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It has been a very long time since I have posted a blog. I was all excited to share with you my EMDR experience with Dr. Andrea Durand. I still do want to share that with you. It was an extraordinary healing. I will share that healing with you when I can. For now, I […]

Today I spoke with two widows

Yesterday I posted a blog that I had spoken with a 97 year old woman who was a widow. She had been married 75 years and her husband had been dead for 5 years. You can read that blog that I posted yesterday. Today I spoke with a woman whose husband had died 7 months […]

Was this a hallucination?

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking with a 97 year old woman who lives in a nursing home on the east coast. She spoke about how she sometimes looks at a picture on her wall. When she does the painting of the lake water begins to move in the picture. She wonders if there […]


I am so fortunate because I get to help other women have babies. Sometimes they have twins. I am able to see what these new mothers know about what the risks are of having twins and I get to witness them knowing what to do to ensure that their twins are healthy. I am there […]

Spirit Lady Robin Alexis Soul Spa Returns

Do you remember being a member of the Soul Spa? We had so much fun! Many of you have requested that I open the membership back up again! I am thrilled to announce it is returning soon! I spoke with Ron, our webmaster, and he thinks it will be available Friday, September 22, 2023!! We […]

What does it mean to become a parent?

What does it mean to become a parent? You realize the creation of a body is not the sole purpose of pregnancy. You realize that you are creating a body which will become the temple of the soul of your child. A child, who you are meant to assist to remember their soul purpose and […]

Raising Humanity with Metaphysical Mothering

The Power of Pre-Conception “The deeper the self-realization before conception, the more influence the soul incarnating back into human form has on the whole universe lifting up its essence with subtle spiritual vibrations. The incoming Baby Spirit is less likely to be affected by the collective consciousness flux. Pay it forward and help your Baby’s […]