makes your heart sing, use a substitute that does make you feel good to wrap around your shoulders. Your Shawl is a very personal meditation tool. Find one that makes your heart sing.

You might also enjoy lighting a candle and/or some incense to prepare the energies in the room for your meditation time. Once you have prepared the space and yourself for this sacred time, simply get comfortable and imagine yourself as part of a group of people who are like minded and like spirited, gathering together with the intention of receiving sacred blessings from Saint Mary Magdalene. Do not be overly concerned about anything. Trust that what is yours will be telepathically transmitted to you. When the hour is up take your shawl or blanket off and put it in a sacred place until the next meditation. Blow out the candle. You are done. Enjoy!


Share your experiences of these meditations and read other people's experiences. You might want to follow the postings for a few days. I know that sometimes directly after a meditation transmission I am so busy in the inner world, I can barely produce a sound let alone write a thought, however, some people are profoundly descriptive about their experiences. I, for one, deeply appreciate reading them. I enjoy reading them the night of meditation or the days following.


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It's Harmonic and Energy Shifting Sunday with Jude and Paul Ponton from Whispering Dragon in Seattle. They will be in the studio with their acutonic tuning forks, bells, Tibetan bowls, Pua's rattles, and dig. Call in early for a free remote session for your animal friends, yourself, or your living or business space!

Hope you can join us!


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Buddhas and more

Check out these one of kind sacred objects and more;

Robin Alexis

Northern Thailand

These are Sean's (my son's) Stomping Grounds!
He lives just outside Chiang Mai and goes over the border to Myanmar frequently.

I do so love the markets there and have often thought I should "buy in bulk" and bring them back here
to sell.

Lovely place and Lovely people.



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Very nice Robin! Eventually I

Very nice Robin! Eventually I want a 'zen' area outside!


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Tales of Mount Shasta

Great article and audio of Ashalyn from Shasta Vortex Adventures on NPR


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Ananda Institute of Living Yoga on Animal World Sunday

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Sunday, June 7, 9 a.m. to noon:

It's Shelter, Rescue, Sanctuary and Anything that Helps Our Animal Friends Sunday. We'll check in with our regulars, the birds, horses, and elephants, plus hear more about how you can join Martha on her birthday June 20th!

Spiritual director of Ananda Washington and Ananda Institute of Living Yoga, Nayaswami Hriman McGilloway will join me on the show at 11:30 Sunday. Hope you can join us!