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June 23, 2023 Had an abortion? Read this.

This is from my book, “Spirit Lady, The Gift of Robin’s Song.”

From Chapter 9

The day I was discharged from the hospital, I knew I had a kidney infection, but it didn’t yet show on tests. Three days later I was readmitted to the hospital, severely ill. This time, they managed to diagnose the kidney infection. I wondered why they didn’t just kill me and get it over with?

Once in the hospital room, I fell asleep, only to be awakened by the awareness that my bed was trembling. How strange. We don’t get earthquakes in New Hampshire. I looked around the room; no one else’s bed was shaking. Was I trembling? No, it was the bed. Was someone trying to talk to me?

Abruptly, my connection to the world shut off and I was standing in a mist, looking at a house full of people a short distance from where I stood. I noticed one woman standing in front of the house with her back to me. I intuitively knew her; she reminded me of my mother and sister. Her hair was thick, wavy, and dark brown. Her gauze-like white gown made her seem surreal in the foggy atmosphere. She turned and faced me with a penetrating ray of attention, and flowed toward me.

“I am your great-grandmother. Like you, I had twins and one died.” I realized I was carrying my tiny calcified baby Sarah in my arms as my great-grandmother spoke to me. As soon as I realized it, the precious blue- eyed Sarah appeared in my great-grandmother’s arms.



Grandmother continued, “Robin, you have been fulfilling your sacred contract well. You will begin to remember it. You have endured all that has happened to you for a reason. Ever since your first near-death experience at the river, you have been open to and obeying your inner guidance to the best of your human ability. Just as a little baby needs to crawl before it can walk, so must the new breed of humans learn how to manage and utilize their psychic abilities. Would you be angry with a baby for falling as it learned to walk? Do not chastise yourself or your world for its mistakes. Continue on your path and know your spiritual family is with you.

“Because you have been who you are, the message will be brought to the world through your story. The traumas you have been through will demonstrate the full spectrum of emotions you must cope with in order to find the divine passageway. As you clear the slate of emotions, you are more able to discern the clarity of your intuition. You are needed on the planet after the twins.

“For now, simply trust that your most important task is to share the process you have endured. Know that Sarah’s purpose in your life was to teach you to have unequivocal trust in your intuition. Have Absolute Faith and Absolute Will. Know that your purpose is for you to deliver the message of your wisdom to people on your planet who will listen. Mothers will heed your call. They will walk in your soul and identify with your journey. This will enable them to and see the rhythm of life.

“You must return now. You cannot remain here much longer or you won’t be able to go back. To know that this really happened, ask someone to look inside my desk and find the old family Bible. Inside will be a poem I wrote about Christianity. This will be your proof that I did, indeed, have this conversation with you.”

I tried to argue. “I don’t want to go back! Please, Grandmother! I want to stay here with Sarah.”

“No, Robin.” She was curt. “You must go back. But first, I must teach you to name the babies. You must pass on this method to all mothers so they can remember the true role of parenting.

“The essential truth of existence is to live one’s soul-purpose. It is up to each of us to discover our individual soul-purpose. The act of naming is asking to be shown one’s soul-purpose and to be given whatever resources are necessary to accomplish the goal of living a soul-driven life.

An essential part of this process is to nurture – to mother – our own soul. The soul creates a human form through a physical vessel humans call the “mother.” The soul chooses to create a human form so it can learn through the qualities of the subconscious mind – the senses of awareness, intuition, touch, smell, hearing, taste, and sight.

“The true father is universal law – laws which govern all life forms, whether one believes in them or not. For example, whether or not one believes in gravity does not affect its presence and its impact on one’s life. When the mother, the soul, unites with the father, universal law, the energies get expressed out through the “third eye,” the place of vision, the place where perception lives. Our subconscious minds receive information through our senses according to our perception, and it is our perceptions that govern our life experiences. That’s what the seventh sense is: perception without judgment. When we cling to our judgments, our hurts from past traumas, we limit our ability to move forward. We must let go of the boat anchor if we are ever to rise above the water line. When we do not claim our own perception of our own realities, we become vulnerable to energies that are not our soul’s own.”

As she spoke, she showed me how to perform an intentional naming ritual that would allow my children to claim their own perception of their own reality. I was sitting in a meadow with Daisy, my beloved first daughter, the one I had aborted when I was a teenager, in my arms.

My grandmother said, “Robin, there are two ways to name your babies. You either say – in manner similar to traditional religious christening – ‘In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, I christen you Daisy,’ or you can say, ‘In the name of the All-Conscious Sun, the Sacred Moon, and Mother Earth, I name you Daisy.’ Robin, ask Daisy which way she wants to be named and tell me what you hear.”

As I gazed deeply into Daisy’s brown eyes, I heard her say she wanted to be named the second way. Grandmother said, “Look her right in the eyes, Robin, and repeat after me: In the name of the All-Conscious Sun…”

I repeated, “In the name of the All Conscious Sun…” “and the sacred moon…”

“and the sacred moon…” “and Mother Earth…” “and Mother Earth…”

Grandmother commanded with authority, “I name you Daisy.”
I solemnly proclaimed, “I name you Daisy.”
I felt such deep joy and relief. I could feel the wind as little Daisy found her way back to her next highest vibration.
Grandmother asked, “Robin, can you tell me why Daisy came into your life?”
“She came to teach me I was to take womanhood and motherhood matters very seriously. She came to remind me of my soul-purpose: to restore the lineage of mothers Jesus referred to when he spoke to me on the day I drowned. She also told me that her life would continue in another form at another time.”

My grandmother said, “Daisy wants you to forgive yourself. You simply had an experience with her. You did not make a mistake. Experiences are to be learned from. That was your agreement.”

“Grandmother, is Daisy saying that she chose me as her mother?” “Yes.”
“Why, when she knew I would abort her?”
“To teach you that no matter how long a soul is present in a body, it

has a purpose. Many women are aborting and miscarrying babies and they have not been graced with the divine knowing of this sacred exchange. You, Robin, must teach them. You will help women remember their knowing again.”

Our Mother
Who is in Our Hearts
Hallowed be Thy breath
Repudiate this day
Any energies that are not of our own
Allow us to know and trust our own knowing And have the biological courage to act upon it.

Obviously, there was a master plan, some sort of eternal blueprint. There was a connection to a spiritual family. We were reborn, time and time again, here and in other places, to assist others and ourselves on our sacred mission.

I watched as a wispy white flow of energy got sucked back into my body through my solar plexus.

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