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Sharing Love & Loss with Robin Alexis & Mark Romero

Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis

Re -up Mark Romero-Love, Loss and Transformation into a Soul Driven Career and announcement

This episode of “Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis” addresses the importance of fatherhood and more. Robin and her guest Mark Romero are excited to have the fatherhood topic come up in their conversation. In the political news of late we have heard a lot about the subject of absentee fathers. What do sons learn from their fathers about what it means to be a “real adult”? Tune in as Mark Romero shares how he learned from his Dad and then differentiated from his Dad. Mark took the ultimate leap of faith and walked away from a multimillion dollar business and nineteen-year career to save his life and ultimately discover his passion, gifts and life purpose. Like many of us, Mark was presented with a model of going to school and working up the corporate ladder in the search of more success and reward. Even with his great levels of accomplishment, Mark realized that he was anything but happy, healthy, content or fulfilled. Mark took the ultimate leap of faith and left his career to save his life, and to discover his purpose and passion. A former top-consultant to NASA discovered that Mark’s music put listeners into a state of peak performance. Out of this discovery, emerged a revolutionary sound healing technology that is helping people from around the world heal their lives, awaken to new levels of empowerment, and tap into their creative power to compose the life of their dreams. Today, Mark Romero is dedicated to assisting others realize higher levels of success, prosperity, fulfillment and meaning in their lives by presenting them with a powerful approach for creating long-lasting life empowerment and transformation. You can learn more about his music, group sessions and online courses at

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