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Donkeys, Humans, Butterflies, and Guns
by Robin Alexis – Kindle & Audio Book


Donkeys, Humans, Butterflies, and Guns, by Robin Alexis

How many mass shootings / school shootings / domestic violence accounts can you be personally involved in or read about?

Robin Alexis, mystic, Spirit Lady, and clairvoyant, has precognitively learned about more of these violent attacks on our individual and collective peace. Enough is enough. This book, Donkeys, Humans, Butterflies and Guns, is a collaborative effort between Robin Alexis and illustrator Elizabeth Diane to try to make sense of the utterly insane moment that we are living through in America today.

The donkeys and butterflies in this story are here to teach us a way to heal ourselves, each other, and our children. Even though it is presented in the style of a comic book for elementary-age children, this content is meant for adults.


Robin Alexis is a gifted intuitive and medium, a Reiki Master, and an expert in the metaphysical arts of clairvoyance and clairaudience. Robin, known as the Mt. Shasta Mystic, offers here in her books many true-life experiences she has shared on-air during her own live call-in podcast, Mystic Radio.


Spirit Lady Robin Alexis – New Audio Book

Amazing Things for You

The Gift of Robin's Song by Spirit Lady Robin Alexis

Robin Alexis is a paranormal expert whose memoir is so extraordinary it reads best as fiction – you just can’t make this stuff up – and fiction offers a more comfortable environment in which to share the story of a modern day mystic finding her herself in a world where weird isn’t always a welcome differentiation. Robin Alexis is an anomaly of a human being. Even her deceased mother finally understands the powerful implications of Robin’s gift. She calls Robin “a magical multidimensional time traveler.” Robin’s husband has referred to her as “The Spirit Lady” since their first encounter. 

“Robin Alexis is a Being of compassionate vision. With her access to subtle inner wisdom that is hidden from us, she guides and opens us to the path of our own Heart -Love.”

– Krishna Das, Musician: chanting, kirtan, spiritual

“Spirit Lady, The Gift of Robin’s Song brings to us a revelation of such beauty, courage, and utter clarity, our lives will be changed forever.”

Darlene Montgomery, Author of Conscious Women, Cons

Raising Humanity - Why We All Must Remember

Choose Love, Heal and Grow

Raising Humanity – Why We All Must Remember invites you to reflect on the unique role we each play here on Mother Earth. Every choice we make – whether public or private – contributes to our collective reality. We all face a universe of choices, and each one offers the chance to keep things as they are or to make a change. Collectively fighting to maintain the status quo, though, is much like clinging to the anchor of a sinking ship: change is inevitable. Failure to adapt as change occurs can lead to the destruction of our planet and all who dwell upon it. What is the alternative? We must learn to make conscious and intentional choices that support productive change and growth. We are all in this together. Our survival and ability to thrive depends on working in concert with our fellow earthly occupants.

IRaising Humanity, Robin Alexis has curated numerous essays from contributing authors who share what they are seeing, bare their vulnerabilities, and encourage readers to join forces with them in remembering our  humanity. This is the first step toward engaging in productive action to effect positive change. In this latest edition of her anthology, Robin expands her own commentary, and models –  quietly but powerfully – what it looks like when we rise to our best humanity. By allowing ourselves to heal and grow, we also help to heal this world from the pain it carries, while simultaneously helping it to fulfill abundant promise.