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When People go up there we tell them,

"Walk softly on Mount Shasta. Talk to it and pray upon it. It's your mountain as well as our mountain. Not only Native Americans but everybody in the world comes to this mountain".

Charlie Thom, Sr., Karuk Medicine Man

Like Japan's Mount Fujiyama, the 14,162 foot volcano, Mount Shasta, California is considered by many to be one of the Earth's seven sacred mountains.

Snowcapped Mount Shasta is located in the upper regions of northern California in the Shasta Trinity National Forest. It is a massive dominant stratum white giant standing 14,162 foot volcano situated in the largest zone of volcanoes in the world called the Pacific Ring of Fire. Mount Shasta is in a section of this ring called the Cascade Range, which begins where the Sierra Nevadas end and extends about 700 miles from northern California through Oregon and Washington into southern British Columbia. These volcanoes range in elevations from 9,500 feet to a towering height of more than 14,000 feet. Mount Shasta is the second tallest volcano in this range.

Mount Shasta is the most widely known sacred site of California. Towering above the Cascade foothills, Shasta is surrounded by five glaciers that hold it in place. This sacred mountain emits such a strong energy pattern, that satellite photos show an atmospheric hole over its peak similar to Sedona, Arizona.

Because of the strong geophysical forces within the mountain, there are steam vents, hot and cold springs, purification sites, electrical centers and caverns that have been used as power spots by the indigenous natives for hundreds of years. Many types of phenomena occur on and near Mount Shasta, as this mountain exhibits strong frequencies that create light shows.

All around the Mount Shasta area are extinct and dormant volcanoes, cinder cones, volumes of artesian springs, sacred caves and mystical caverns. The mountain carries a dominant characteristic of its versatile power, a power that seems to get stronger every day.

Over the last 70 years, numerous travelers have reported encounters with Higher Dimensional beings who live beneath and around the holy mountain.
UFO sightings are so commonplace there that there are books published with numerous photographs of craft so large they even dwarf the mountain itself. People on vision quests, ceremonies and camping expeditions have all seen, heard and felt the powerful vortex that is Mount Shasta.

Mount Shasta is also a site where people gather to perform sweat lodge and purification ceremonies. The intense purification of steam and heat within the sweat lodge mimics what is going on inside the mountain. The darkness of the lodge is almost maternal and stirs the goddess energy of one's spirit. The ceremony directs itself to the physical and spiritual cleansing of an individual as does the sacred mountain.

Many experiences have been documented from people all over the world seeing UFO craft come in and out of this mountain; mysterious openings inside the mountain where advanced inhabitants live; vortex energies & portals; mysterious lights that seem to come from inside the mountain; mountain energy fields that glow and much more.

It is believed that civilizations of highly evolved beings reside within the mountain. Some are believed to be in another dimension that are not currently visible. Yet at times many people from all over the world have experienced a diverse range of phenomena that continues to expand the mysteries of this spiritual sacred grounds.

Mount Shasta is legendary as one of the homes of the Ascended Masters where saints & angelic beings have revealed themselves over the centuries. Ancient legends of Mount Shasta reveal this holy site as where ancient ones lived in heaven on earth as they did in Asgard and Mount Olympus. Ascended Master Saint Germain's energy continuously radiates from the Temple of the Violet Flame deep in the inner recesses of the mountain. Many people all over the world see these mysterious lights and glowing energy emissions from this sacred mountain.

Many believe other Masters influence the energy of this area and are making this their headquarters during the Age of Aquarius that brings peace, love, abundance and wisdom. It is believed that Mount Shasta embodies the head of a huge geographical etheric energy grid.

This sacred mountain has given many people centuries of access to its energy centers. The pristine meadows, graceful slopes and isolated beauty of the mountain continue to provide a haven for those who seek sanctuary from the world that lies at its feet.

Whether your journey to Mount Shasta is metaphoric or also in person, the space I have created here in this blog is to chronicle your/my journey.

Enjoy these pictures taken by executive producer of Mystic Radio® Bob Bordonaro!

Robin Alexis
Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis

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Reminder from the Ghosts in the White House

You are invited to the Mystic Radio Institute Ghost Busting & Blessing of the White House Virutal Events on Sept. 30th, Oct. 7th & Oct. 14th! The times for the gatherings are 6:30pm Pacific / 9:30p Eastern Time.

Join Shamanic Practitioner Matthew Bueno and myself for a free conference call to join together for the sacred purpose of clearing and blessing the White House of the United States. Many of you probably don’t know that one of my many metaphysical gifts is that I am the “Marilyn Monroe Medium”. While channeling her recently, she asked me to perform the task of channeling the dead presidents. In so doing, I discovered that at least 2 dead presidents are ghosts in the White House and need help. The posts of the dead presidents speaking is here;

The phone number for the Free Conference Call,
on Sept. 30th, Oct. 7th & Oct. 14th 2016 is as follows:

Phone Number: 218-548-0586
Conference ID # is: 3311967014#

We hope you will join us for these really special Free Events.


