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Terms and Conditions

Privacy Agreement

We do not share any member or customer information with third parties. 

Acceptance of this agreement means that you comprehend and will abide by the intention of the Spirit Lady Robin Alexis Soul Spa, to use a pseudonym name or display/screen name that is different than your legal name. You understand that you are using this fictitious name to give you and other members anonymity. As we share our personal experiences in the Soul Spa Forums, we want to be brutally honest with ourselves. We are sharing our experiences, thoughts or memories that have been weighing us down in an attempt to alleviate them from our consciousness and our bodies. When we acknowledge, accept and take action for our own well-being and we are accountable for our energetic metabolism. 

Our intention is to allow ourselves to experience self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others in our hearts, minds, emotions, feelings and bodies. We are sharing the privacy of our inner secrets. We understand that we are individually and collectively creating a safe space to co-create a harmonious online experience where we share our sovereign selves, and to support each other. Committing to this Privacy Agreement is a commitment to experiment with the concept of Light Body Energy Management. This Soul Spa is an experience, not an explanation. In the Soul Spa we take accountability for our own ability to Know, Trust and Act Upon our own Intuition. 

When you accept this privacy agreement you are agreeing that this Soul Spa is an on-line experiment that you have chosen to experience with your consent. 

Soul Spa Member Terms of Agreements

Welcome to the Spirit Lady Robin Alexis Soul Spa! Through the simple application and payment for membership, you gain access to this Soul Spa membership. We aim to provide members with a safe, secure, and private experience. The $59.59 one-time payment is non-refundable. This fee is an introductory price and that price may change in the future for members who join the Soul Spa at a later time. 

As a Soul Spa member, it is required you honor and commit to confidentiality, for all communications in the Soul Spa. All members, including Robin Alexis, need to feel safe about writing and processing our personal issues.

All members will act in good conscience, with civility, and respectful of others. Members whose behavior is seen as harmful will have their membership terminated with no explanation and with no refunds. 

Thank you for respecting the sacredness of the Soul Spa and all of our journeys. I am Robin Alexis, and I look forward to sharing with you! Let us create the Soul Spa together!