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Today I spoke with two widows

Yesterday I posted a blog that I had spoken with a 97 year old woman who was a widow. She had been married 75 years and her husband had been dead for 5 years. You can read that blog that I posted yesterday.

Today I spoke with a woman whose husband had died 7 months ago. She had a massive background in metaphysics and is a seasoned soul. But none of that wisdom eases the ache of grief.

I told her that I needed to clear the energy in her bed and her bedroom. I proceeded to do the process. Here is what I do if you are interested. I sent my astral body to stand at the foot of her bed. You can do this for yourself by standing at the foot of your bed and saying what I said,

“If it Be Thy Will may the powers of nature converge and release any energy from this bed and from this bedroom that is out of alignment with this woman receiving restful, rejuvenating deep sleep in this bed and in this bedroom. And, If it Be Thy Will may the powers of nature converge and bring into this bed and into this bedroom the highest and holiest energies to create the most benevolent energies in all ways for this woman to have restful, rejuvenating and regenerating sleep in this bed and in this bedroom.”

Then I asked her if she felt a difference energetically. She said yes. Then she told me that she had found her husband dead at the foot of their bed. He had a heart attack and just slumped there. She was very relieved to have me address this. As I type these words I feel the beautiful soul of her husband..

Then the next reading was with a woman whose husband had died. I told her I felt compelled to clean the energy on the property and in the home. I called in,

“In God We Trust Angels please sweep your nets through the core of Mother Earth up through this property and up through the roof and up into the sky and please take with you any energy that is out of alignment with this woman living on this land and in this house. ”

I repeated that prayer request 3 times. The woman felt a shift. Then she told me that he had committed suicide in the yard. He had given her absolutely no notice that he was going to do that. He didn’t leave a suicide note for her. But, his spirit was with her today. I could see him. He would tell her things through me that were very personal so she knew that he was there. He did the best he could. It wasn’t for a lack of love for her that he made that decision for himself.

For those of you who judge suicide sometimes it is a conscious choice. For example, my next door neighbor when he was 80 was diagnosed with cancer. He didn’t want to try to fix it when it was unfixable. He asked his doctor for sleeping pills. Of course, they were prescribed. The man consumed the entire bottle of pills and then swam to the middle of one of our local lakes and let himself drown. I see his spirit all the time. He is smiling now and saying, “Sometimes you have got to do what you have got to do.”

I am not advocating suicide by any means. All I am saying is what these dead people say to me.

I worked with a mother whose 12 year old son committed suicide. The pain all death causes is life changing. Grief is inevitable. But when someone commits suicide the people around them wonder what they could have done differently.

What I see with some people who have committed suicide is that it isn’t their first rodeo. They have committed suicide in past lives. This leaves a heavy mark on the soul. Sometimes they have to learn many past lives to break them out of that karmic pattern.

Anyway, that was my day as a medium today. I hope that reading this lets you breathe a little more deeply, especially if you have a loved one who committed suicide. Maybe they didn’t go to hell after all. Maybe they, like us, are walking themselves and each other home to God. Just doing the best we can in any given moment. My advice to all of us, is let’s bring more joy to our senses. While we are here on planet Earth, what can we do take in the deepest joy into our senses of taste, smell, hearing, seeing and touching.

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