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Robin Alexis is an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils

Your Spiritual Getaway Vacation Rental!

Mystic Sunset House in Port Angeles, WA

Mystic Sunset House, A Spiritual Vacation Getaway in Port Angeles, WA

Tour the Mystic Sunset House at AirBnB and Sequim Vacation Rentals


Call Sequim Vacation Rentals at 800-397-2256 for rental details.


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Heart Companion and Iconnect

Listen to Gregory and Gail Hoag on Heart Connection Pendents

Bob Bordonaro Testimonial:

The Products on this I-Connect website are just tremendous. The people who create these products are the same people who physically create the STARGATES. As many of you know, Robin Alexis and I have participated in many STARGATE workshops here in Mt. Shasta, and there are also many of you have participated in these workshops as well. They use the same technology in creating the physical STARGATE as they do with the products offered here.

I received my Heart Connection Pendant in mid-March 2015, and I have been using it ever since, and I have seen miraculous results! Wearing my Heart Connection Pendant has made my relationship with Robin even more amazing than it already was, and that is only one of the many benefits I have received. My Heart Connection Pendant and has changed my life, and I wear it every day!!!!