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Soul Spa Membership

Soul Spa Membership

You are invited to the Spirit Lady Robin Alexis Soul Spa! The goal of this membership is to create a safe online environment for us to experience the free Reiki Healing Portals on this website in a more intentional way, and to communicate to each other what those insights and experiences are, in a confidential and private group setting.

I created this special “Soul Spa” membership environment so that as members we can enjoy each other as we empower ourselves and each other with our own abilities to experience a Lightness in our Bodies through Energy Management. I also intend to create an online space to become a resource hub of self help practitioners. It is my intention that we all create healthier bodies, minds and souls.

In the Spirit Lady Robin Alexis Soul Spa, we’ll explore healing and transforming our previous perceptions of being in our own bodies, and allow ourselves to claim dominion over our own bodies. We will do this as we align with the infinite healing energy of Reiki, to co-create individually and collectively, as a group, the self-empowerment of wellness in our bodies.

If you are ready to share with others who are committed to learning, growing, and managing their own LIGHT ENERGY with or without my Reiki Portals, please select your level of membership and let’s take charge of the energy that best serves us, and LET’S HAVE SOME FUN DOING IT!!

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The purpose of the Soul Spa is to experience the Joy-Filled Light of who we are in our bodies. I call this Light Energy Body Management. This project is to explore the potential benefits of using the FREE REIKI HEALING PORTALS on RobinAlexis.com, to support our efforts to learn and teach our bodies to energetically calibrate them for peak physical vigor. 

We are all energy influencers.  We have the tools and the ability to influence our own energy to heal ourselves. The goal here is to provide a safe environment for members to find productive ways to know, trust, and act upon our own intuition, and to use our personal energy light worker gifts and skills, to manage our own light energy body. The result will be  to achieve greater health benefits.

 What is Light Energy Body Management?

We trust the Light within ourselves to facilitate our efforts as we exercise sovereignty over our bodies, and what they need to be healthy. 

Intuition suggests that by allowing the Light within us to actively support us, as we go through life in a conscious manner, our metabolism will align with our well-being, and our bodies will make whatever adjustments are needed for us to become and stay optimally healthy. 

As I have been working intentionally with the Violet Flame Reiki Portal on my website, I have seen significant positive results in myself. This Soul Spa project is my way of sharing what I’m learning with you, and my hope is this will be your opportunity to share what you’re learning with the rest of the membership.

Here are the Membership Rules:

  1. Joining this forum requires a one-time, non-refundable fee of $59.59. I was guided to charge this specific amount because the number 5 means change, and 9 means completion. When you add those four numbers together, (5+9+5+9), you get the number 28. 2 means Divine Feminine. 8 means continuous cycle. When you add 2 and 8 together, it equals 10. 10 (or 1.0) means new beginnings!! So, you see the cost is very symbolic of your intention to empower yourself with your own healing abilities, and to commit to this Soul Spa with this fee!
  1. The success of this forum will be determined by the amount of participation in the discussion groups, and by members’ satisfaction with the process and support experienced here. Registering and paying the fee for this forum constitutes your acknowledgement and consent of these terms. 
  1. Managing a group like this requires an energy investment from all participants. Disrespect or abuse of any kind in this group will result in immediate and permanent dismissal, with no refund. 
  1.  As the host and administrator of this forum, I will use my own name. However, I request that all participants create a screen name so that people can remain anonymous. This will create more freedom of expression and a stronger confidentiality system. We will all be on equal footing with respect to communication and sharing within the discussion forums.
  1. The Membership will include four forums, each of which will be accessible to all members, (and you can participate in any or all of them): 

Group One: A forum for people who want to discuss and manage their light body energy WITHOUT using the Reiki Healing Portals.

Group Two will be a forum for those who use the Violet Flame Reiki Healing Portal. The Violet Flame is a superior tool to add to the Reiki Energy, to clear negative core issues or belief systems. For example, do you suffer with addictions of some sort? I recommend using this portal. 

Group Three will be for those who use the Myth Buster Reiki Portal. The Myth Buster portal is very good at releasing epigenetic concerns. For example, does obesity or cancer run in your family? If so,you would want to use this portal. 

Group Four will be for those who use the Mary Magdalene Healing Portal. Have you had a lot of loss in your life? A miscarriage? An abortion? A Divorce or break-ups?  Underlying grief issues that cause discomfort or disease in your body will be best healed by using this portal. You may find that writing about these suppressed memories is helpful in this forum. Let us help each other with our old wounds as we release them in a safe and confidential environment. 

The forums will be secure online spaces where we can share our personal experiences and insights and discuss our experiences with others who are using the same portals. During our discussions, we can determine whether the different Reiki Healing Portals bring about different patterns of healing, or whether people who don’t use the Reiki Healing Portals at all have different results or experiences. 

You may test different portals to learn which ones will work best for you. 

We will have the opportunity to discuss other benefits we perceive as we open ourselves to the healing energy from these portals, and from our willingness to create a supportive healing community. 

For example, when I used the Violet Flame Reiki Healing Portal in an attempt to experience my Light Energy Body, I find myself having more clarity, mentally and emotionally. It makes it easier to balance the stress of everyday life, and maintain my inner balance. This example resulted in my eating less emotionally.

This may result in losing weight or relinquishing some kind of disease. Whatever the malfeasance is that you are experiencing in your body, if your soul’s desire is to correct your present trajectory, then the Spirit Lady Robin Alexis Soul Spa is where you need to be.

How do you know for sure this Soul Spa membership is for you?

Ask yourself, are you happy in your own skin? When you look into your own eyes, does your soul look HAPPY? When you are naked looking in the mirror, do you like what you see? Do you remember what your mothers and grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers looked like as they aged?

Is that something that you desire to repeat or would you like to create a new way of being an awakened Soul in the temple of your own body?