The Metaphysical Mother’s ® Conscious Conception Readings

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Are you planning your pregnancy or have you been trying to get pregnant? Do you have an unexplained infertility issue? Let the Metaphysical Mother® Robin Alexis help you!

You are responsible for your own recording of your session. Robin recommends that you create a free conference call system for yourself. That way you have instant access to the reading.

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3 reviews for The Metaphysical Mother’s ® Conscious Conception Readings

  1. James Van Praagh

    Robin Speaks Spirit to Spirit to Babies

  2. JM from San Francisco

    “My wife and I had been trying for months to conceive our second child despite our first one coming so easily. My wife was getting impatient and wanted to see fertility experts, but I recalled how the Metaphysical Mother® Robin Alexis also specializes in the connection between parents and their unborn children. I arranged a session with the three of us and Robin cleared many of energy blockages. A couple of weeks after our session, my wife became pregnant. Our baby’s birth was easier than we could have imagined and so far she has been a super calm and easy baby. Robin also suggested some names, one of which really resonated with us. We are eternally grateful for her services and we recommend her, and hope more people will take advantage of Robin’s very unique talents, especially if they are trying to get pregnant.”

  3. Robin Alexis

    Why wouldn’t you want your energy systems clear before conceiving a baby? To make it really obvious, you change the oil in your car why wouldn’t you want to change the energy in your field for conception? The time of pre-conception is the best time to do this! Before you get pregnant, whether naturally, through IVF or other techniques, please book an appointment with me. Be a Metaphysical Mother!

    A Metaphysical Mother is a Soul in a human body. She is strong, courageous and pure of heart. She has a heightened protectiveness of her senses and consciously chooses what she wants her senses to experience. She knows that her soul created her body so that it, the soul, could grow in its Awareness through experiencing the senses her body possesses. A Metaphysical Mother understands that her senses are like the ingredients, the experiential ingredients, for eternal enlightenment and awareness. She functions from this Heightened Awareness. She knows that she is a 7th sense Being. The 7th sense of Awareness is perception without judgment. The Metaphysical Mother cultivates and protects this self-awareness and her experiences in human form from a place of non-judgment.
    Her creed is to invite into her Reality those experiences that feed her soul and to guide her footsteps; not by her ego fulfillment….but by her own intuition.
    She recognizes that sometimes her Presence, Power and Potency create waves of dissention from the way of her culture, family, religion and society, but she never questions her own authority. It is only outside authority that she does question. She acts from that sacred place from within. She is assured and trusting that the Divine path within her own soul and psyche is Divinely Orchestrated. And then, she mothers the next generation teaching them.

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