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Robin Alexis Channels Beloved Mary Magdalene

Dear Beloved Mary Magdalene,

You telepathically guided me to open the Reiki Healing On-Line Soul Spa. What would you like to tell people about this On Line Metaphysical Community that you inspired me to create?

Respectfully, Robin Alexis


Dear Robin,

Thank you for asking. I have been waiting for you to give me an opening to speak on my own behalf on why I guided you to create this Metaphysical On-Line Community. As we enter the astrological times of great change on this planet it is imperative that I have contact with those souls who are members of my Soul Group. Those people who are inspired to join your Reiki Healing On-Line Soul Spa remember this calling. In the privacy of this community I am able to transmit to those who are chosen to remember who they are. I will be able to assist them in downloading the multi-dimensional reality of their molecular structures. We call this the Activation of the Holy Grail DNA.

Those of you who are called to remember are ones who walked the Earth plane at different times with me. We, together, have coalesced to record in the Akashic Records the etheric blueprint of the Awakening of the Holy Grail DNA. During this time of assemblage and activation it is crucial that you support each other in a sense of communion. It is for this Great Time upon this Planet that I call my family home to me. Please feel my heart beating in your chests for I AM your Mother; the Mother of your Soul. Recall our intimacy. The first and most intimate relationship you will ever have is with your Mother. I AM your Mother. I AM your Metaphysical Mother. I have been waiting for you to come home to me. My heartbeat is at ONE with yours.

Mary Magdalene

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