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Why did she ghost me?

Why did she ghost me?

A member of the Soul Spa had a love life concern. He had found the love of his life. She had declared her love for him. Then she ghosted him. Heart broken he had consulted a tarot reader. The tarot reader had told him that she had never seen such a strong love connection in her readings. So, why did this woman disappear after declaring her love for him? He had intuitively known to join the Soul Spa and ask me. At first, I told him that he needed to use the Violet Flame Reiki Healing Portal. I knew that the energy in that portal would clear the way for psychic information to be revealed. A few days later I began to see…..

Here is the reason I saw that caused her to ghost him. There was a curse on them being together. The curse was active through multi lifetimes. The multi lifetime curse had caused a trauma bond between them on a soul level and had created what I have dubbed, “post traumatic soul disorder.” If either one of them said or did anything that triggered that old curse then they were aligning through a past life trauma memory and it would cause one or the other of them to disappear. The “ghosting” energy was intense.

For days I set with the intensity of the curse energy. Normally I can clear curse energy relatively easily. I could do that live on the air on Mystic Radio. But, this time, it was too intertwined and too activated. Plus I wanted to make certain that I obeyed universal laws. The last thing anyone needed in this situation was more karma complications!

Finally I understood what to do. I needed to find their energy of relationship prior to the curse..I went with his Higher Self, and his Overlighting Deva of his Akashic Records into his karmic board room. What was revealed was his past lives when they had experienced divine right partnership. I figured that if I could access their good karma and happy times maybe that would fortify the energy enough that I could release the curse that was so fixated in the etheric blueprint of their relationship.

What was revealed was I found multiple lifetimes when they were married. Their marriages were so blissful that they hadn’t completely left those lifetimes. They were ghost energies themselves in those incarnations refusing to let go! They had let their good times get in the way of creating even better ones! They had ghost fragments in other lifetimes refusing to acknowledge that it was time to move on.

In other words, they didn’t believe that it could get any better so they left some of their soul energies in those timelines. I told them that their love bliss divine right partnership is an eternal grace. When he accepted this, she followed his lead into her own healing. Together they experienced soul retrievals from extremely happy lifetimes and brought that energy forward into the presence of Now. 

It took a few more days to see that they had come out of the karmic board room. Their Higher Selves returned to their soul, soul bodies and human bodies in this life time. 

After that energy had taken hold I was able to look at the curse energy. It still was a complex and convoluted  curse. The curse was coiled in and around their unwillingness to live in the Presence of Now in bliss instead of in the previous time lines of their existences. I looked into who created the curse in the first place. What lifetime was it? Was the curse on them both, or on one of them? 

It appeared to be a curse that was done to her. I saw that it was a father in a past life. He was concerned that his daughter would not marry and behave being married to the man he wanted her to be married to. She was betrothed to a man when she was only 8 years old. Even at 8 she confronted her father and said she was not going to marry a man she didn’t love. She knew what real love was and she wasn’t going to settle for less. She stood up for herself and willfully said she would not bend to the patriarchal  demand of her father. So her father hired someone to curse her. The one who did the cursing found her energy signature in these past lives and used the powerful love energy as a force against her. Thus, She lost her will and obeyed her father and married the man that the father had chosen for his daughter. She was like remote controlled human. This curse went on until this life time when it was finally seen and broken. How was it seen and broken? It was revealed through the tenacity of the man’s soul who knew that he knew that he knew. He knew, trusted and acted upon his own intuition. His love for her went beyond death. It went through death into rebirth over and over into the eternal stream of love. He had remembered enough to help them both. He followed his intuition and asked for help when he needed it.

My sense is that it will take some time for this woman to realize that she is free to choose who she wants to be with minus the age old curse. I have no doubt when she comes to, whether it is this lifetime or another, that she will find this precious soul who is this man who asked for my help in the Soul Spa. They have recovered their track record choice of divine right partnership. Eventually it will allure them back to one another to create more bliss and joy in the Presence of Now. For what is the intention of divine right partnership if it isn’t to create more bliss and joy in the Presence of Now?

In bliss & joy,

Spirit Lady Robin Alexis



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