Robin Alexis
"Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis"
Alternative Talk 1150 AM-KKNW Seattle
Or Listen on the Web @
Wednesdays 12:00 NOON (Pacific Time) (3 PM Eastern Time)
Fridays 7:00 PM (Pacific Time) (10 PM Eastern Time)
Sundays 12:00 NOON (Pacific Time) (3 PM Eastern Time)
(530) 859-2499

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No Intuitive is 100% accurate. Robin Alexis advises, "Never give over your free will and personal responsibility to me, or to anyone else. The information I provide to you is to empower you to make your own decisions and choices, based on your own discernment."

White House Meditation

Will be there. Traffic bad so decided to just hang out in the office now that the AC is fixed : ) Love & Hugs, Terry

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Ghost Busting and Blessing of White House of the United States

Thank you soooo much to the people who have volunteered to be on these Ghost Busting of the White House calls! If you haven't been to our first Friday night calls for "Ghost Busting the White House" here are the recordings from the first 2 calls;

On this same The Marilyn Medium Robin Alexis Facebook page you can hear what the dead presidents have to say about politics today;

Fascinating times we live in!

Robin Alexis

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Greetings and Blessings, I

Greetings and Blessings,
I have been sending love bombs to the White House and saying the Divine Government prayer to clear the energy. It's not the same as joining the call but consider my contribution as the tail end of your efforts.
Namaste Marilyn-Robin,

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I love this and the imagery!

I love this and the imagery! Thank you Christie!

Robin Alexis

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Ghost Busting and Blessing of White House of the United States

What are you doing Friday night September 30th at 6:30pm pacific/9:30 eastern time?

It is a New Moon and a great time to invite you to a ghost busting event! Shamanic Practitioner Matthew Bueno, I and others are gathering on the free Mystic Radio Institute conference call number to do a CLEARING OF GHOSTS from the WHITE HOUSE! Many of you probably don’t know that one of my many metaphysical hats is that I wear the title “the Marilyn Monroe medium”.

I have been serving Marilyn Monroe as her medium since 1998. A few weeks ago she encouraged me to begin channeling dead presidents. When I did on my Facebook page, “The Marilyn Medium Robin Alexis” it became clear very shortly into this process of channeling a lot of presidents that at least 2 of them are ghosts walking the White House Halls! That could be adversely affecting our political system. Wendy Williams came up with the idea that we do something about it!

So, we are going to do a ghost busting and blessing of the White House! Want to join us in this noble purpose? Join Shamanic Practitioner Matthew Bueno, Wendy Williams and myself on Friday night, September 30th for a free conference call to join together for this sacred purpose of clearing and blessing the White House of the United States. The Call-in phone number for this Free class is: (218) 548-0586, and once you get there, the Conference Number is: 3311967014 #. Join us Friday night, September 30th at 6:30pm Pacific/9:30 Eastern time to ghost bust and bless the White House of the United States!

Robin Alexis

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Master Marko weighs in on Voting too

I have been waiting a long time to speak with you on this day. Many of you have been preparing for a time to come where you can breathe. Exhale and inhale the fragrance of better times that suit your energetics in a more impeccable way. You have been resigned to a Global Elite Pyramid Frequency that has hindered your soul growth. You have had to put one foot in front of the other and just keep plugging along for better or for worse. Until now.

The Pyramid Frequency I address to you on this day is the Global Elite Pyramid Structure. This Pyramid structure is why there is a 3rd eye on your dollar bill. Your 3rd eye is presently ruled by the Patriarchy Warring Male. This Ruler is the one in which you are pressured to survive in a frequency that keeps you enslaved and not listening to your hearts. You have co-created this system in the sacred geometry of a pyramid. Why? It is because pyramids take on a life of their own once they are started and you have not realized what you got yourselves into. You are all residing in an Entity Global Elite Pyramid that has corrupted the intention of the true energetics of the cosmos. It is time for you to wake up and smell the roses of the Cosmic heart within you and create a new pyramid for you to be governed under. This one is the art of self-government.

As the Lady of Mt. Shasta recently said in her transmission concerning the power of your vote it is time for you to understand how to rip down the life force of the Elite Pyramid Structure. It does begin with a revolution. When you do not vote for the people who have your true values, or are convinced that voting is useless or that to vote for someone who might not win but who has your true values you are giving your power away. That choice is to perpetuate the Global Elite Pyramid of Power.

It is time for you to measure your own statistics. Take your own polls in your own souls and don’t become a consumer of apathy.

Never Give Up.

You must with your 3rd dimensional action of voting take back your power to create a Pyramid of Love; a Love Web. This is created by your 5th dimensional thinking implanted in the action of voting in your democracy. That was the intention of your Founding Fathers assisted by Saint Germaine.

When you vote consciously you quit agreeing to the Global Elite Pyramid of Power. How did the global elite Pyramid of Power get created? When America became a significant economic player on the world stage in the mid-nineteenth century, when its aggregate of business and agricultural wealth became large enough to influence the world many opportunities came to your country. It was then that people from all over the world came to America. Once there were enough money changing hands, people in power adopted the Global Elite Pyramid of Power. The people at the top got rich and everyone else played their games for egoism and survival purpose. Poor ethics, greed, and control disseminated from the top down. We have all been mindlessly following this corrupt path that was not the intention of our Founding Fathers.

