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A Gifted Child Asks for Psychic Help

As a clairvoyant I often see images in my third eye. For days I have been seeing a young boy in my third eye. He appears to be a bit in the distance so I can’t make out the details of his image. However, he also has been speaking with me. He says,

“Robin can you see me?”

I answer, “Yes.”

He says, “I am coming to you because I know that my mother trusts you. That means a lot to me. She is very judicious.”

I concur with him that I am grateful for his mother’s wisdom.

He asks me if I will help him. I say, “How?”.

He replies

“You can help me by witnessing that you can see me, hear me in the inner realms. I travel a lot in my astral body. Sometimes my astral body goes where it wants without me being the boss. I feel that it is partially out of my control. Can you help me be the boss of my astral body meanderings?”

I answer that I will speak to his mother about this. I tell him that I am writing a blog about this so he can help other psychic children feel safe. He smiles and says,

“I know. My healing angels told me that you would. We are here as a soul collective and we are all astral plane wanderers. It is alarming as we didn’t know that we would become embodied in our human systems and not know who to navigate safely with our gifts. We long to be adepts. Thank you for talking with my mother about this.”

He is watching me type these words.


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