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Do you have post traumatic stress disorder and/or do you feel suicidal sometimes?

I am about to embark on the journey of using a healing technique called EMDR to help release me from a chronic mental health issue called post traumatic stress disorder. I am very excited about choosing to help myself with this technique and I will share in my blogs what the experience is for me. Tonight I have an appointment with a Dr. Andrea Durand. She is going to review the process with me. Then in two weeks I will have my first EMDR session. This is done via zoom!

Here is a video that explains what EMDR is and questions that you need to ask yourself if you would like to consider EMDR as a tool for your wellness. I am also including this website in case you sometimes feel, or you are now feeling suicidal.


Also I am including in this post the hot line for suicide feelings is 988. This is a suicide and crisis lifeline. The hours are 24 hours a day. You can SMS: 988, chat with someone or visit the website to self regulate. Times are challenging now. We need to help ourselves and let’s familiarize ourselves now with whatever it is we might need to be prepared to help ourselves stay emotionally and mentally safe.

1 thought on “Do you have post traumatic stress disorder and/or do you feel suicidal sometimes?

  1. For months now I was going to share with you my experiences with EMDR. Those sessions were life changing and very private. I still was going to share them.

    Then my father died. My whole world has changed. I don’t want to publicly share my healing experiences with EMDR in this public blog. I have decided I will share them privately in my Soul Spa membership.

    You can join my Soul Spa membership in the Mystic Store.

    When life changes, you have to pivot both in your inner self management of your energy, in your decision making in the outer world and be ready to adjust to new incoming data. That is the very definition of progressive.

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