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Spirit Lady, The Gift of Robin’s Song

You have been guided to my website! Perhaps you would be interested in discovering who I am and how I acquired my extraordinary gifts. It began when I drowned when I was 3. I recently had an EMDR session where I was brought back to that day. I saw myself being resuscitated. I saw my mother’s reactions. I saw how everyone reacted. It deeply impacted my sense of self at 3 years old! Please read my life story. If you are at all leaning into becoming more intuitive, psychic and/or starting to see dead people etc. you will find my book helpful. If you have a psychic child, please read my book!! My book, “Spirit Lady, The Gift of Robin’s Song is available as an audiobook and in other formats. Here is the link to Amazon. You can purchase on Amazon or anywhere! I bow deeply to you as you decide whether reading my book will be helpful to you and your family.



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  1. Thank you Robin for your books. I ordered today the Conversations..but I will start reading the Spirit Lady first. sending love and thank you for being in my life.????❤/

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