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A Soul Spa Member asks, “Why is my son seemingly inconsolable? He doesn’t feel safe and no matter what I say or do he isn’t reassured.”

This metaphysical mother knows that she can ask me a question like this. Metaphysical mothering is a parenting technique that I created that is based on the soul’s purpose. It is not gender based. 

So, the question is, “What has her son experienced on a soul level that is causing him to feel this way?”

What I began to see as a clairvoyant psychic who can read the akashic records is her son’s soul had repeatedly reincarnated into horrific life situations. These images were so horrific that I didn’t feel that I should look directly at the child’s soul or akashic records. This child seems very psychic too so I didn’t want to disturb his tender sense of safety as a sensitive.

So, I asked the mother’s Higher Self to assist. She said yes. I went with the mother’s Higher Self to the pre-conception karmic board room to discover, 

“What did this mother agree to provide for this soul that she now calls son?” 

When we entered the preconception karmic board room the mother told me that her son was stronger than I was perceiving. She told me not to place on her child the experiences that I had as a child. I told her that she was right and that I would refrain from projecting my childhood experiences on to her son. 

We proceeded in the reading at the discretion of the mother, not me. 

She asked for Archangel Michael to bring into the preconception karmic board room the Higher Self of her son. Archangel Michael did as she requested. When her son’s Higher Self was seated across the table from her, she picked up the soul contracts that they had negotiated together prior to his conception.

It was noted that the mother had agreed to birth a body for this soul for the said purpose of him stopping the cycle of unconsciously choosing his destiny from one life time to the next. She assured him that she was teaching him to feel safe living from his soul awakened consciousness and that no harm would come to him as long as he remembered what he had learned from those lifetimes. She told him that he wasn’t expected, nor was Robin expected, to review the horrific experiences that he had endured. What was important was that he accept that he was with her now and that he was indeed safe. The mother asked him if he could place that wisdom into himself. The Higher Self of her son shook his head yes. 

She then told him to close his eyes. He did so. She told him to take her hand. He did so. Then she told him to imagine that he was  way up above all these troubling lifetimes. She told him to imagine that he was talking to all of those images of him in previous incarnations. She told him to imagine that he was holding a dandelion in his hand. She told him to imagine that the roots of the dandelion went into all those lifetimes. At the end of all those roots from all of these lifetimes were all the feelings that he had experienced from all that horror as all of these images of himself.  She asked him to pull up those feeling roots from all those lifetimes. She told him that when he had pulled up those roots and they were tangling to then imagine that he was holding the dandelion up over his head. She told him to let the dandelion go. She told him to watch the dandelion and all those feelings dangling from all of those roots that he had pulled up from all those lifetimes go up so high into space that he could no longer see the dandelion at all. She asked him how he felt. He simple smiled and said, “Refreshed.”

The mother felt that he had healed. When the Higher Self of her son had completely embodied what he had learned and had let go of all the emotions around that trauma of those lifetimes, she began to sign off on the contract that she had with him at pre conception. The Higher Self of her son did so as well. The soul contract nulled and voided out was then given to Saint Germaine. He burned the document in the Violet Flame.

There were other contracts on the table between them but this one was completed. The mother and son didn’t want to review anymore documents. They felt this was enough for one healing. 

She then asked Archangel Michael to return and escort her son’s Higher Self to his soul, soul body and back into his human body. When the mother felt that was complete she turned to me and thanked me for helping  her help her son. She, as her Higher Self, then went with the Overlighting Deva of these pre-conception karmic records. She returned to her soul, soul body and human body. 

When she was settled in the mother bowed to me. I bowed back. I then closed the reading. 

May we all learn from our soul’s experiences. Let go of the trauma and live with our wisdom. 


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