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Robin Alexis Videos

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Join Robin Alexis as she has some fun with Jimmy Kimmel and Snoop Dogg while clearing Jimmy’s studio of unwanted spirits.


KCAL- 9 Los Angeles
“Psychic Intelligence Agency”

Robin Alexis describes how horrifying it was for her to experience precognition of terrorist attacks in the United States. Robin was so disturbed by these troubling events that she created her book “Raising Humanity” by Robin Alexis and 22 storytellers. One chapter in the book “Raising Humanity” is written by CIA contract employee Bob Brown. He testifies that Robin told him prior to September 11, 2001 what was going to happen.


KCAL- 9 Los Angeles
“Haunted House Clearing”

Follow Robin Alexis as she clears a home of unwanted spirits in order for the home to sell.


“BEYOND” with James Van Praagh
“The Baby Whisperer”

Robin Alexis appeared on the nationally syndicated television show “BEYOND with James Van Praagh” doing her “Baby Whisperer” work. She assisted a single mom who could not get any sleep due to her baby’s crying all night long.

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