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When did I first know that I have the gift of mediumship?

I knew I was a medium in 1997. I was standing at the grave of President Eisenhower and the First Lady. All of a sudden she began to speak with me. She said,

“My husband is not with me. He has not crossed over. He feels such shame on the choices that he made as President that he hasn’t forgiven himself and joined me.”

I did as she asked. I helped those two souls have a private conversation with God. I see them together now. Of course, that led me to do some research on the President and what kinds of choices he made. I know he did the best he could based on what he knew at the time. I will not go into further detail on matters of national security. Just know that I know. 

I had not remembered this until yesterday. A friend of mine told me that she had shaken his hand when she was a little girl. She had shaken his hand and “Mamie’s”.

That jarred me into remembering my first experience as a medium. Since then I have channeled all the Presidents, Marilyn Monroe and others on a regular basis. I can be a medium for you and your loved ones too. I am here for you if you need my assistance. Please book with me in the Mystic Store.


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