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Was this a hallucination?

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking with a 97 year old woman who lives in a nursing home on the east coast. She spoke about how she sometimes looks at a picture on her wall. When she does the painting of the lake water begins to move in the picture. She wonders if there is something wrong with her eyes.. Then all of a sudden she is back in time in her home that she used to live in. In this vision she sees her husband who she was married to for 75 years. He has been dead for 5 years. She says that she sees him in one room of the house that they used to being in together. In another room she sees 7 Italian men. She doesn’t know who they are. Then she realizes that they are the uncles to her husband. She asks her husband what is going on. No one answers. She says that it makes her angry. And then she comes back into her room in the nursing home and sees her safe surroundings. She says that she feels rattled when this happens. I tell her not to be afraid. That maybe she is being visited. She laughs and says that I am the only one that she can share her hallucination with. I tell her maybe it isn’t a hallucination. Maybe she is seeing the other side. She laughs. She is tired now and needs to rest.

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