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I am so fortunate because I get to help other women have babies. Sometimes they have twins. I am able to see what these new mothers know about what the risks are of having twins and I get to witness them knowing what to do to ensure that their twins are healthy. I am there for them as The Metaphysical Mother. I wish I had a me in my life when I was pregnant with my twins.

Before I conceived my first set of twins I had a dream that I would have twins and one would die. Then, before I had my pregnancy confirmed by a pregnancy test, I had another dream. This dream advised me that I was going to have twins and one was going to die.

Then came the ultrasound that confirmed that I was, indeed, pregnant with twins. I did absolutely everything I knew to have a healthy pregnancy with twins. Little did I know at the time how ill advised I was on the risks. I just knew what my dreams had told me.

The night before my baby died I had a dream. This time the dream told me that my baby would die. I called the NICU and told the doctor on call about my dreams. She told me that she didn’t give any credence to dreams and that my twins were fine. She told me to go back to sleep. She told me to get some rest so that when they both came home healthy I would be rested up to care for them. I believed her. I went back to bed. Hours later the phone rang. My baby was very high risk of dying. Could I get to the hospital in time to say good bye. I didn’t make it there.

I wish that I had known about Artful Ashes. 45 years later it would have eased this pain just a little bit.

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