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    Robin Alexis on Mystic RadioRobin Alexis

    Hello Soul Spa Members,

    I am being guided to offer you another special. Here is what it is. Any of you who want to ask me a question, like the kind of question you would’ve called into the radio show on, you can ask it here. I will answer them on a first come first serve basis. After I do them, I will create a public blog. I will not use your names. But I will take the question and the answer that I get from spirit and created into a blog. That way we can still do surrogate healings for people like we used to do on the radio show. I look forward to your questions.

    Ellen Cool

    Thank you Robin. As I called in many times these past 4 years on the radio show, I have a question about our dog Chevron. The vet has found unusual liver stuff through her blood and ultrasound. They are now looking at her coagulation ability to see if she can get her teeth cleaned. I know last week was stressful for her but she is still happy Chevron. Can you sense into her liver issue please? Thank You.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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