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Today was my first father’s day without my father. Well not really. I am a medium and a clairvoyant so as I type these words he is lying on the bed next to me.  That’s all. 

Raising Humanity with Robin Alexis

“While conventional thought attributes the character and traits of our lives to be preprogrammed in the genes, recent advances in biomedicine now reveal that parental beliefs and emotions profoundly influence the selection, and even rewriting, of their child’s genetic code. Raising Humanity by Robin Alexis provides an important contribution toward nurturing our evolving civilization. Robin’s […]

Ask Spirit Lady Robin Alexis

Jennifer asks, “I find myself in detailed daydreaming about how I want my life to be and feel. Do you think this is me escaping or is it a positive thing? Spirit Lady Robin Alexis answers, “Jennifer, this is you taking control of your imagination. This is you working with Abraham Hicks. He has joined […]

Would the Soul Spa help you as a parent, teacher or childcare professional?

This is Spirit Lady Robin Alexis. It is refreshing to me to witness people who are more advanced than me. Lately it has been babies, children and their parents. Recently I was asked to look into why a baby was apparently having nightmares. What I saw was  a lot of past life experiences. I assumed […]

What is the Soul Spa?

The Soul Spa is a cosmic sanctuary for each one of us to experience restoration. You can find the essence of the Soul Spa here on my website. Is your soul worn out? Is your heart broken? Visit the Soul Spa and experience rejuvenation and your own spiritual authority. Become your own soul’s advocate in […]

Today I Weep and Rejoice

Today would have been my parents 72nd wedding anniversary. It is April 6, 2024. My mother’s wedding dress is in my closet. I imagine them dancing in heaven. And yet I see them next to me. My brain doesn’t have a framework. Grief is confusing even though I am a medium and clairvoyant. My father […]

The Power of Pre-Conception

“The deeper the self-realization before conception, the more influence the soul incarnating back into human form has on the whole universe lifting up its essence with subtle spiritual vibrations. The incoming Baby Spirit is less likely to be affected by the collective consciousness flux. Pay it forward and help your Baby’s Spirit be a Sovereign […]

 Have you or your children ever been abducted? Spirit Lady Robin Alexis presents THE INTERGALACTICALLY BESTSELLING Parenting ET Encounter Guide  

CONVERSATIONS with EXTRATERRESTRIALS What would you say to your child if your child claimed that they had encountered an extraterrestrial? What would you tell an extraterrestrials  if they came to you seeking information about humans? What would you do if you were abducted by aliens? If your response to these questions is “That will never […]