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Remembering James Foley

Another August is coming and going as we remember the sacrifice of journalist James Foley. His dear friend Michelle Dennehy tries to put together her grief as she continues to struggle with the loss of her good friend in the first session and first show of ,”Sharing Love & Loss with Robin Alexis”. There are no words to describe the grief for Michelle or anyone who knew, or who has come to to know James Foley. Please donate to the James Foley Legacy Foundation. https://jamesfoleyfoundation.org.

Listen to Michelle doing her best to grieve and raise a family during this tragic time. Let us all choose love, for Jim’s sake.

Michelle Dennehy-Loving A Friend, Losing A Friend To Terrorism
August, 2023

Our Sharing Love and Loss guest today is Michelle Dennehy. Michelle is the author of “Conscious Parenting Matters” in the book, “Raising Humanity, Why We All Must Remember” whose audio version is launching September 11,2023.

Michelle also shares her horrific grief over the loss of her very dear friend James Foley, American journalist who was murdered by terrorists who callously filmed his beheading.

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