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It has been a very long time since I have posted a blog. I was all excited to share with you my EMDR experience with Dr. Andrea Durand. I still do want to share that with you. It was an extraordinary healing. I will share that healing with you when I can. For now, I will tell you why you have not heard from me. I debated telling you at all. Finally, I decided to share. 

On Wednesday October 19, 2022 when I announced on “Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis” that I was pleased to share with you that I had finally published my book, “Spirit Lady, The Gift of Robin’s Song” I experienced a very serious accident within the hour. I had an unfortunate accident with a kerosene heater in our home. I singed my throat and lost my voice for over seven months. I am still recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Here is a link to “Spirit Lady, The Gift of Robin’s Song”.


Like that wasn’t weird enough of a coincidence, in October 2023 when I announced the release of my 6th book, “A Conversations with Extra-terrestrials” I had another accident in my home within hours of that show. I had hired someone to help me clean my home. I didn’t realize that she had waxed the floors. I was barefoot and stepped on a rug and went “ass over tea kettle” as my dearly departed mother used to say. I wound up in the emergency room with a very sore bloody nose, a concussion, whip lash, acute head trauma, a gash on my nose and a two black eyes. I looked like I had been in a bar fight. It has taken me awhile to recover. I am in physical therapy still. 

This is why you haven’t heard from me. I am going to remain quiet for the holiday season. 

See you in 2024!! Hopefully, this weird energy is over!

Here is a link to my “A Conversation with Extraterrestrials.”


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