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June 15, 2023 Are you feeling suicidal?

Yesterday a woman called into Mystic Radio who was feeling suicidal. She didn’t say that when she was live on the air. She contacted me after the show. Feeling suicidal is nothing to feel ashamed about.

If you are feeling suicidal you can call the Suicide Hot Line at 988. or call 911. Call a friend, a professional who can help you or try what I did. There was a time in my life where I felt suicidal for seven years every day. I had to self talk myself out of it over and over again. I was in therapy at the time but I couldn’t sit in the therapist’s office every day for seven years. I had to create tools to help myself. It took sheer perseverance to get through it. I did it for my children. I am grateful that I survived that horrendous time of my life to be here now typing these words. When those thoughts finally stopped,they stopped forever for me. It was like a window of my soul got opened and I could breathe again. Each of us are moved into the feelings of suicide for different reasons so I am not going to share mine. I just want to share with you what I learned to help myself. Maybe it will help you.

Take a deep breath, hold it, and then exhale fully. Do this three times. This will help to get you grounded. When you feel grounded you can begin to help yourself by asking yourself,

“Is this suicidal feeling my energy, someone else’s or a combination of energy?”

If any part of these suicidal energy thoughts are not your energy, ask that the energy return to wherever it came. Literally shake yourself off like a dog that just got out of bath. Let it go. We are only responsible for our own energy not that of others.

If the energy of suicidal thoughts are yours, ask it if it serves you somehow. If it says no, ask that energy to return to Source Love. Then ask Source Love to send you healing energy that is yours! If the energy says that it does belong to you, ask it if it is the highest and holiest energy to serve you. If it is not the highest and holiest energy to serve you, ask it to return to Source Love and ask Source Love to send you back an energy that is the highest and holiest. Sometimes by asking yourself questions you can walk yourself away from walking off a cliff. Again, please shake like a dog getting out of a bath. Ask Source Love to keep bringing you what you need to feel good again.

Once you get more self empowered with these energy management tools consider working with me or someone else that you prefer to find out why you got in that emotional space in the first space. It is a good feeling to look back on your life to the time that you felt suicidal and know that you don’t feel that way anymore. I know first hand.

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