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Today I Weep and Rejoice

Today would have been my parents 72nd wedding anniversary. It is April 6, 2024. My mother’s wedding dress is in my closet. I imagine them dancing in heaven. And yet I see them next to me. My brain doesn’t have a framework. Grief is confusing even though I am a medium and clairvoyant.

My father died Tuesday, February 5, 2024 I finally got my space organized to write the book that my father and I started to write together after my mother died on December 29, 2018. We were told by my mother not to publish the book until after my father died. My father died December 26, 2023…or so they say. That is when his body was found dead in his bed. He died in his sleep.

The last time I spoke with him he looked so robust. He was lying in bed eating spearmint gummies. He was very happy. We discussed again how he had fallen the night before. He said that at 11pm he had been standing up when he took his belt off to get ready for bed. He fell. I had woken up. My father and I would often talk in the wee hours of the night together. We would FaceTime and laugh and laugh. But this time, my mother kept telling me not to call my father. She just kept repeating herself to me,

“Keep sending reiki to his feet.”

I learned a long time ago to do as my mother has told me since she has crossed over in spirit form. So I did. At 3:30am pacific coast time my mother said,

“Call your father now!”

I did. He was just being picked up by nurses. He told me that he had fallen and had been on the floor all night. He said,

“I could feel you sending reiki to my feet.”

I proceeded to tell him that Mom wouldn’t let me call him. I was distraught. He said that he couldn’t reach his phone so it wouldn’t have mattered. He said that if he had had his phone he would have called for assistance. He reassured me that he was fine.

Supposedly he was on the floor until 6:30am the next morning when he was found. That is what he told me. He was joking and said he had learned that he needed to be sitting down before removing his belt.

I weep now….I am grateful for every second that my father’s presence was on this earth. Even though I am a medium and he is with me most of the time in spirit (he is lying next to me on my bed as I type this to you) I miss him!!! I know that is hard for people to understand. ..I am a medium and yet I grieve like a normal human daughter who doesn’t have her Dad to call and text and FaceTime with anymore…..I weep…my chest convulses. I grieve and rejoice that they are together in heaven. But where is heaven? They are light together.


5 thoughts on “Today I Weep and Rejoice

  1. February 13, 2024

    After my mom died, my father would ask me,

    “ how will I die? “

    I told my father, he would die in his sleep. I said that Jesus would tap him on the shoulder, and he would be gone. That comforted my father. And it ended up being the truth. That is how he died. Even though we all knew it was coming, it still was such a shock. But now it’s been six weeks since my dad died, and I can’t think of a better way to die than to die in your sleep. And he was so happy. And he sitting right next to me now smiling because he knows I’m writing about him. He also knows that tomorrow I’m finally going to get to editing the book that he and I wrote together called “Love Letters from Heaven.”

    Dad is so excited about that book. He wants people to understand the truth and of course, the truth is experiential. So we’ll see if my father’s truth is your truth after you read the book.

  2. Thursday, February 8, 2024

    My father has a message for us.

    “It is good to be speaking publicly through my daughter Robin who is a medium for Christ. She understands that what Christ came to teach is agape love. That is a different kind of love than romanticized love that is worshipped on Valentine’s Day. Agape love is love that has no bounds. It is from above. It is the reason why the crown chakra does not have a front and back like the other chakras in your bodies. It is the receptor for love from above, agape love.

    Choose to give permission for agape love to flow into your crown chakra and your life will be better. That is the message of Jesus Christ.

    I am in heaven and I know these things. Please listen to me. I am Wise Counsel for those who have the ears to listen. And, I am very fortunate to have a daughter who is a medium who is willing to let me speak through her.

    We are all blessed are we not?

  3. February 7, 2024 2:21pm pacific

    When my mother left my father and had to be moved into a different facility because of her declining health my father asked me,

    “When will I know that your mother is dying?”

    This was July 2018. I answered him,

    “She will break a hip and then she will die.”

    In December 2018 my mother broke her hip. 10 days later she left this world and went skipping into heaven.

  4. Wednesday, February 6, 2024

    My Dad has been visiting me more now that I got some crying out of my system. The other night I was in my bed talking to my friend and the light to my right began to flicker. It was only that light. I asked, “Is that you Dad?”

    The light stopped flickering. Then I saw my father clear as day in my mind. Abruptly the image turned to Jesus. Jesus said that he wanted to have a conversation with the Queen of the Mantis Beings. He invited her to a table and chairs made of the platinum ray and talked with her about Christ Consciousness. Luckily the call was being recorded and will soon become the next book about conversations with extraterrestrials.

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