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May 1, 2023 Mary Magdalene Speaks

  Always center in your heart first before you connect with others.

What exactly does that mean? Do you connect through your broken heart? Do you connect through the ancestral wounds of the heartbeat of your body representing all those who have come before you? The hearts of women have been broken. Some women procreate from their desire to heal their hearts. There is something inside of her that wants to heal. She will unconsciously use the intimacy of a child in her womb in an attempt to relieve the lack of intimacy that she feels within her own Being. Not all women, but some women, have not remembered who they are as holy vessels for the divine. Reflect for a moment. Are you using your body, your feminine tool, your children to heal yourself? If you want to create change you must heal yourself by your own direction.

I tell you to stop this biological temptation. It is time to mother yourselves. It is time to be the metaphysical mother to yourself. It is time to accept that you are wounded in your heart. It is time to look about you and see what has wounded you. Your projected worlds of chaos and terrorism and gun violence has been created as a direct result of your broken hearts. 

Put your hands over your heart right now. Thank it for beating. Direct your heart to heal. Allow for your body’s innate instinct to heal your heart. Command your heart to heal! Know that if I can heal my heart, you can heal yours! Accept this invitation. Your heart deserves it. That is how you mother yourself. This is the path to the metaphysical mother. Seek her within you. This is what is meant by always center in your heart first before connecting with others. And from this sacred heart space, become a mother if you so choose. No one outside your body rules your body.

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