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Why am I feeling this way?

Does it matter why you are feeling the way you are? What matters is that you are. First of all, ask yourself,

“Is this my feeling, someone else’s, or a combination of energy?” If it is a combination of energy or someone else’s all together give it back to their Higher Selves by simply stating,

“Whatever energy is not my own I give it back to whomever Higher Self it belongs to now.” Tune into how you are feeling now. Do you feel a change?

After you discern what you are feeling is your own ask yourself,

“Is this energy serving me somehow?”

If you hear yes as your response ask,

“Is this the highest and holiest energy to be serving me right now?”

If you hear yes, ask it how it is serving you and sort yourself out from there. If you hear the answer is no, ask the energy to go back to Source Love and bring you back only what is in your highest and holiest energy to be dealing with/feeling.

Command your reality to be from your own sovereignty utilizing only the highest and holiest energy for you. You are the architect of your consciousness and your life experiences.

Life is challenging enough to navigate just managing our own energy and choices. Please self care and discern what is yours and what is someone else’s.

Choose love and create your life from there.

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