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April 15, 2023 Mary Magdalene Speaks

April 15, 2023 Mary Magdalene Speaks

Dear Beloved Ones,

Did it cross your minds and hearts, “Will Mary Magdalene channel through Robin Alexis again tonight? How long will these transmissions continue?”

The answer is I do not know how long the window is open for me to channel through Robin. I am simply grateful that while she can hear me that she is willing to transcribe these messages.

My message for you tonight is that you already know something that is bothering you. It catches you like a hang nail in in your consciousness every now and then. You may clip the annoying nail away but you have not as yet begun to explore “why” does this happen repetitively in one’s body.

I tell you that you may be experiencing a past life bleed through memory in your body. When this happens, that you notice these physical symptoms randomly are occurring, I encourage to no longer dismiss them. Rather sit in quiet rapture and ask your body part what is it it trying to tell you. Let it speak to you. Let it remind you of an unsolved mystery within yourself. 

Some of you are very adept at this. You will begin to see visions or colors and feel a shift into wellness in your body simply by acknowledging it and giving it permission to heal.

Others of you will get crabby. You may feel that this is all foolishness. That is because something in you is benefiting from having a problem in your body. Ask yourself, “How does this situation that I allow to happen over and over again serve me?” Perhaps then you can accept your own authority about your own choice. You can choose to BE Here NOW in your I AM PRESENCE. 

Illness and wellness are on the same spectrum. Choose your consciousness location on this spectrum and your lives will change. 

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