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Sharing Photos from Mt Shasta

When People go up there we tell them,

"Walk softly on Mount Shasta. Talk to it and pray upon it. It's your mountain as well as our mountain. Not only Native Americans but everybody in the world comes to this mountain".

Charlie Thom, Sr., Karuk Medicine Man

Like Japan's Mount Fujiyama, the 14,162 foot volcano, Mount Shasta, California is considered by many to be one of the Earth's seven sacred mountains.

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If it is Wednesday it is Mt Shasta Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis

I invite you to call into Mt Shasta Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis. I would love to serve you. So you don't forget to call into Mystic Radio show here is a little tip. Put your cell phone alarm on 12 noon pacific coast time for every Wednesday. Then, put the call in number in your cell phone. It is 1-888-298-5569. You will never forget to listen to or call into Mt Shasta Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis again!

Let me serve you!

Robin Alexis

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Calling All Metaphysical Mothers

What is a Metaphysical Mother?

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