Stop it. How?


Stop giving your power away to the Global Elite Pyramid of Power. Find your heart. Rule with your heart. Remember the heart is where the Divine Feminine is stored. Educate yourself and your families and friends. You are crumbling up and throwing away a Global Elite Pyramid system that aborts your true nature. Stop the abortion.


Master Marko

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Help to Know Who to Vote for as your President

My son sent me this link. It is a quiz to help you know that you know that you know who to vote for.

Robin Alexis

I was 98% in sync with my

I was 98% in sync with my choice. That was a fun and informative quiz! Thank you Robin's son.


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It was interesting, but some

It was interesting, but some issues were missing or mis-stated. I came out with Jill Stein, which doesnt surprise me. She is amazingly articulate on economic issues, and truly understands that complex science and how it can be used to create an economy that thrives for everyone. Impractical to vote for her though.


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My one vote goes to who the

My one vote goes to who the vice president is going to be. I'm reminded to do daily prayers for Divine Government.

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good one Christie

good one Christie

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Tonight in Mt Shasta

Tonight in Mt Shasta

Hi friends!

I am inviting you to this event with Joseph Cerecedes. Many of you were part of his very first presentations and word spread fast. Please tell friends you think may be interested - thanks! Also, there will be a presentation for potential investors on Aug 18, TBA. Everyone is welcome to both events.

A journey of a lifetime through never before seen harmonic, calendrical, mathematical, and electromagnetic models of our seen and unseen Universe, presented by Joseph Cerecedes. Joseph is the author of "Biological Resonance: Thriving in a Radioactive Universe", a scientific treatise to understanding the dynamic connections of the biology of the cell to the electromagnetic cosmos. Joseph has spent over a decade developing novel ideas and breaking ground as an independent Mycologist and Renewable Energy Engineer.

This exclusive event - with otherwise inaccessible information - will challenge and inspire you to look at life from a whole new perspective. Joseph presents solutions for global water issues, and practical ways to thrive in our EMF-charged world. His presentations in Mt Shasta have been packed-house events.

August 17 @ 7:00pm, $18 at Shasta Yoga Institute, Mt Shasta, CA

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Robin, are we not having a meditation this eve? I know we are

having the class at 6:30 tomorrow and meditation at 7:30.

It sounds like there is no group meditation this evening?


All things are possible in the Light of the Divine,
We are All Blessed in each others Reflected Benevolent Light

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Tonight is our regular Divine

Tonight is our regular Divine Right Partnering meditation. Tomorrow night, Thursday, August 18th at 6:30pm we will have our Full Moon Class Conference Call. Following conference call class we will be meditating.

Should be a rockin time!

Robin Alexis

Can anyone join in?

Can anyone join in?


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The full moon class is no

The full moon class is no longer open to new participants. When Wendy and I are teaching our next class in 2017 we will be sure and let you know.

Sending you love,

Robin Alexis

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Thanks Robin. xoxoxox

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

All things are possible in the Light of the Divine,
We are All Blessed in each others Reflected Benevolent Light

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urgent message about

urgent message about suspicious emails that say they are from robin, bob or Matthew. they will not have last names or our email address. don't open them.

Robin Alexis

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I just got an email from

I just got an email from Matthew. He innocently opened an email and the hacking began. Please don't open these emails.

Robin Alexis

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I received one too, but deleted it

Thanks for the heads up, Robin.

Asking the Violet Flame to transmute any and all low vibration energy and communication in the Soul Spa NOW, including hacking.

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Have You ever been abducted?

Many people come to Mt. Shasta longing to have an experience with extra-terrestrials or space craft. Many people have. My first abduction experience happened in New Hampshire when I was 6 years old. Here is an excerpt from my autobiography, "Robin's Song";

"My mother would explain my peculiarities to others by saying I had “quite an imagination.” An example of my notorious imagination was the night the space men came when I was six years old. I woke up because a bright, white light filled my room. I found myself and other family members literally floating out of our beds. Once outside I could see that this was happening to the whole neighborhood. We were all levitated towards a spaceship, where we took our places standing in a line. I appeared to be the only one who was awake, while everyone else was apparently sleepwalking.

One of the space beings seemed willing to converse with me telepathically. Without fear or hesitation, I began to ask questions. I wasn’t scared of these little beings, whose mouths were very small and didn’t move. The beings answered my questions and made me feel that I could trust them. No one had ever answered all my questions so respectfully. They, unlike my mother, welcomed me in my totality. Their attention made me feel like I had dignity, that my internal world, which was such a potential danger to my fragile link to family and friends, was okay.

Their heads were very large, with large dark eyes. They didn’t have on any clothes, but they didn’t look naked. Their arms hung down to their knees and their movements reminded me of string puppets, making them seem robotic, but their presence was not lifeless.

