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June 15, 2023 Mary Magdalene Wishes to Speak

It is time again. I love to remind you of time. So many of you are obsessed with time. You look at your clocks, listen to your alarms, measure your successes by time. If you do such and such in a certain time then you are a champion. What if time doesn’t exist?

Time does exist because you all created it. But, there will come a time when the time you created will shift. You must adapt. It is coming soon. This is a heads up. Do you like heads up? I do. It was comforting to me to know that Jesus was going to be crucified. He and I had “time” to prepare. We made good use of our time serving God with impeccability. Now Jesus and I use time differently. We ride the currents of your concepts of times, find where you schedule us in for communication if at all, and we take advantage of those moments to reach you. Like right now. I have reached you or you would not be reading this. This post through Robin Alexis by me is meant to serve as a warning of sorts. Many things will change in your consciousnesses in the next few weeks prior to the time of your Summer Solstice 2023. These are moments, final moments, before the birth of a new reality. Are you prepared to pivot if necessary? Relax and listen to the sound of your own breath, pay attention to your senses, become alert, even vigilant, can you sense the pivot of reality in the air that you breathe? Even the elements, such as air, are ascending, waking up, moving into a a new sense of willful co-creation. Things in your world are about to change. Listen.

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