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June 1, 2023 Mary Magdalene Speaks

You are with me now. Can you feel it? You were compelled to come here and read my words brought forth by Robin so that you could feel my essence merging with yours. It is time for this merging. You are ready to feel me dancing with your soul. What is your soul ready for? […]

May 22, 2023 Mary Magdalene Speaks

It is time again. Time for you to sit with yourselves and find out if there is anything funny going on in your lives. I don’t mean funny haha but, funny, as in odd. Does something just not add up but you keep ignoring that gentle nudging that something’s different? Tune into it. Sit with […]

May 15, 2023 Mary Magdalene Speaks

I have requested Robin Alexis once again to prepare to receive me and my words. She obliged. As she types these words that she hears for the first time I am allowed to speak through her. It is time for you to remember joy. This is being discussed in one of Robin Alexis’s other blog […]

Sharing Love & Loss with Robin Alexis & Mark Romero

Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis

Re -up Mark Romero-Love, Loss and Transformation into a Soul Driven Career and announcement This episode of “Sharing Love and Loss with Robin Alexis” addresses the importance of fatherhood and more. Robin and her guest Mark Romero are excited to have the fatherhood topic come up in their conversation. In the political news of late […]

April 14, 2023 The Daughter of Mary Magdalene

This is Mary Magdalene. My daughter is now ready to speak. Here she is. Sara Speaks; It is time for you to REMEMBER ME. I am the daughter of Mary Magdalene. I am not a daughter of a bitch. My mother was not a prostitute. My mother is sacred and so are you. Anyone who […]

April 12, 2023 Mary Magdalene Speaks

These times that you are living in are meant to be great times of deep soulful exploration. In my previous messages to you of late I have been reminding you of the significance of your breath to remember who you are.  Tonight I wish to speak to you about your skin. The topic is being […]