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Would the Soul Spa help you as a parent, teacher or childcare professional?

This is Spirit Lady Robin Alexis. It is refreshing to me to witness people who are more advanced than me. Lately it has been babies, children and their parents. Recently I was asked to look into why a baby was apparently having nightmares. What I saw was  a lot of past life experiences. I assumed they were the baby’s. What was discovered however is that the images I saw were the images the baby clairvoyantly saw when it’s umbilical cord was being cut by the midwife! So, the baby was so psychic at birth it was reading the energy of the person who helped it be born. It was traumatized by seeing that. Can you even imagine being that psychic during your own birth experience? Thank goodness the parents of this gifted baby are advanced metaphysicians themselves. I am certain that is why this gifted baby choose them as parents. 

Also, recently I worked with a child who I would “read”. I assumed that what I was reading about this child was about that child. Again I was wrong. Come to find out I was reading what this child was reading. I would create posts about this. Then the actual parent of the actual child who the other child was reading would respond to the post and I would end up helping the child that the first child was reading. Confused? Read that again. Imagine being that gifted as a child. Like the baby I wrote about above, this child also has amazing parents who can support him. 

The synchronicity of these experiences with these special souls  and the soul group communication between these new groups of children is outstanding and we must become more aware of ways in which to help these sacred children born with such gifts. Another child diagnosed with autism can’t speak verbally but I could communicate with the parents what the child was saying telepathically. Imagine that!

As I type these words deer are going by my window. Deer medicine means, “be gentle with yourself.” These new humans and their extraordinary parents who do everything they can to help them gives me such hope for the future of this planet. 

If you are a parent, teacher or child care professional with a special needs or sensitive child please consider joining the Soul Spa on my web site. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF THE SOUL SPA WOULD HELP YOU AS A PARENT or TEACHER or CHILD CARE WORKER? Listen to your intuition and use common sense.

For example, does the child speak about their past lives? Does the child report seeing ghosts or extra-terrestrials? Do you have a child who can’t speak verbally or with sign language because of some diagnosis but they are telepathic? Let’s support these children in the Soul Spa on this website. For your convenience here is the link to join


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