Invites you to Experience Mystic Radio & Robin's Reiki Healing

YOU are cordially invited to the Robin Alexis Soul Spa

Come let your soul take a seat at the table in the Spirit Lady Robin Alexis Soul Spa! As you know Robin’s home is at the base of one of the most mystical mountains in the world, Mt. Shasta, California. It is here that Robin offers the private on-line Soul Spa.

What is the Soul Spa for? It is for you to understand that everything is energy, and that energy goes where it is sent. It is for YOU to choose you, and to commit to the PERSEVERANCE it will take to create a new lifestyle. It is you making a one-time reservation in the Soul Spa, to experience health in your body, mind and soul as your #1 priority. It is the willingness for you to join others in making your self-care in the Soul Spa with Robin Alexis a lifestyle commitment. Here, in the Soul Spa, is where we can all give each other the supportive community that we all deserve! In the on-line Soul Spa we will be writing to each other and sharing our authentic experiences in forums.

The intention of the Soul is to encourage people to Know, Trust and Act upon their own Knowing, as Robin does personally and professionally! In the Soul Spa the priority will be realizing that we are the architects of our bodies. We no longer have to unconsciously experience our bodies through our genetics. Science has proven that we can talk to our DNA. In the Soul Spa, Robin is inviting you to take that a step further in what she is calling Light Body Energy Management. How would you like your soul to feel unburdened and light as a feather, enjoying its unbridled super consciousness abilities? How would you like your body to feel like it is the temple of this soul that you have nourished?

Is it time to stop blocking these blessings with this NEW energy technique that Robin has created called the Light Body Energy Management.

Light Body Energy Management is our willingness to take back our power and manage how we use our own energy to manage the health of our bodies, minds and souls. In the Soul Spa we will test the results of specific types of healing by utilizing the special qualities of the free Reiki Healing Portals on Robin’s website.

For example, when Robin uses the Violet Flame Reiki Healing Portals on her website,, she finds that she has more mental clarity and gets more done in an efficient manner. This is a relief for Robin and she finds that she doesn’t emotionally eat as much.

When she uses the Mary Magdalene Reiki Healing Portal, she is able to release emotional anguish and she feels lighter in her emotions and in her heart.

When Robin wants to heal a genetic predisposition from her family lineage, or from the collective consciousness, or when she feels susceptible to negative core beliefs, she uses the Myth Buster Reiki Healing Portal.

Now Robin is inviting you into the Soul Spa to experience not only how she heals herself with the Reiki Healing Portals, but to show you how you can do the same thing through her Light Body. Energy Management techniques. There will be forums in which we can discuss these results.

The Soul Spa will consist of a community of people who are willing to share their healing journeys into the physical, emotional, and mental well-being using her Light Body Energy Management Techniques.

There will be other forum topics that have nothing to do with Reiki. For example, do you use certain products that have helped you? Please share those products with us!!

Do you have a special habit that you have that helps you feel light, or manage your weight and helps you be healthy in your body, mind and emotions? Please share it with us!!

We will explore how being playful heals the body by being playful together!

We explore laughing together, and how laughter heals our minds!

We will share our personal journeys, with all the range of feelings and emotions we have, and we will share JOY and heal our spirits!

Come be the architect of your body, mind and soul. Come play with Light Body Energy Management. Feel the lightness of your soul and feel your body as the temple of your soul in the Soul Spa, with Light Body Energy Management with Spirit Lady Robin Alexis!