The Metaphysical Mother’s ® Communication with your Baby’s Spirit Readings



Are you one of the millions of silent women who had an abortion or a miscarriage? Your baby’s spirit could still be lingering in your field and need help to cross over into the Light.

By age 45, approximately one third of American women will have had at least one abortion. Millions of women have no one to talk to about this. Approximately 20% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage. That loss can be devastating.

Make an appointment with the Metaphysical Mother® Robin Alexis for her unique gift of baby spirit communication that can heal that very special wound of post abortion or mis-carried pregnancy grief. Endorsed by James Van Praagh for her specialty of baby spirit communication, Robin will honor your grieving process and help your baby’s spirit to be free.

Schedule your confidential appointment with the Metaphysical Mother, Robin Alexis.

You are responsible for your own recording of your session. Robin recommends that you create a free conference call system for yourself. That way you have instant access to the reading.


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