Their mouths fascinated me. They didn’t eat like us. I think they said they swallowed pills for food, or maybe that’s all I could imagine fitting in their mouths. I felt bad that they couldn’t enjoy eating. I remember the odd look in their eyes; they couldn’t connect with my empathy for them. As a matter of fact, they had no emotional reactions to anything. It was clear that my joy in them was an extremely odd expression for them to witness.

We went up a large ramp into the craft and I was brought to a small room that had only a shiny gray metal table in it. There weren’t any toys, like at my doctor’s office. Five or six of the little beings surrounded the examination table. They told me not to be afraid and explained everything they were doing. They said I was special because I was so aware of them, and didn’t resist their examination. They inserted a device into the back of my neck that they would use to track me throughout my life. I was never scared.

Then they took me to meet the captain in the control room. Unlike the others, this one seemed delighted in my childlike curiosity. I looked out the big windows and sat in front of the cockpit equipment. I asked to go for a ride, although I don’t know if that happened or not. I felt so at home that my heart ached for them when I woke up back in my house the next morning.

I told a couple of kids that a spaceship had come – maybe it would upgrade my social status – and several of them set out to prove me right or wrong. As we approached the field where the ship had been, I realized we would not find any evidence. The children laughed at me and I was very embarrassed. As I my lip began to quiver, my sister took me by the hand and escorted me home. She handed me over to my mother, who rocked me in the wooden rocking chair that her mother had rocked her in. “Robin,” she said stroking my baby fine hair, “you must never tell about your strange imagination. The other children will not like you.” It was another lesson in keeping my mouth shut about my odd ability to communicate with that which was unseen by others.

After she lifted me off her lap, she called my brother home. He came running with a scowl on his face. Being called home could mean only one thing – he was going to be stuck with me again. My mother gave us cubes of sugar and told us to take our bicycles over to Aunt Issy’s barn and feed the horses. My brother reluctantly obeyed. He, in all fairness, was very patient with me. He biked to the top of the hill with ease. I had to walk my bike up. He pedaled alongside me the rest of the way to the farm. We entered the dark barn; only slits of sunshine filtered through the small holes in the roof. I could hear the horses snorting. My brother said, “Now remember, hold your hand flat so they won’t bite your fingers.” I walked up and down searching for the right horse to be the recipient of my cube of sugar. As I looked up into the eyes of the mare I had chosen, I thought to myself, “The horse’s eyes look just like the creature’s eyes in my dream…” With that thought, I forgot to hold my hand out flat! Crunch! I screamed in pain. My brother knew what to do: “Let’s get home now!”

I peddled as fast as I could while wailing in pain. When we neared the hill, I failed to use my brakes. I was coming down the hill back to our house at a frightful speed, and the tears streaming down my face blinded me to the sandy spot ahead. Boom! I hit the sand and flew over the handlebars. Mom came running out of the house. My screams alerted the entire neighborhood to the fact that I was having a very bad day indeed.

Mother put a towel over my dangling lip, called my nice Grandmother who lived up the road to come take care of my sister and brother, and got a friend with a car to drive me to the emergency room where they stitched up my lip and head. For some reason, it didn’t hurt. Miss Noyes had everyone in my school class make me a card. I really liked those cards. In fact, I still have them.

I began to stay in the house and play more by myself, but even playing dolls got me into trouble with Mother. One day I was sitting by myself in my bedroom closet, pretending to be in a teepee. I was holding my doll close to my heart, wailing deeply in a Native American language that just seemed to slip out of my mouth. I felt such strong grief. As I moaned and rocked out my deep sorrow from a past life, Mother stormed into the room, swung open the closet door, and demanded, “What are you making all that noise about?”

“Mom, I am singing for my husband who died as we made love in the woods. I made so much noise in my joy with him that some white men came along and heard us. They killed him while he was atop of me and then they all raped me! I conceived this baby boy! I don’t know who the Daddy is! But God says this boy will return to me! I will birth him again!”

Needless to say, that didn’t go over well. My mother, hands on hips, wanted to know where in God’s name I ever got an idea like that! I told her about reincarnation. She screamed, “There is no such thing! And how come you call spaghetti “pisgetti” but you know words like that!”

“Jesus told me about reincarnation! And Great Aunt Gladys, Grandpa’s sister, told me we are descendents from Chief Pemigewasset! She said that when the Old Man of the Mountain falls down, the Goddess will have returned!”

“Don’t you dare listen to that crazy old lady again! We don’t have any proof that we are related to Indians! Don’t tell people that! And how do you know about the Old Man of the Mountain? You have never been there!”

“Aunt Gladys showed me pictures of it. She said the Chiefs used to hold ceremony there! She said you would say we weren’t related to those damn Indians!” My mother washed my mouth out with soap and took my doll away from me for a day. I never spoke the word reincarnation again while living in her house.

A few years later my mother mentioned to me that an article had appeared in Life magazine about two adults who told about their alien abduction, which had taken place within fifteen minutes of our house at about the same time I had told my mother of my “dream.” I didn’t bother to ask her any questions. By then I was thoroughly indoctrinated into the “good little Christian girl” mentality. In order to be loved by God and my mother, I would have to disown my right to acknowledge my sixth sense. Better to stick with the daily life of my family, to my tiny Thumbelina doll, and going to church on Sundays."

