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World Renowned Reiki Master Robin Alexis is offering private Reiki sessions.




World Renowned Reiki Master Robin Alexis has been offering private Reiki Weeks since 2022. She only offers this for two people each week, so opportunities to experience this personalized healing service from Robin fills up quickly. These Reiki week appointments for 2023 were completely sold out by August.

We are now offering this Reiki Week service with Robin Alexis in the Mystic Store at Robinalexis.com, so you can purchase your Reiki weeks right from the website!

What is a Reiki Week with Robin Alexis? Early in the mornings Monday through Friday, for one hour each day, Robin sends you Remote Private Reiki.

The times Robin sends Reiki to you are 7:00 to 8:00 AM and 8:15 to 9:15 AM in the Pacific time zone. You do not have to be present to participate. You can just be going about your life and regular schedule, and your higher self will still receive her powerful Reiki, and then she will text each day and tell you what she saw.

Our clients have had miraculous healing results with these Reiki weeks.

We also have clients who have scheduled one of these Reiki weeks each month so they can have a monthly tune-up.

The Sunday of your week Robin will text you. You can then text her back and tell her what you want her to send Reiki to. For example, some people have a particular health problem, some people have relationship or career issues. You can have Robin send Reiki to whatever you want her to focus on. Some people just tell Robin to let her Higher Self decide.

Each day after your remote Reiki session, Robin will send you a detailed text of what she saw clairvoyantly being healed during your Reiki session that day.

With Robin’s psychic abilities, your chakras can be balanced, you could have a Soul retrieval, a clearing of entities, a communication with your loved ones who have transitioned, clearing your depression, and much more!

Here is how one of Robin’s clients described these Reiki weeks

“Having a Reiki week with Robin Alexis is amazing. She takes you to places inside of yourself that you never knew existed.”

“Whatever issue you may have, Robin is able to look at it from many perspectives, including influence of past lives, higher purpose, soul contracts and overall healing. Robin works with her team of ascended masters, archangels and angels who assist as needed.”

“Robin is able to give you detailed and specific information after your daily sessions, explaining what has transpired in a private text sent directly to you. Often, a higher perspective is brought to each situation, allowing you to view it from a place of love and acceptance, giving you clarity, comfort and understanding. Each of the five hourly sessions in your Reiki week is unique, helping you to clear, uplift, heal, and move forward to create the life you desire.”

“Robin’s reiki week will transform your life and help you to open to your truth, your love and your wholeness.”

Robin Alexis invites you to SCHEDULE
Your special Reiki weeks with her NOW!

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly"
- Chuang Tzu


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