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You can create a New You too

I have not spoken through Robin Alexis in a long time. It’s not easy to get a medium’s attention. They may have personal things going on that keep them away from us spirits who would like to speak through them. I don’t like to speak through people. I would prefer to speak on my own. Occupying a body did have its advantages.

Some people think that I have reincarnated. I am not sure that I believe in reincarnation. I suppose if I have it would be the part of me that was Norma Jean. Norma Jean went through so much in her life that she created me. I like me. I did not reincarnate. When Norma Jean created me she created something bigger than herself. I am something that lives on because I was created with imagination.

You can create something bigger than yourself too. If I can do it, you can do it too.

How did I do it? First of all, I let myself imagine. I didn’t know all the scientific proof that you have today about energy etc. I just knew that if I was going to live that I had to create something to live for. So, I created the persona of Marilyn Monroe. I baked her the way you might bake a cake. Only I used my imagination to create ingredients. And, let’s remember, I was discovered. Someone else witnessed me and saw that I was something special. You are something special too. Has anyone witnessed your specialness? Maybe give yourself permission to have someone witness what is special about you. See it as an ingredient to create a NEW YOU like I did.

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