If you want to read my full book here is the link;

As an adult I am an inter-species communicator. I can help you telepathically talk to your abductors. I can help you resolve the haunting confusion about your personal experiences. I can help you by validating you and giving you clarity about what you experienced. I can help you know why it happened and how to be in control of future experiences.

If you have a child who has been abducted I would hope you would call me for an appointment so I can help you with your child's development after having a profound experience. I am the Metaphysical Mother Robin Alexis.

I am here to serve YOU,


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Beloved Robin...although don't recall anything, know this has

occurred or something like it. However, not in a position for a reading. This type of thing may have already been cleared up.

On the other hand, it helped me remember that one of the experiences in the cleansing that happened last night under the guidance of Mary Magdalen that I had forgotten before starting to write things down had to do with seeing inside a star ship. Part of my experience that happened in the event was that I was inside some of the fairies, nature spirits, etc who were having fun cleansing the waters in Flint, MI and it occurred to me that I wasn't sure it was a good idea to do so and withdrew my energies from them.

I remember being in space and looking through the outside of a ship at the interior and people moving about. Wasn't sure that was appropriate either so brought myself back into my human body. I remember feeling uneasy when became conscious of myself doing that. Perhaps the uneasiness is simply greater clarity required to understand more or to remember more of what I already know that hasn't been released yet.

I do have personal boundaries and to me boundaries are very important because all boundaries have to do with self-care. Even though other people who trust me tell me I can go into their house if they are not there, am unable to do it. Just occurred to me that perhaps there is something to clear in me if I have their permission and still don't want to do it. I am able to do it as go beyond my uneasiness because I have permission; however, it requires moving pass something in me to do it.

As soon as it is possible to do so, plan on driving into town (when have a vehicle to be able to do so) and call in to Mystic Radio and get some help with this. Whatever help is required.

I have a vehicle loaned from a friend; however, can only drive it under extremely necessary circumstances due to its condition. Not sure how else to say that right now as have been upgrading the energies in and of the vehicle and don't want to hurt its feeling by saying that. My experience is that every vehicle has either a spirit or consciousness connected to it. Have cleared all energies from those working or having connection on the car (has over 250,000 miles on it) or who touched the parts, etc. and it is getting pretty clear. Drew a yin/yang symbol of
white and purple last night and cut it out and put in the center dash of the car and taped it down. Made a huge different. I call the car Mr. Jeep since that is what it is. To me, everything deserves a name. Ok, nuf of all that.


All things are possible in the Light of the Divine,
We are All Blessed in each others Reflected Benevolent Light

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I did see this yesterday. I

I did see this yesterday. I am looking forward to delving into this with you Beam I just haven't had chi yet.

LOVE and thank you for healing last night,

Robin Alexis

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Testimonial for Robin's Private Sessions

Dear Robin-

Bless you for yesterday’s incredible session! No one but you could have helped me correctly assemble the puzzle pieces to heal a lifetime of significant back pain and mobility issues AND resolve what was blocking my new life partner.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I HIGHLY recommend Robin’s private sessions.
Her ability to perceive clearly and to heal is unparalleled.

An hour session can completely change your life.

With immense gratitude - Wendy

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Let us create resolutions through the Birth of Our Hearts

From the birth of our own nation we think of independence as something we have to create conflict to achieve. Let us create resolutions through harmony not resolution through conflict. Let us create the bridge in time and space that allows us and our fellow soul brothers and sisters to be ATONEMENT; AT ONE MENT in this Prime Creator Material Energy Space Time the eloquence of synchronicity is restored and the heart is what we lead with. The heart, the WISE ONE WITHIN. What a good idea.

Listen Listen Listen
To Your Heart's Song
Listen Listen Listen
To Your Heart's Song
It will Never Betray You
It will Never Forsake You
Listen Listen Listen
To Your Heart Song

Happy Independence Frequency!

Robin Alexis

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Charlie "Red Hawk" Thom has joined the Ancestors

Charlie "Red Hawk" Thom came to me from Spirit form just now. He asked me to post this you tube video precisely.

Robin Alexis

Robin, Wendy and Red Hawk

Thank you for opening a space for me at Full Moon, Red Hawk appeared to guide me to join. I have lived and done
Ceremony on River Rouge on the full and new moon for 7 years now that runs through Michigan for hundred miles, my desire to
assist in healing the water, sky, Moher Earth and her animals an Humanity.Over four years ago I recieved my frist healing from
Robin I was gifted a present brought down by ArchAngel Raziel inside was a Golden Frog I was told to place in river to Heal the Water
and Sky that it would travel the world foe that purpose because I had been working on this for so long. I ordered my Kumet, I have wand
when do I use wand durning day to invoke ativation? I got Kumet yesterday ann I had to walk to pick up food with Goddess daughter after we left
on way hope we looked up and flying above us appeared 5 Red Hawks that formed a circle above us and begun to glide in circle for 3 minutes in awe we missed two green lights, I am so honered! Robin any guidance or message would be appricated, Profound Love & Graditude Nana

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Nana - Need Email, please

Dear Nana-

Bless you for your many years of beautiful work to assist the water, sky, Mother Earth and the animals.

