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June 1, 2023 Mary Magdalene Speaks

You are with me now. Can you feel it? You were compelled to come here and read my words brought forth by Robin so that you could feel my essence merging with yours. It is time for this merging. You are ready to feel me dancing with your soul. What is your soul ready for?

I think that your soul is ready for transformation. Did you ever contemplate that before? Do you ever wonder about your soul? Your human body is just the outfit that your soul is wearing for the moment. But just like your body, mind and spirit goes through shifts, so does your soul. Your soul transforms.

The transformation happens when the resurrection flame grows strong within you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the spring. That is when the earth uses her transformation of her soul and creates the new spring experiences. But, you, you are not seasonal in your evolution on the same schedule as the earth. Your seasons, your transformations may happen over a packaging of certain life times. Sometimes you come forth in your reincarnation garments to experience a series of lifetimes that have to do with a certain matter. For example, perhaps you are learning to live with your sexuality. And then one day, you have learned to live with it. You no longer use your sexuality to define you, or as a tool of recreation. You merge the frequencies of all of your experiences that you have ever had in human form that were sexual and you ascend past the need to learn about sexuality. You come to a point where you know all that there is to know. Then you stop judging people about their sexuality because your soul has transformed into a place of understanding of all perspectives of sexuality. You will stop wondering if Jesus and I had sex or if we had children. You will stop reading your Bibles and call me a prostitute. You will no longer project onto me your story of unfinished learning about your soul’s travel through sexual experiences from one life time to the next. Then, you will look at this like a memory. You will have become transformed in your relationship to sexuality and your soul will transform. This is just one sense of soulful transformation but it is one that is strong on your planet today. If someone is a know-it-all about your sex life, they know not about the soul and its power to experience transformation with the use of the resurrection flame.

2 thoughts on “June 1, 2023 Mary Magdalene Speaks

  1. Just now reading this, and it’s very interesting as it is the very beginning of Spring in 2024. I read that the resurrection flame is a pearl colored flame, and thought it interesting that it comes up around the time of Easter with the resurrection of Master Christ Jesus . . . wondering if there is a connection between Jesus’ resurrection and that of the resurrection flame and Mary Magdalene?

    1. Yes, there is. This is the energy that they held together for his resurrection. We are offered the opportunity to experience a death and rebirth at this time of year. We can let go of that, which no longer serves us, and be reborn into that which does.

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