Do you have an email account? If yes, please send your email address privately to me at so I can send you the notes and discussions from the Dr. Usui/ Confucius Full Moon group.

Your email address will be kept private - we're using bcc (blind carbon copy) as our protocol.

Many of us are using our selenite wands morning and/or night to clear and balance our energy. Some are sleeping with it under their pillow or on their nightstands. Trust your own guidance.

We clear ourselves and our electronics (phone or computer - however you call in) before getting on our monthly calls.

I chose to clear with it before meditating. Follow your own guidance, and you'll see more notes re: possible use in the emails.

Look forward to speaking with you on Wed, July 20th! (Note the next teleconference is the only one that's one night AFTER the Full Moon as something needs to occur first during the Tuesday night "Fortify Your Fields" class with Matthew and Robin.)

The call-in number for the Full Moon teleconference series is always 1.712.432.3071 (Code 692557), so make a note of that number.

Thank you for the awesome Red Hawk story and your work, Nana! - Wendy

Thank You Wendy

I started taking Kumet I like it, I will be grateful if it helps my artheritis I use a
walker when I go out I am walking a mile a day using Tumeric and other herbal cures daily
my email is I look foward to hearing from you! the class with
Robin and Matthew you spoke of cost money? I am manifesting finanacial fortune to be able to do more.
Love Nana

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Nana Medicine

The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure…”

-Tibetan proverb

Thanks I needed that Smile

We should all laugh 10 time a day, Say I love myself 10 time day,
Do our best ask Angels for the Rest,Worry and Stress depletes
Love and Faith Heals. Thank You All Nana

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Every time I do I will think

Every time I do I will think of you!

Robin Alexis

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I love this! Going up on my wall right now! Thank you.


All things are possible in the Light of the Divine,
We are All Blessed in each others Reflected Benevolent Light


Really cool proverb.


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Emails sent, Nana

Forwarded you several emails re: the Dr. Usui/ Confucius teleconference class.
Thank you for sending me your email!

So Special...... I spent the

So Special......

I spent the last 10 days in a condo with a deck overlooking he Cascade Mountains. I was there for the Full Moon Call. It is/was absolutely gorgeous every day! I woke up each morning to lots of birdsong, and went to bed at night to the sound of crickets. I saw fawns playing, and - in relation to this post - was graced with the presence of a Red Tailed Hawk almost daily. I saw it most afternoons in a slow fly-by, usually a couple of times. I had that time to myself and would sit out on the deck and meditate.
There was a moment when we thought we would have to leave to come home early, and I was really trying to figure out a way to stay - I knew I wasn't ready to leave the mountain. We did stay, and I noticed that last evening as I looked up at the mountain that I was actually ready to tell it goodbye and come home. My time there felt complete. So this morning as I sat out on the deck before coming home, Mr. Hawk came much closer and circled a few times and I truly felt he was telling me goodbye...for now.
Thank you for the messages Charlie Thom!


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Full Moon Soul Spa Red Hawk People this is for YOU

For the two-legged beside whom Red Tail Hawk flies, a sharp mind will be evident, and these souls will possess the ability to perceive the subtlest of nuances that might escape other less "observant" individuals. Although this may be a tremendous Gift in assisting the Red Hawk Soul in the business world (and less intimate arenas of their daily Life), this same gift of communication and sharp intellect can also be used as a weapon, and words may become like the sharp beak and unrelenting talons of their Totem when these individuals are either attacked, or if they are operating from an unintegrated Personality Center.

There may be situations and circumstances when there is a need for the type of more direct speech that the Red Hawk Soul is capable of, and in those circumstances, the use of this inherent talent serves the individual well. Yet part of the evolutionary process for the Red Tailed Hawk individual, is in learning how to master this gift and wield its great power with conscious awareness, ever-mindful of its potential for either great insight, or great damage. When the Red Hawk Soul is then operating from such Higher Intent, these are the natural born investigators, psychics, attorneys and observers that deploy their acumen for insight and direct speech in a constructive, rather than destructive, manner.

Looking at the next component in understanding the Red Tailed Hawk`s Power, are the beautiful red tail feathers which distinguish this Hawk from other cousins. This Hawk does not receive his/her red feathers until a sufficient level of maturation has been achieved. When looking to the human beside whom Red Hawk flies, this is quite significant as well, for it indicates that the Red Feathers are not easily given, and must instead be "earned."

When witnessed in Nature, the color Red represents Power, Energy, and the Kundalini. The Kundalini is the Force that directs the flow of all other energy fields within the physical body. This Force lies dormant within each of us when we take up the Robe of Physical Life, and is thought to lie coiled at the base chakra (located near the base of the spine) and referred to as the Serpent Power. There the Power lies sleeping until it is awakened via the Soul who begins the journey on the road of spiritual discovery and who is consciously acknowledging and incorporating their Life Lessons.

Some envision the Kundalini as a powerful sexual energy, yet to view it thus is to limit the true breadth and power of this fundamental energy, for it is then keeping that energy coiled at the base chakra (sexual center), rather than encouraging it to reach further and higher.

At the time the energy is awoken, it begins to rise up through the other six energy centers (chakras). As it passes through each of these chakras, the lessons, issues and areas of our lives which are symbolized and or governed by these energy centers, are opened for our acknowledgment through the process of Conscious Awareness. Thus, when the Kundalini has completely uncoiled, its energy unfurled along the length of the spine and flowing easily through all seven energy points to emerge through the top (or Crown) Chakra, a state of Enlightenment is experienced.

This is a gradual process however, and should never be forced or pushed, for those who have attempted to do so, often experience either physical or mental/emotional collapse that can end one in a visit to the hospital or seriously ill. Hence, the symbolism of the Red Tail Feathers emerging only after sufficient maturation. For the two-legged with this Animal Totem, this indicates the need to approach spiritual awakening in a gradual, careful and conscious manner.

Yet once this fundamental energy unfurls as the Red Tail Feathers emerge, the beauty and depth of Spirit that shines brilliantly forth, will be both inspiration and guidance for Others who may be just beginning, or in the process of, their own awakening.

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Welcome Red Hawk/ Charlie Thom!

This daughter 'saw' you today and has been smiling ever since.
I have a sense of a life at Shasta as his daughter with Robin as his wife and my mother.

I was typing up notes about Red Hawk today from our Mon nite conference call on lunch break when I saw it was 12:12.
Raced out of my building to move my car as the only parking I could find after an off-site meeting this morning was a 2 hour spot.

After I moved my car I was almost back to the lobby when I heard 'look look!' From Spirit and saw a beautiful shiny white truck parked. The sun was all around just it.
It read RED HAWK Security & Fire and I knew Red Hawk was making his rounds!

This video is the exact one I found and played multiple times last summer to connect with Red Hawk before I visited Shasta for the first time.
He helped me do my energetic work there as did St. Germaine, his Panther (now Midnight), Adama, Yeshua, Magdalen, and Mother Mary.

This video message is very powerful. One of my missions was to help balance the elements, including Divine Right Rainfall.
Now I understand that was part of restoring the Divine Feminine.

Robin, we could use Jude and Paul's MP3 to help clear the waters in Flint, MI and elsewhere.
Make it a surrogate healing. One of the top causes of human poverty and suffering is insufficient clean, abundant water.
Insufficient healthy balanced Divine Feminine, balanced with Divine Masculine, which takes us back to kundalini and Twin- Flames/ Twin-Rays. Hmmm.

I think of Kundalini as life force energy or chi that only begins as sexual energy.
Yes, it rises up thru all your chakras, bursts out of your crown and connects you up to God/ Spirit.
Sacred sexuality is only the start!

We live in incredible times. I am beyond THRILLED to have found the Soul Spa to partner with.

Peace, love and joy to all-Wendy

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Charlie "Red Hawk" Thom has joined the Ancestors

Charlie "Red Hawk" Thom came to me from Spirit form just now. He asked me to post this you tube video precisely.

Robin Alexis

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You are invited to join the free conference call Sunday June 5th


Level 1 Evolutionary Foundation Course taught by Shamanic Practioner Matthew Bueno and Metaphysical Mother Robin Alexis

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The Metaphysical Mother Robin Alexis, Executive Producer of Mystic Radio® Bob Bordonaro and Mount Shasta Shamanic Practitioner Matthew Bueno have created The Mystic Radio Institute. We will be offering a global mission of mystical education techniques in the future via classes, workshops, retreats, webinars, conference calls and more to help you become empowered to access your soul’s wisdom with safety, integrity and impeccability.

Right now we are excited to announce the first ever Level One Evolutionary Foundation Class taught by Mt Shasta Shamanic Practitioner Matthew Bueno and the Metaphysical Mother Robin Alexis!

Matthew Bueno is a Shamanic Practitioner who comes from the Yaqui and Aztec nation. He likes to refer to himself as a Master Energy Medium and Metaphysical Healer. He works with the Ascended Masters and contacts Angels to infuse an Eclectic array of energy to work with each person’s specific needs. Matthew’s mission is to help each person take back their power, by clearing entities in a person’s field, empowerment through energy clearing, removing contracts or karma, and helping people establish an intimate connection with their higher power and what’s blocking that from happening.

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There are 4 Levels for this Training. This is Level 1. To continue on with Levels 2, 3, and 4, you must take this Level 1 Foundation Course. Everything that will be taught to you in this training series is a foundation of learning that has been handed down through clean pure unfiltered wisdom from the Universe, and all you have to do is Evolve with this protocol. At the end of each level training you will receive a certificate to legitimize your training in this Awareness Protocol to remind you of your abilities to Know that you Know that you Know. It will remind you to keep your bearings in a grounded way and assist you to be the best you can be.

Evolutionary Foundation Level 1 consists of channeled teaching material that affects the human psyche. It is energy from the Masters, channeled through Shamanic Practioner Matthew Bueno and Metaphysical Mother Robin Alexis. That will raise your vibrations and create more awareness in your life. What is awareness? Awareness is the 7th sense. It is perception without judgment. Wouldn’t it be amazing to recognize and discern with integrity the reams of wisdom in your soul records with FULL AWARENESS?

We have a foundation of energy that carries with it a bridge of lifetimes that connect to your soul. It helps to look at these instructional classes as a learning tool to greater heights of knowledge and wisdom. Right now Matthew and Robin request that you listen to your Heart. When we approach a healer or teacher that we feel we resonate with, it is important to first feel it in our hearts, and to be inspired to what is being taught.

It is up to us to follow what we feel and what inspires us to continue to evolve. Are you getting guidance you belong in this class?

This Evolutionary Foundation Level 1 Foundation Course allows you to be taught the foundation of healing, psychic ability exercises, protocol, and self-realization to your own God given abilities. Some people in the past have said they are not seers, but only empathic or feelers. This is an untrue program that must be shattered. We have learned that we have 7 senses that we are aware of. Matthew, Robin, and the Masters will use psychic awareness with precision to share techniques that bring more awareness out of you. The reason that this program is so successful is because of the Masters and Angels. They are the key along with your willingness that opens you to infinite possibilities.

By ourselves we have a pretty good awareness of what is already in us, but when the Masters and Angels blend with our energies, it’s like we have new glasses to see, a new heart to love ourselves with, and the feeling of support we felt was misplaced before.

It’s all about the acceptance and how deep you are willing to go. Like any other teachings, the healing is already in you! You were born with a multitude of talents lying dormant in you. The Masters and the universe will awaken these dormant energies, and then teach you to activate them yourself. Everything that will be taught to you is a foundation of learning that has been handed down through clean pure unfiltered wisdom from the Universe, and all you have to do is Evolve with them. As you work side by side with the Masters, the universe, the Angels, and Master teachers and guides, you begin to see who you were, and now what you are becoming in the love and joy that you are.

Here is the breakdown of what will be taught in this 8 session program. The cost for this program is $350. Each session will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes long.


1. Initiation with the Masters and Angels, Journey through Eden; and take a trip to Mother Gaia

2. Ground Cord, protection, and Indigo light activation with Arch Angel Michael that helps with accelerated learning processes

3. Forgiveness of all people harmed in your lifetimes and Clairvoyance Exercises

4. Symbol and the doorway to God with Rainbow Light Activation

5. Chakra Clearing with Angelic Activation & Clearing with Mary Magdalene & Saint Germaine

6. Transmuting the Bucket, its workings, clearing, and activation

7. Create and build a healing temple with The Emerald Crystal Chamber

8. Create an Activation for yourself or others

Once payment is made, you will receive the phone numbers for the conference calls.

To sign up for this class call Bob Bordonaro at 530-859-2499

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Who is taking the class? Who

Who is taking the class? Who is choosing to experience the free conference call on Sunday night June 5th at 5pm?

Robin Alexis

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We only need to call Bob is we are taking the paid class, right?

No need to call him if only take the free class? Is this correct?

All things are possible in the Light of the Divine,
We are All Blessed in each others Reflected Benevolent Light

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I will be taking the free class on Sunday; however, looks now

like will have to wait til the next one to take advantage of the paid class.

I am open to the miracles of the universe and who knows how it may happen that its gifts will occur. They happen daily in so many ways.

I love what Frannie said about 'Powering Up'. I pray that whatever is in everyone's highest good will happen as how could it not be so? Non-resistance. Being in the moment. I am so very very grateful for my life and the miracles that abound in it every day and everywhere.

What are the most beautiful, wonderful, beneficent and glorius happenings for me each day and for everyone else?

Thank you bless-ed, beautiful, benevolent Robin and Matthew for providing a free class. I am/we are enveloped by the arms of loving compassion. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Everyone.

All things are possible in the Light of the Divine,
We are All Blessed in each others Reflected Benevolent Light

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I want to take the class, but it's not great timing for me. I hope you will offer it again!


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Yes to 6/5 & 6/7, Robin

Both on my calendar.
Excited to begin!

Powering Up to Take Classes

I will be on the Sunday call.

I am calling in the universe to help in my manifesting the opportunity to take the eight classes.

I usually don't give a timeline in my manifesting but I am on this one.

Powering Up.

Why I used "Powering Up" I have no idea. I sensed that's what I need to do.

Now, I'm laughing because I sense all the different (Marvel) Avengers. And all the Archangels are behind them.



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Does Mt Shasta need one of these?

Seattle has canine ice cream and treats trucks!

This is fun. A lot of fun but in these types of things, like how much money we waste on paying for political ads when children in this country are hungry, I just don't understand why nurturing our children first isn't first. Maybe the truck could have a can that says, "Donation Can to feed the children" instead of "Donation Can for the Humane Society." Or maybe we can select Presidents and other politicians by how much money they donate to feed the hungry in this country. I can't stand animal cruelty or human cruelty or....the list goes on. In the meantime, how about a new business caters to kitties. Oh wait, they already thought of that too!

Robin Alexis